Can you park a caravan on the street in the UK?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can you park a caravan on the street in the UK? We will discuss where it is legal to park your caravan in the UK and what the law has to say about it. 

Can you park a caravan on the street in the UK?

Yes, you can park a caravan on the street in the UK, as long as you comply with traffic regulations. Thus you must:

  • Ensure that the caravan is lit if parking on the street during the night;
  • The caravan is parked with the side next to the pavement;
  • The caravan is easy to see for approaching traffic. 

This type of parking is governed by the highway code but also by municipal decrees and other legislative texts. It is generally authorized during the day, which is nevertheless subject to certain restrictions.

It is advisable to check with the town hall if parking hours have been scheduled. A ban may also apply on market days and in certain defined places.

Some municipalities provide service areas specifically dedicated to caravans and motorhomes. These are spaces away from “sensitive” areas. These places are ideal for emptying wastewater or filling tanks, for example.

Parking a caravan on public roads is not an act to be taken lightly since depending on the total loaded weight of your vehicle, the nature of the insurance contract will be different.

For a caravan weighing more than 750 kg, it may be covered by the automobile insurance contract of your car, and more broadly of the towing vehicle. If, on the other hand, your trailer exceeds 750 kg, you will then need to take out specific trailer insurance.

Can you park a caravan on your own land in the UK?

When it comes to parking a caravan on your own land, two cases come to our minds. If the land is occupied by the main residence of its owner, no authorization is required.

On land that is bare or occupied by a second home, the law provides for the issuance of authorization if the caravan is planned to be parked for more than 3 months. Said authorization is issued by the mayor who can then issue certain conditions: minimum distance from neighbouring land, the minimum area of ​​land concerned, etc. Failure to do so is punishable by criminal penalties.

Can you park a caravan on private property in the UK?

Regardless of the length of parking, the owner of the caravan is required to request permission from the owner of the land. For a campsite less than 3 months old, the owner must make a declaration to the town hall. 

Beyond 3 months, it is compulsory for the landowner to request authorization from the town hall concerned.

Note: parking is free on landscaped sites and campsites that are already provided for this type of parking. On the other hand, it should be checked whether the opening of these spaces is done seasonally or not.

Caravan parking bans in the UK

The law formally prohibits parking in classified green spaces (parks, forests, etc.). Likewise, it is imperative to respect a minimum distance of 200m from a water point intended for consumption and at least 500m from listed or classified historic monuments. Parking on beaches and shores is not allowed.

Usually, there are signs that indicate no parking. However, it is more advisable to consult the list of areas prohibited for caravan parking at the prefectures and town halls.

Note: When parking on the public highway, the wheels of the caravan must never be removed. It would indeed take the form of illegal construction, which is likely to lead to legal proceedings.

Where else to park your caravan in the UK?

In the UK, besides the above-mentioned places, you can also park your caravan at:

  • Public parking areas for motorhomes: Although these areas are marked with a motorhome drawing, you should not have any problem using their facilities, parking and sleeping inside your mini caravan, as long as it is attached to the car. Sometimes the spaces are limited to a set not exceeding eight meters. In others, there is no such limitation.

The areas in question have the minimum services that can complete your needs, such as sinks, showers, taps for filling water, plugs or the possibility of emptying the dirty water tank.

Some of the parking and overnight areas are free and in others, you have to pay a small fee. Keep in mind that these places do not allow you to spend your holidays there, they are only rest areas for long trips. So you can park and stay overnight in them for a limited time, which does not usually exceed two days.

  • Private parking areas for motorhomes: Similar to the previous ones but private in nature. They are places of payment, promoted by an individual or company, which exploits them for commercial purposes. 

Access to these areas with your mini caravan will depend on the regulations of each owner in question. They are usually more complete places than public ones, with services such as Wi-Fi or private security that complement the offer.

  • Parking your caravan at service areas of gas stations: Some of these spaces have additional parking spaces. Once again, you can park and spend the night in them as long as your vehicle and mini caravan are within the area defined for it.

It is clear that the safest place to park your caravan is on a camping site. There is no doubt here since you will have all the advantages offered by a site that is specially prepared to give you the services you will need during your vacation.

But the truth is that for different reasons it is possible that more than once you need to park your caravan in another place and have to spend the night inside. It is very important that you always park your caravan in places that are enabled for this purpose or that at least allow it.

Of course, whenever you are going to make a trip it is necessary that you check where you will be able to park the caravan if you have not hired the services of a traditional camping site.

The usual thing is that the areas where caravans can be parked are marked with a sign indicating this. If this sign does not appear, it is best to assume that it is not allowed.

You must bear in mind that caravans must always be parked together with the car that moves them. That is, you cannot leave the caravan in a parking lot, separate it from the vehicle and go with it to any other place.

The bottom line

Now you know where you can park a caravan. But without a doubt, the best option is to do it on a campsite. You will have all the services you need to enjoy those days to the fullest. In addition, you will be sure not to violate any regulations. 

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FAQ on Can you park a caravan on the street in the UK?

Can you park a caravan on the street in the UK?

Yes, you can park a caravan on the street in the UK, as long as you obey traffic regulations. Make sure that the parking space is well lit at night so that you are not occupying too much space or the sidewalk.

Can you put a caravan anywhere?

No, you cannot just put a caravan anywhere. You can store a caravan in your driveway or your garden for a certain period. You may or may not need planning permission, depending on the size of the caravan. 

Where can I keep my caravan?

You can keep your caravan in a garage, or even in your garden at home. As long as you use it as an annexe to the house, you don’t even require any special permission from the city council. 


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