Can you sleep in a Kia Soul? (5 pros & cons of camping in a car)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can you sleep in a Kia Soul? We will discuss the pros and cons of sleeping in a Kia Soul, and give you a few recommendations for a safe night. 

Can you sleep in a Kia Soul?

Yes, you can sleep in a Kia Soul. But is it legal? Well, yes and no. Sleeping in the car is legal, although, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, as long as you comply with the established regulations.

Thus, the vehicle must be properly parked, in an area allowed for parking, and respecting the limitation signs. In addition, you must have all the papers in order: taxes paid and mandatory car insurance in force.

At the same time, sleeping inside the vehicle should not have an impact on the outside. This means that you can spend the night in your vehicle, but items that increase the perimeter of the vehicle (such as furniture, awnings, levelling devices, etc.) cannot be placed around it. The difference between spending the night and camping is the legality of this practice.

Pros and cons of camping and sleeping in a Kia Soul 

Advantages of camping in a Kia SoulDisadvantages of camping in a Kia Soul
The main advantage is freedom. 
Nothing can be compared to the power to go where you want, when you want and why you want. You do not depend on anything or anyone, more than a tank full of diesel. You can choose any destination you drive to, or choose none and just let yourself go.
Lack of space is the number one disadvantage.
The space in a car is what it is, and it is not much, so for us organization and travelling with the essentials are key. Having the essentials and having a place for everything helps to maintain order. 
The lack of space not only affects the organization but also affects many of the things you have to do outside the car, such as brushing your teeth or changing clothes. 
Contact with nature. 
Sunrise in front of the sea, in front of a lake or in front of the mountains, with the sound of the waves or the songs of the birds is something wonderful. See the nightfall with its mantle of stars and be there looking up and feeling infinitely small. It is a feeling of unmatched fullness. 
The constant movement of things. 
When you are on the move, you can carry your luggage in the trunk and to spend the night, you have to move everything to the driver and passenger seats, so you have all the space for the bed.
Flexibility, both in terms of schedules and routes. 
You can travel more relaxed, at your own pace, without having to arrive at a hotel check-in before 10 pm, to pick up the key to an apartment, or at the departure time of a train or bus. 
It also adds that you can modify the route at your whim, stay longer if you like a place or leave earlier, improvising on the fly where to stop.
The rain and the cold. They are external factors that one cannot control. You can always look for a hotel to spend the night in and tomorrow will be another day.
For the cold, nothing better than a good duvet. You can carry sleeping bags as well. 

It’s a cheap way to travel. 
By tucking in a mattress and covering the windows, you’ll have the basics to start with. In addition, these two elements are enough to save you many nights of accommodation. 
You also save on restaurants because most of the meals are prepared by you.
You don’t have a kitchen. 
But you can carry disposable barbecues, which work wonders. Every day or two, you can stop at a Walmart/Target to buy what is necessary. 
Another favourable factor is that it is a car. 
It is easy to handle when driving through narrow streets, or on single-lane roads. And what about access to parking lots, especially if they are covered. 
Also, you can park in places where any other bigger, taller and heavier vehicle cannot. Here the differences between parking, spending the night and camping come into play. 
Undoubtedly the legislation is more favourable to spending the night in a car.
You do not have a bathroom.
Regarding the use of the bathroom you usually always end up going through public toilets. You find them in recreational areas and service areas; or you have a coffee or you go to a restaurant, so you have the opportunity to use their toilet, your body is wise and will adapt. 

How to convert your Kia Soul in a caravan

Despite all the advantages, not everyone can have their own caravan, either because of its cost or because they do not have adequate space to store it when they are not using it. Therefore, there are very interesting alternatives to get a caravan in a simpler way; for example, transforming your car. 

A very interesting alternative is an invention called SwissRoomBox, which consists of something as simple as a suitcase that transforms the car into a motorhome.

With this ingenious invention, it is possible to turn the car, whatever its size, into an authentic mini-house on wheels, since you will have the necessary elements to travel without worrying about looking for a place to stay. Among the comforts, it offers a room and a practical table, without forgetting a small kitchen, a dining room and even a shower.

The Swiss company that designed it said it is a fusion between the simplicity of a suitcase, the genius of a country knife and the essentiality of a caravan. Its dimensions when folded make it very easy to transport since it occupies the same space as a large suitcase and weighs little, between 30 and 60 kilos, depending on the version. In this way, it is possible to transport it even in the smallest of cars, like a Kia Soul. 

In addition, mounting it is quite simple, so in less than 30 minutes a double bed is available at the rear of the vehicle. Another module is also extracted from it in order to use it as an outdoor table, for a maximum of four people.

Final tips for sleeping in your Kia Soul

Passenger cars allow you to sleep in any of the front seats, in the rear or in the trunk by folding down the seats. It is a practical and inexpensive solution and more and more adventurous spirits are joining this lifestyle. So much so that there are multiple products designed for it, such as custom-made inflatable mattresses.

However, if we plan to make a very long trip and visit different corners, the car may be a little too small for us and we will end up tense on the trip. For this reason, there are other options such as caravans, motorhomes or camper vans that, due to their greater space, will facilitate our stay on wheels.

It is true that many municipalities prohibit the parking of these vehicles in urban centres because they consider that they generate dirt and that they occupy the parking space of citizens. That is why you must read the regulations of all the places you are going to visit well and, thus, avoid problems.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments on sleeping and camping in a Kia Soul. 

FAQ on Can you sleep in a Kia Soul?

Where is it forbidden to sleep in the car?

It is forbidden to sleep in the car in national parks. These are protected areas and therefore it is totally forbidden to camp and sleep (even in the car) in them.

Are truck stops dangerous?

Generally, truck stops are not dangerous places to rest for a few hours. Still, there are some risks that you must consider, and thus prepare yourself in order to rest. 

When you take a long trip, should you stop to rest?

Yes, when taking a long trip it is recommended to stop to rest, at least every 2 hours behind the wheel or every 150/200 kilometres travelled. In any case, the driver must rest whenever he needs it, even if the hours or kilometres indicated have not been reached.


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