Can you ride in a truck camper? (5 states you can’t)

In today’s article, we will answer the following question: Can you ride in a truck camper? We will tell you in which states it is legal to ride in a truck camper, and which states do not allow it. We will also discuss whether it is safe to ride in a truck camper and how children and pets should ride in a motorhome. 

Can you ride in a truck camper?

Yes, except for five states which you will find in the table below, it is legal for you to ride a truck camper. But before going further, we feel the need to highlight that pets and children should never ride in a truck camper and should never be left unsupervised or alone in the truck camper for the duration of the entire trip!

States that allow riding in a truck camper

StateRiding in a Truck Camper 
ArkansasNot allowed
MaineNot allowed
MississippiNot allowed
New HampshireNot allowed
New JerseyAllowed
New MexicoAllowed
New YorkAllowed
North CarolinaAllowed
North DakotaAllowed
PennsylvaniaNot allowed
Rhode IslandAllowed
South CarolinaAllowed
South DakotaAllowed
West VirginiaAllowed

Is it safe to ride in a truck camper?

When it comes to your safety while riding in a truck camper, we must say we are concerned. Although most motorhomes have seats with seat belts, there is little chance that a truck camper will be equipped with them. If the driver collides with something, the passengers inside the truck camper will jerk and potentially be injured. Campers are also not equipped with airbags or advanced safety features.

Even if the driver avoids a collision, unsafe driving practices can also endanger passengers in the truck camper. For example, the driver may have to swerve unexpectedly to avoid an obstacle. If he does, unsecured items inside the camper could collide with the passengers. Being pushed against the trailer walls can also hurt!

And while the person towing the truck camper may be a reliable driver, they cannot predict the behaviour of other drivers. Another driver could hit the truck camper from behind or from the side.

There is also the possibility that the hitch will disengage, leaving the camper in the middle of the road. And while unlikely, it can be dangerous if the truck camper disconnects at high speed. So while many states allow travel in towed vehicles, it’s not worth the risk.

How should a child travel in a truck camper?

First of all, a child should never travel in a moving truck camper. Yes, truck campers are perfect vehicles for a family trip. Not only do they give us the freedom and autonomy that no other travel option can give us, but they are a great family experience that children will remember throughout their lives. 

Still, as you probably read above, travelling in a moving truck camper can be dangerous and not worth the risks, especially when there is a child involved!

Regarding the law, if we look at how minors who measure less than 135 cm should be seated, the regulations are the same, no matter the type of vehicle.

In fact, minors with a height of less than 135 cm must be seated in the rear seats with the child seat that corresponds to their physical characteristics and, therefore, cannot be seated in the front seats unless all the rear seats are occupied, or because the vehicle does not have rear seats. The latter is not the case for motorhomes, as we will choose it with enough places to accommodate all occupants.

Due to their larger dimensions, their weight and because they are often designed from commercial vehicles, truck campers are homologated as utility vehicles, or commercial vehicles for the transport of people. 

When travelling, we must teach children how to behave in a moving vehicle. Despite the excitement of travelling in a “house”, we must make children aware that, while we travel, we are like in the car: still, sitting, with the belts or harnesses adjusted, and very calm.

It is important to leave the motorhome securely closed during the trip and at night. Not only will we prevent a child from opening the door while we are moving in a mistake, something that should not happen in any case, since they must remain seated, but we will also prevent them from leaving the door without control. It is also important to limit access to tampering with the windows.

Can you ride inside other towable vehicles such as boats, motorboats or ATVs?

If you can’t travel inside a truck camper, you probably won’t be able to travel in other towable ones, such as boats. However, Alaska designates that passengers can ride inside motorhomes as long as the occupants use seat belts or child seats. In Connecticut and Kansas, you are not allowed to travel in a motorhome transported on a highway.

But the Washington State Legislature says passengers can safely travel inside a car on a flatbed truck. All passengers must wear a seatbelt and ensure that young children are seated in the car seats. An adult must remain in the vehicle at all times and have a line of communication with the driver. The law also does not allow anyone to get out of the vehicle while the truck is in motion.

Additionally, many states discourage drivers from towing boats from the rear of trailers for safety reasons. Arkansas is one of the few states that allows drivers to tow more than one RV. Some states also do not allow towing home trailers longer than a certain distance without a permit.

The bottom line

Whatever you choose, please make sure you are safe for the entire ride in your truck camper. Our best advice would be to always be seated with a seatbelt on, just to protect yourself from any unpredictable injuries. 

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FAQ on Can you ride in a truck camper?

What states can you ride in a truck camper?

You can ride in a truck camper in almost any state, with the exception of Maine, Mississippi, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

Can you stay in a truck camper without the truck?

Yes, you can stay in a truck camper without the truck. As long as you park it legally and in a secure place, you are more than welcome to camp in your truck camper!

Can you travel in the back of a motorhome without seatbelts?

The answer is no, you can’t travel in the back of a motorhome without seatbelts as long as the vehicle is moving. Even though you may not consider it dangerous, the law obliges you to wear the seatbelt even as a passenger in the back of an RV. 

Is it legal to sleep in a moving motorhome in the UK?

It is illegal to sleep in a moving motorhome in the UK. If the motorhome is on the move, it means that every passenger and the driver must be seated and with the seatbelt on. You are allowed, however, to use the toilet facilities while the motorhome is moving. 


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