Can you replace RV tail lights with LED lights?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Can you replace RV tail lights with LED lights?” We will describe the steps to replace RV tail lights with LED lights. We will also talk about the advantages of LED lights. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about LED lights and their benefits for RVs.

Can you replace RV tail lights with LED lights?

Yes, you can replace RV tail lights with LED lights. Most RV owners prefer to have LED lights for their benefits and various reasons. Many RVs come equipped with LED lights but some RVs have normal or incandescent lights. Replacing RV tail lights with LED lights is easy and they are sure to bring you some benefits.

Steps to replace RV tail lights with LED

Replacing RV tail lights with LED lights is pretty easy and there are only a few steps that need to be followed. This can be done at home by a single person. Here are the steps to replace RV tail lights with LED lights.

Remove the covering

  • The first step is to gain access to the RV tail light. Once you gain access to the RV tail lights, the next step is to remove the covering.
  • You will need a couple of tools to get started with this process. In most cases, you will need a screwdriver to remove the tail light covering.

Remove the bulb

  • Once you remove the covering of the tail light, you will need to remove the bulb. Replacing tail lights with LED lights is easy as the only thing you need to do is change the bulb.
  • Gain access to the bulb holders to get the bulb replaced. The bulb holder is usually a plastic tray where the bulb is mounted. Note that this can vary according to the model and make of the RV.
  • You will need to move the clips until the holder is released and make sure to slowly pull it out. Be sure to be careful when you work with plastic since it can be delicate.
  • Remove the bulb carefully by rotating it around the bulb holder. You will need to turn counterclockwise to remove it completely.

Install the LED bulb

  • The next step is to replace the old tail light bulb with a new LED bulb. Several LED bulbs are available in the market and they are not too expensive.
  • Be sure to purchase a light that will match your RV tail light. You can also search for LED bulbs online by entering the model of your RV.
  • Another easier way is to remove the incandescent bulb and carry it along with you. The shape of the bulb is also important and the bulb should be able to fit well behind the covering.

Those were a few simple steps to replace RV tail lights with LED lights. This will hardly take you a couple of hours and it can be done on your own. Note that some RVs might have a different light covering without any screws. Hence, you will need to use a flat device to remove the tail lights. Be sure to contact an expert if you are unable to get this done on your own.

Advantages of LED lighting

LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode) is one of the best technologies that has been invented. These lightings are used worldwide for various devices, homes, RVs, trucks, and more. They have several benefits when compared to normal lights and they are now widely used everywhere. Here are some of the advantages of LED lighting.

Longer lifespan

  • Unlike the usual lights like incandescent, LED lighting has a longer lifespan. The lifespan of an LED light can last up to 50,000 hours while the lifespan of a normal light can last up to 1,000 hours.
  • This also depends on how often you use it. Some LED lights can last up to 100,000  years or some can last from anywhere six to 12 years.
  • LED lights also have a longer lifespan than CFL lights.

Energy efficient

  • LED lights are energy efficient as they save more energy. These lights are bright but they do not consume too much energy and it also saves you in terms of power.
  • It is said that LED lights use 75 percent less energy than another incandescent lighting. Despite the power and efficient energy, these bulbs still look great.

Good for cold conditions

  • Another advantage of LED lights is that they are good for cold environments. There have been many complaints from RV owners about incandescent lights breaking down in extremely cold conditions.
  • The usual traditional lighting is not good for cold weather and these lighting sources require a higher voltage to start when the temperature drops.
  • LED lights are known to perform better in cold temperatures by around five percent. Another major advantage is that these lights are brighter than the usual ones and they are more visible during winter.

Instant lighting

  • These lights are perfect for instant lighting as they turn on immediately as soon as the switch is flipped. They can easily be turned on and off instantly.
  • These lights are also ideal to be used at home and they tend to come on immediately even after a blackout. LEDs are not affected by switching on and off and they are one of the best tail light options for RVs.

No heat or UV emissions

  • LED lights do not emit heat as much as other lights. These lights illuminate well and they do not become hot. Hence, there are no heat or UV emissions produced by LED lights.
  • Incandescent and CFL lights produce more heat and they also produce more UV emissions. LED lights are considered safer in these situations.

Low voltage

  • Low voltage operation is one of the major benefits of LED lights. These lights are perfect since they generate and consume less power.
  • Most LED RV tail lights consume 75 percent lesser power than the normal ones with less voltage. RV owners have reported a considerable amount of saving when they switched to LED lights.

Dimming potential

  • Another good news is that LED lights have a high dimming potential. This means they can still perform well in any power percentage.
  • These lights function even if there is a minimal power of five percent. LED lights also burn bright in these situations.

Compatible and small

  • LED lights are smaller than most of the other lights and they are also compatible. These lights can be installed easily and they can be used in almost any application.

Less expensive

  • LED lights are not too expensive as they can be purchased anywhere. There are a variety of LED lights that are used for RVs. These LED lights come at an affordable price and can also be purchased online.

They are directionality

  • The good news is that these lights are directionally and can be used according to your needs. You can easily make these lights illuminate in a specific area.
  • With the latest technology, these lights can emit at 360 degrees. However, you will need to use a few accessories to deflect the light in a particular direction.

LED lights have major benefits for RVs, especially in extreme climatic conditions when there is fog and mist. Having LED RV tail lights will help keep your vehicle visible during such extreme conditions. Another good thing is that switching to RV LED lights is going to make it easier on your battery and it can easily last longer.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Can you replace RV tail lights with LED lights?” We have described the steps to replace RV tail lights with LED lights. We have also talked about the advantages of LED lights. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you have LED tail lights for your RV.


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