Can you sleep in a Chevy Equinox?

In this article, we will discuss: Can you sleep in a Chevy Equinox? We will give you tips for a comfortable night in your SUV and discuss the necessary arrangements for sleeping safely in your Equinox. 

Can you sleep in a Chevy Equinox?

Yes, you can sleep comfortably in a Chevy Equinox. The interior space of this SUV is quite generous for a car this size. The trunk volume offers a respectable 225 gallons, just perfect for an air mattress!

In the back, there is enough space for three people, although two will travel better. In the centre the space is good, but the centre console steals some knee room – there’s a 110V socket and a couple of USB charging ports. 

Whether you are camping or sleeping in your Chevy Equinox out of necessity, you will need some basic equipment. Store it in the trunk. It may also be of use to you in other circumstances such as a breakdown or an accident.

  • A road map to make it easier to find where to park and find your way without getting lost.
  • A sun visor with an aluminum side, long enough to cover the windshield and the two front windows. A large, fairly rigid piece of insulation, salvaged from construction scraps, can do the trick. Resize it to fit your car’s front windshields and windows, with sides long enough to wedge them between the outer edges of the seats and the doors. To hold the insulation in the front, wedge it in the sun visors.
  • Sun visors with suction cups to serve as curtains for the rear windows and possibly the rear window. Opt for the understated sun shades that do not attract attention.
  • A pillow, or something comfy that looks like it, to prop your head upon.
  • For a little privacy, a medium-sized tarp lined with eyelets which, with ties, will be attached to the headrests and/or seat belts. This will create a sort of tent inside the car.
  • A night mask, which will help you sleep better by protecting you from outside light.
  • Safety pins to close your sleeping bag or hold a tarp, for example.
  • A bottle of water, especially if you get dehydrated at night.
  • An alarm clock that winds up and does not require batteries to wake you up in the morning.
  • Disinfectant gel and/or pre-saturated wipes, very useful when you do not have access to a water point to wash your hands.
  • A thermos to have a hot drink in the morning (prepared the day before, for example, taken from a dispenser).
  • Don’t forget your cell phone in case of an emergency and/or to wake you up in the morning if you don’t have an alarm clock.

Note: keep items that can be useful at night or when getting up (flashlight, water bottle, change of clothes, etc.) within easy reach (door pockets or behind the front backrests).

The necessary arrangements for sleeping comfortably in your Chevy Equinox

The arrangements for sleeping in your car depending on the number of people on board and/or the type of vehicle. The most obvious way to spend the night in your car is to sit in the back seat. Two options are then available:

  • move the front seats as far back as possible to reduce the rear space and prevent you from falling during the night;
  • If you want more comfort, or if you are with another person, move the front seats as far as possible to insert a bed that comes up to the level of the bench. The cheapest and most practical option is to take two small aluminum step ladders on which you place a fairly rigid wooden board and a piece of foam, cut to the right dimensions.

Note: during the day, the small aluminum step ladders, solid, light and not bulky closed, can be used as seats. The wooden plank can remain on the ground in front of the bench, on the foam, all covered with the tarpaulin.

If you are not alone, with a load, or if you stop for a nap after a long trip, you will most certainly sleep sitting up. A car seat is not suitable for this, but if necessary, choose the best solutions for sleeping while sitting in your chevy Equinox.

  • Bury the seat belt fasteners in the seats to prevent them from hurting your back.
  • Use a travel pillow, a kind of U-shaped pillow, to support your head and neck.
  • Do not rest your neck against the seat belt, as this may cause irritation to your skin.
  • If you are in the back seat, push the seat in front of you as far as possible to have more space.
  • Conversely, if you are in the front seat, move it back as far as possible.

How to sleep in your Chevy Equinox when it’s too hot

Insect bites, wetness, dehydration, summer can be as trying as winter.

  • Avoid open spaces, at the risk of finding yourself in the morning in full sun.
  • Open the windows half an inch to create a gentle stream of fresh air.
  • Hang a piece of cloth (sheet or towel) or a mosquito net (from an old window, pantry or DIY store) on the windows to let the air in without the bugs. Don’t forget the sunroof, if your car has one.
  • Use citronella (Cymbopogon) essential oil (HE): a few drops on the seats repel mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, deodorant will pleasantly scent your car. If you’ve been stung, use this pure ET rubbing to soothe the itchiness.
  • You may prefer the EO of lavandin (Lavandula hybrida super or abrialis): a few drops on the seats protect against parasites. In addition, their relaxing aroma acts on insomnia. Healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, use this pure ET in friction on insect bites, spider bites and small wounds.
  • Install the sun visor of the two front windows and the windscreen, aluminum side facing out (normally placed). The aluminum will “reflect” the rays of the setting or rising sun, making it possible to reduce heating in the car.
  • If you have a tarp to protect yourself from onlookers, make sure it has good ventilation.
  • Take a water sprayer to refresh your face at night if necessary: ​​just put water in a sprayer, don’t buy expensive and polluting aerosols.

Important: in summer, beware of dehydration or heatstroke. The interior of your Chevy can heat up quickly and become a real danger, especially if you take a nap in it.

Where to sleep in a Chevy Equinox?

It is not always easy to find suitable parking without risking a fine (it is illegal to sleep in your car in many places). Here are some suggestions:

  • Rest areas for heavy vehicles are generally safe places to sleep, well lit, open all night. Park your car there, staying a little out of the way.
  • Car parks open 24 hours a day: whether in-store car parks or in sports halls, there are always cars circulating there, so it is difficult to know who is sleeping in their car or who has gone to do their training. racing or sports. 

Only downside: the noise and the sometimes very bright lights which may disturb you. Use your tarp to protect yourself from the light and do not park in a corner that is too isolated.

  • Residential areas where street parking is permitted and your car will blend in with the rest. Do not stay there too long, however, your vehicle may attract attention. Also note that, in certain residential areas, parking is only allowed on condition of having a special sticker on the windshield.
  • Avoid hotel car parks, the police make regular rounds there and could come and wake you up if they see mist on the windows. In addition, hotels sometimes take the registration number of their customers.
  • Avoid the banks: in addition to the risk of flooding, ambient humidity is not recommended for your car or yourself.

Good to know: the best thing is of course to settle near a place equipped with toilets, or even a shower. This is the case with campsites or hotels which may allow you to use their sanitary facilities, certain rest areas for truck drivers or public beaches.

Note: Consider the day of the week and the surroundings of the location you choose during the day. Many places can be very quiet one day and be completely different the next. Or be safe during the day and worry at night.

Final tips

When you sleep in your Chevy Equinox, you are most often isolated. To sleep safely, be vigilant.

  • Remember to lock the doors.
  • Do not leave any object insight that could tempt thieves: put your papers, those of the vehicle, your bank cards and your tickets in a pocket slipped into your pillow cover;
  • Keep the change, vehicle keys, your cell phone and possibly your medication in a fanny pack that will stay with you overnight.
  • Do not leave your car on (engine, lights): you risk both draining your battery and getting noticed. Not to mention the risk of carbon monoxide suffocation …
  • Do not use hearing protection: while they are useful in helping you sleep anywhere, especially near noisy places such as an airport or train station, they could prevent you from hearing a prowler.
  • If you are a woman, you need to be extra careful when sleeping alone in your car. Even if you are in a busy place, it can be dangerous.

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