Can you pressure wash a pop-up camper?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can you pressure wash a pop-up camper? We will explain how to properly and carefully wash a pop-up camper. We will also share five pop-up camper cleaning products to always have on hand. 

Can you pressure wash a pop-up camper?

It is not recommended to pressure wash a pop-up camper, as it can damage the canvas, as well as the fibreglass. Likewise, pressure washing can damage the gaskets and caulking around your pop-up camper vinyl windows. If you pressure wash your RV, you might accidentally force water in it or even remove the decals.

Cleaning a pop-up camper is often a concern for owners. Several materials are used in the design of this type of unit and this requires different cleaning products. Regarding the exterior walls and the roof, the principle is the same as for hybrid trailers. 

The big difference is in the pop-up canvas. First, you have to define if your pop-up camper is canvas or vinyl. The canvas is a very thick and not very malleable fabric). Vinyl, on the other hand, is a thinner fabric with a smooth finish that may be reminiscent of leather.

  • If your pop-up camper has canvas covers, you should not apply any cleaning products to it. If you do, the canvas will lose all of its waterproofing and water will pass through. If you are currently in this situation, don’t worry there are waterproofing products available that will solve the situation. To wash the canvas, you simply have to wet the canvas and scrub it with a brush, the dirt will be dislodged without damaging the canvas.
  • If your pop-up camper is made of vinyl, which is the case with most pop-ups, it is important to maintain them properly. A poorly maintained canvas can crack and crack in the sun. First, there is an “Awning Cleaner” fabric wash product that will loosen the dirt. Just wet the canvas first, then spray the product, scrub it with a brush and then rinse. It is advisable to do the cleaning in small sections.

Now that your canvases are clean, you can maintain them. The treatment prevents the sun from burning your fabrics and causing them to crack. Treated fabrics will remain more flexible. To treat your canvases, make sure they are dry before spraying the “vinyl treatment”. You can then spread the product with a cloth or a brush and let it act.

If you see black dots in the inner part of your pop-up camper canvas, it is because they have been exposed to moisture. Often they appear when the pop-up camper is closed when the canvases were not quite dry. To remove these stains, there is a “Mold Stain Remover” that you can spray on the stains. Just rub well and rinse with plenty of water afterwards.

Following the application of the mould stain remover, your fabrics may lose their waterproofing in the affected areas. It will then be necessary to apply a waterproofing agent to the outer walls of the canvases.

How to clean mould from a pop-up camper?

To clean mould from a pop-up camper, you do not need to pressure wash it. Your pop-up camper is exposed to all kinds of weather. While the sun will eventually help dry out your trailer and get rid of large raindrops, some water can get trapped in the corners and sides of the camper. 

Once you do, this can lead to mould and mildew that can ruin the look of your trailer. To prevent this from happening, you need to clean up the mould and get rid of all the dirt on your trailer.

  1. Check the pop-up camper and locate the spots that are infected with fungus or mould. Do this while the pop-up camper is fully set up and standing upright for inspection.
  1. Pour eight parts of warm water and one part of bleach into your empty bucket. Mix the two liquids with your shaker to form the solution that you use to kill and get rid of mould on the walls and other parts of your pop-up camper.
  1. Rub the bleach solution to the mould area of ​​your pop-up camper with your brush. Apply just enough force to remove the mould, little by little, while making sure not to damage the pop-up camper in any way. Keep washing until mould cannot be seen.
  1. Pour the remaining bleach solution into your empty spray bottle.
  1. Spray the remainder of the solution onto the pop-up camper material to stop mould and mildew growth.
  2. Pour water over the affected areas to rinse off the solution lightly.
  1. Let the pop-up camper dry for at least two to three days before using.

5 pop-up camper cleaning products to have on hand

The rigorous maintenance of your trailer will help you have a good time on vacation without breaking your head. You just need to have the right products on hand to service your trailer. Here are 5 products that you absolutely must have at home to carry out the maintenance of your pop-up camper or trailer.

  1. A product for the maintenance of the pop-up camper awning. The awning of your trailer deserves regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. To do this, it is recommended to use a mild soap that will clean the dirt on the awning canvas without damaging the colour of the awning. By choosing a specialized product for the maintenance of a trailer awning, you will help extend its life.

If the awning canvas is broken or too worn, be aware that it is possible to replace it with a custom awning canvas or a universal canvas.

  1. A maintenance product for the pop-up camper roof. It’s no longer a secret: maintaining a trailer roof with the appropriate products is a must. The roof requires special care. Note that silicone does not adhere to the roof membrane.

Dicor brand sealant is certainly one of the best-selling products for trailer roof maintenance. It is mainly used at the start of the season, during de-winterization, and at the end of the season for winterizing trailers. It is also recommended to apply it throughout the summer, as needed, to help waterproof the roof of your trailer. An essential maintenance product for all trailer owners!

  1. A maintenance product for the pop-up camper joints. In addition to the roof, the waterproofing joints of your trailer must be treated at least twice a year: at the beginning and at the end of the season. A small gesture that could save you from possible water infiltration and many problems during the summer!

Remember to bring a plastic scraper, a cleaner-degreaser and a sealer to maintain the joints of your trailer. There are several sealants and maintenance products for trailer joints. 

  1. A maintenance product for pop-up camper toilets. The toilet of your trailer and the toilet of your residence each require special maintenance. To avoid inconvenience while camping, it is recommended to use cleaning products specifically designed for trailer toilets.

These products promote better decomposition of solid waste and paper, allowing easier emptying. Gentle and effective, trailer toilet cleaners also help protect the environment. A significant challenge for camping and outdoor enthusiasts!

  1. A maintenance product for the exterior of the pop-up camper. Maintaining the exterior of your unit depends first of all on the exterior siding of your trailer. Is your trailer made of aluminum or fibreglass?

Painting on fibreglass trailers is similar to painting an automobile. It does not flake and requires less shoe polish. Painting on aluminum trailers may require more rigorous maintenance. But in both cases, it is strongly recommended to favour the use of specialized products for the exterior maintenance of trailers to keep your unit in good condition over the years.

There are of course other maintenance products to ensure the longevity of your trailer. Come see us in store for personalized advice based on your trailer. Best of all, don’t forget to download our free guide to help you keep your trailer in top condition. Enough to make your investment profitable for years!

The bottom line

Besides cleaning your pop-up camper, it is also important to regularly inspect it for tears, holes, and fix the damage as soon as possible.  Also, remember to clean the rubber seals with a sponge soaked in water, without bleach or vinegar. 

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FAQ on Can you pressure wash a pop-up camper?

How do you clean plastic tent windows?

To clean plastic tent windows use a soft cloth, warm water, dishwasher soap or a water-based window cleaner. Do not use abrasive products and make sure you rinse the products well. 

Can you use vinegar to clean vinyl windows?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean vinyl windows. Use one part white vinegar to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. With a gentle cloth clean thoroughly the vinyl windows. 

How do you get mould off a pop-up camper vinyl?

To get mould off a pop-up camper vinyl, you can use one part vinegar mixed with two parts water. After cleaning the vinyl, make sure you dry it well. Also, check your camper canvas for holes, tears and water leaks. 

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