Can you stand on a Bailey caravan roof?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can you stand on a Bailey caravan roof? We will proceed with a complete guide of cleaning the roof, the exterior and the interior of a Bailey caravan. 

Can you stand on a Bailey caravan roof?

You cannot and you should not stand on a Bailey caravan roof under any circumstances. Although there are caravans with a roof designed to sustain the weight of a person, the Bailey caravan roof was not made for it. There is a high risk of falling and injuring yourself. 

If you want to stand on a Bailey caravan roof to clean it, we recommend using a scale. To wash the roof, use a bucket of soapy water and scrub with a sponge or telescopic brush. Here is a list of the best stairs for caravans and trailers that you can use:

Go ahead and invest in one of these as it will ensure that you are safe and able to access the roof of your Bailey caravan in no time.

How to clean a caravan from the outside (step-by-step)

It is important to bear in mind that cleaning your caravan cannot be done on the street, at the risk of being fined. To avoid problems, it is better to go to a washing centre. If you decide to do it yourself, follow our guide. 

  1. First and foremost, we must clean the outside of the caravan with soap and water. The sheet will have dust from the campsite, sand or even some insect that has come to visit us and it is time to eliminate everything. It will be enough with a brush and soap to clean and a cloth to dry. 

Make sure that the brush does not scratch, that it is of soft bristles to avoid some greater evil in the bodywork. As for the soap, just as to clean the inside of the motorhome, we will use a mild neutral soap. To finish, you just have to rinse it and dry it with a cloth.

  1. Second, we will clean the rims and wheels of the caravan. Yes, they will get dirty again as soon as we start, but we can remove leaves or embedded mud that cannot remain anchored there for months.

Do not forget to check two parts of the motorhome that may also be dirty: the roof, which may have accumulated leaves from trees for example, and the engine and mechanical parts, which may also have easily removable remains.

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Another important tip for caring for the exterior of motorhomes is to thoroughly grease all the legs and the head of the hitch. You will also need to apply lubricating oil to all the hinges and also to each of the locks on the doors and the hood.

  1. Every year it is convenient to check the underbody and, if any deterioration has been detected, you will have to repair it. In the case of having observed other damages, such as lights that do not work or broken hinges, proceed to repair them so as not to find unpleasant surprises in the next motorhome outing.

Finally, for prolonged parking, it is important to highlight the importance of leaving the handbrake loose so that the shoes do not stick to the drum, and of moving the motorhome from time to time in the event of not being able to remove the wheels, because they could be deformed.

More tips to clean your caravan

The rims and wheels of your caravan also need to be cleaned. Especially if you have been in the field. Remove any leaves and mud that have become encrusted. The same happens with the roof of the caravan. If you have been parked in areas with trees, check this area to remove the leaves or resin from the trees.

The windows are very important because their good cleaning guarantees the visibility of the driver. The first thing to do is remove the stubborn dirt with water, mild soap and a scouring pad with no metal part, as it can scratch some area of ​​the caravan’s glass.

Then use a mild glass cleaner and a cloth to get a good clean. Do not use glass cleaners with alcohol or solvents. Over time these products can damage the glass.

Cleaning the solar panels of the caravan

Some vehicles have solar panels on the roof and this area is particularly exposed to dirt (bird droppings, dust, rain …).

Once on the roof of the vehicle, take the opportunity to clean the solar panels of your caravan. Doing it regularly allows you to extend its useful life and preserve your productivity. There is nothing simpler: use soap and water, exactly as for the bodywork. You can also use a glass-safe product.

Cleaning the caravan’s body

We continue cleaning the body of the motorhome. We advise you not to use a “Karcher” or wash with high pressure since there are several areas where water could stagnate (ventilation hatch, glass, grilles …)

To clean the body, there are several options: baking soda, household alcohol, liquid black soap, or a sponge and a microfiber cloth. You can use a telescopic brush, very useful to reach the high parts. We advise you to wash from top to bottom.

When you are cleaning the outside of your motorhome, take the opportunity to find out the tightness of the joints and remove or camouflage the scratches that you could find on the bodywork. 

In addition, it cleans the tires to remove accumulated dirt (salt, tar, mud …), so that they are clean but also so that they are not damaged. Do not forget the wine cellar: vacuum to remove encrusted dirt along your journeys.

Cleaning the water tank of the caravan

To wash the clean water tank of your motorhome, you could empty it and fill it back with fresh water every two days, but it is more effective to use products that can “disinfect” the water.

We advise you to clean the tank of your motorhome with white vinegar or bleach (in small quantities), diluted in a couple of litres of water. Then drive a few miles for the mixture to clean all the walls. Finally, empty the tank.

We have just seen what to do with the clean water tank. But how to clean the grey water tank of the motorhome?

First, you need to empty it. Then put about 10 litres of water with two balls of bleach, and drive a few kilometres to mix. (Bleach also helps suppress odours.)

Cleaning inside the caravan

To clean the inside of your motorhome, you will need a vacuum cleaner, a broom and a shovel, a microfiber cloth, a product for glass and traditional products that you use for your daily cleaning.

Start by airing out your motorhome, then empty it of all objects that could bother you during cleaning, and unplug the electrical appliances.

With the vacuum cleaner, remove all the dust from the cabin: floor, furniture, edges, armchairs, stools … Use the cloth in the corners that are not easily accessible.

Final tips

If you do not have time or do not want to take care of cleaning your caravan, there are professionals that you can call to come to your home or to your work, to thoroughly clean your vehicle. Some even offer minor renovations.

For cleaning a caravan, the price is between $30 and $150, depending on what you want to clean. Washing the entire vehicle will be more expensive than taking care of a small part that you cannot reach, for example. Most of the companies that offer this service have several packages, you can choose the one that best suits your wishes!

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FAQ on Can you stand on a Bailey caravan roof?

Is it safe to stand on a motorhome roof?

It is not safe to stand on a motorhome roof unless it was deliberately planned to hold the weight of a person. 

What is the best Bailey caravan?

The best Bailey caravan is also the newest one: Bailey Alicanto Grande is a top of the range caravan. 

What are Bailey caravans made of?

Bailey caravans are made from Alu Tech. Bailey developers have created a special and unique technology. Thanks to the use of a special aluminium frame, it became possible to create a more stable case that protects against adverse weather conditions. 

Are Bailey Caravans good quality?

Bailey Caravans are made from good quality materials. 86.4% of Bailey owners would recommend this caravan to a friend. 


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