Can you put vinegar in an RV toilet?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can you put vinegar in an RV toilet? We will explain how to clean an RV toilet using simple ingredients such as white vinegar, sea salt or lime juice. 

Can you put vinegar in an RV toilet?

Yes, you can put vinegar in an RV toilet. Vinegar in combination with baking soda is great for cleaning and whitening the toilet bowl. All or most of us know how to clean a toilet depending on the dirt it has and how it is presented. But knowing how to clean the RV toilet tank is something very important that we should not leave behind, so today we will teach you how to do it.

To clean your RV toilet tank you will need:

  • A bottle of white vinegar
  • Rubber gloves
  • A cleaning brush
  • Liquid cleaner or detergent

The cleaning process (step-by-step):

  1. The first thing we will do to clean the toilet tank is put on rubber gloves. Cleaners are full of chemicals and vinegar is very corrosive and harmful in direct contact with skin, so it is best to wear rubber gloves to avoid hurting the skin on your hands or getting dirty while cleaning the toilet tank.
  1. Remove the cap from the tank and pour all of the white vinegar inside. The vinegar will eliminate odours, disinfect, and kill insects, bacteria, and microbes that may be inside the water tank. It is convenient for you to carve the tank with the brush while the vinegar is inside since this will be more, but do not empty it yet.
  1. Let the vinegar sit in the tank for 50 minutes to 1 hour. After the time has elapsed, pull the lever on the toilet to empty the tank. It is a good idea to take advantage of the vinegar that falls from the tank to also scrub the toilet and thus remove scales and stains that may be on it.
  1. Turn on the faucet to get water into the toilet tank again, but don’t fill it, just add enough water to start scrubbing it. Time to use the cleanser and brush. Spray the cleaner on the brush. If you don’t have spray cleaner, then mix ½ cup of water for 2 tablespoons of detergent and add a tablespoon of vinegar or bleach to the formula, dissolve it well, and put it in a spray bottle. 
  1. With this formula, moisten the brush and the walls of the tank, carve it very well so that the toilet tank is better cleaned.
  1. Carve everywhere and make sure that all the soap goes down to where the water is. After this, with a gourd or with the same brush, take the water to the walls so that the soap comes down. Rinse again with plain water and empty the tank.
  1. Open the tank tap and let it charge again, let it fill up. If you see it necessary, place a deodorant and cleaning tablet inside the toilet tank so that the next cleaning is less frequent and more effective.

Now you know how to clean a toilet tank easily and effectively without needing a cleaning arsenal!

How to clean the bottom of the RV toilet with white vinegar

There are many cleaning products on the market that are very effective for cleaning toilets, but we are going to focus on natural remedies rather than chemicals. The steps to clean the bottom of a toilet are as follows:

In addition to baking soda and vinegar, one of the best remedies to clean the toilet is by mixing it with vinegar and a little seasalt. Pour the mixture down the toilet and wait a couple of minutes for it to work. Then, remove with the help of a brush all the dirt and the accumulated remains of lime.

If the bottom of the toilet is really dirty, you can mix the vinegar slightly diluted in water with powdered citric acid. But do it with caution, citric acid is quite polluting and it is advisable that you cover your eyes and mouth well, in addition to wearing gloves. Pour this mixture into the bottom of the toilet and rub with the brush scraping off all the dirt.

Another effective baking soda and vinegar remedy for cleaning the bottom of the toilet is as follows. Mix half a glass of white vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda and the juice of one lemon. Put this mixture in the bottom of the toilet and let it act before scrubbing with a brush. You can also use a scrubber, but wear rubber gloves to put your hands in the toilet.

These three remedies are very effective for cleaning the toilet, but if what you want is to keep it clean, it will be convenient that you use this type of cleaning every week or fifteen days. Also, don’t forget to flush every time you use the toilet.

How to remove stains and clogs from the RV toilet

If when cleaning the parts of a toilet you find that there are still some stubborn stains, it is appropriate to use a steel scourer. You can rub with baking soda and vinegar to make the action more effective.

On the other hand, if the problem is a clog in the bowl, you can use a dishwasher to dilute the jam. In case it doesn’t work, you can always use a metal hanger, as everyone has one in the closet. Just open it and straighten the metal, wrap the tip with a cloth and tape it down to insert it into the toilet bowl. Press down to dislodge the debris and continue moving down the drain.

Lastly, you can try pouring a pot of hot water down the toilet. Then add a cup of baking soda and two white vinegar. An hour later, once the water has run down, clean the toilet regularly. If it didn’t work, try repeating the process one more time.

The bottom line

When cleaning your RV toilet bowl, remember to clean and disinfect the black water tank as well! The tanks or cassettes that collect the sewage have a rotating tube through which they are discharged into the corresponding drain, and which must be connected to a septic tank or the sewer. For cleaning, it is advisable to have a running water tap nearby, different from the clean water tap.

What method will you try to clean your RV toilet? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about the content.

FAQ on Can you put vinegar in an RV toilet?

Why use vinegar for the toilet tank?

White vinegar and water are great to disinfect the toilet. A simple solution to whiten it and, above all, reduce the presence of pathogens is to use a good amount of white vinegar. To disinfect your toilet, spray the cup of vinegar on all surfaces of the toilet and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes.

What happens when you add vinegar to the soap?

If you add vinegar to the soap, being acidic, it carries away lime, organic matter and dissolves soap films. It also prevents the formation of mould. It is a powerful deodorant and refreshes the air.

How to clean the toilet to make it white?

Clean the toilet and make it white following these steps:

  1. Moisten the baking soda with the hydrogen peroxide and use the paste obtained to clean the toilet stains.
  2. Rub it in with an abrasive cloth or sponge, and allow it to work for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.
  3. Optionally, you can add the juice of a lemon to achieve a more powerful whitening effect.

How to put a vinegar rag in the toilet?

You just need to put some vinegar on a cloth and put it in the toilet bowl. Then the cloth slowly releases the acidic component of the vinegar and the lime dissolves. It is a super easy solution and it is also much more environmentally friendly. Remember to take the cloth out of the cup when you want to use it.