Can you haggle with Camping World? (5+ tips)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can you haggle with Camping World? We will help you build a buying strategy and give you a few tips on how to haggle with Camping World for a new or second-hand motorhome. 

Can you haggle with Camping World?

You can haggle with Camping World and even get a 25% discount below MSRP for a used and even for a new RV. Still, many dealers hesitate to offer too much of a cut, especially for new and luxurious RVs. It will all come to your negotiation abilities.

To negotiate the price of a motorhome with Camping World, you have to anticipate the case as much as possible to arrive at the negotiating table from a position of strength. Do as much research as possible, on the internet and at trade fairs, prepare your financing plan, and strike at the right time.

Here are six tips for properly negotiating the price of a motorhome with Camping World:

  1. Prepare for the purchase;
  2. Know when to buy;
  3. Meeting in a motorhome lounge;
  4. Anticipate your financing;
  5. Watch out for hidden charges;
  6. Do not be afraid to leave without the motorhome. 

Below we will discuss each step and give you as much advice as possible for a successful haggle with Camping World.  

Buying from Camping World: Prepare for the purchase

This is the central tip of this article. Do a lot of research before stepping into the parking lot of Camping World. Do not wait to get information once there, you will be easy prey.

Once you have decided on the type of motorhome you plan to buy, start looking online to get an idea of ​​new models and prices.

Most RV developers do not display prices on their websites. On the other hand, you will have a detailed description of their models. 

You can directly consult the developer’s site and then go to the site of a multi-brand distributor. These are likely to offer discounts because they cannot afford to keep a vehicle in stock for too long. Some discounts are already posted on the site. So no need to negotiate? Well yes. You always have to negotiate.

Buying from Camping World: Know when to buy

The RV industry is quite cyclical, and it shows in the prices. In season, out of season, the effect on the price can be significant. There are certain times of the year when an RV salesperson is a little more willing to negotiate than others.

One of those times is the end of fall, like buying a used motorhome for that matter, when the camping season is really drawing to a close. Dealers may have current year models still in the parking lot, and they must sell them to make room for next season’s new models. This is the time to demonstrate your negotiating skills. Forget about spring and summer, or pay a premium.

Likewise, many distributors work on monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

You may find that your seller is more likely to sell for a lower price at the end of the month or quarter in order to meet the sales quota for that time period. Good timing is essential to get the best possible discount.

Buying from Camping World: Meeting in a motorhome lounge

A motorhome show is a great place to see many different manufacturers and models, and you can easily compare the price ranges between the distributors, as they are all in one place.

At the end of the show, they must return their RV park to the dealership. Many of them preferred to sell them for a lower price than having to bring them back to the parking lot.

So take the time, spend a full day, and spot the models that are likely to interest you. Chat with the salespeople and try to identify which models they would be inclined to put an effort into.

Many of them are willing to do whatever it takes to make a sale on the spot. Make it a win/win!

Buying from Camping World: Anticipate your financing

If you arrive at Camping World with your own financing pre-approved by your bank, you usually have more leverage to negotiate. This shows the dealer that you are serious about buying and that you can buy.

Once they realize that you are not just curious, they can seriously lower the purchase price to convince you to buy as the sale is reaching out to them.

You have the option of financing the purchase with a partner organization of the distributor, but I do not recommend it. Take the time to find financing on your own, you will get better conditions.

If you have questions about the best way to finance a motorhome, click on the link to my special article.

Buying from Camping World: Watch out for hidden charges

Some dealers like to add extra charges like a setup fee or handling charge that you didn’t know were going to be part of the price. Beware of these and always try to negotiate a full discount. Make sure that the price you accepted will be the one on the order form.

Some of these fees are just another way to make money. If the seller refuses to waive these fees, it’s up to you whether you’re willing to pay a few hundred extra dollars or not. This takes us directly to the next tip.

On the other hand, by the way, a salesperson will always have more leeway in adding equipment and options. Remember that a motorhome is usually sold naked. You can easily get free items such as one or two TVs, an additional living area battery, a solar panel, a bicycle rack… The amount saved can quickly increase.

Buying from Camping World: Do not be afraid to leave without the motorhome

This is pretty straightforward advice. But too many people mistakenly think they are going to miss a deal. Don’t be afraid to walk away if you can’t negotiate the best price for the motorhome.

If the sales manager refuses to waive a specific fee or can’t match your budget, don’t be afraid to leave without buying.

Don’t feel pressured to close the sale just because they’ve shown you the vehicle or even written up some paperwork, like a simple quote.

You are free to leave at any time and until you sign the order form you are not obligated to buy anything.

Turning heels can be a powerful negotiating tool in some cases. Unless you have gone too far in the negotiation, the salesperson will try to hold you back. And if he can’t, he might call you back the next day.

Remember that you can always find a similar campsite because elsewhere: a slightly different model, a different developer, a promotion that falls on another dealership …

It might also be an opportunity to lower your comfort and equipment requirements a little, or to head to a camper van that you had seen but which did not meet your expectations 100%. Be patient, know how to compromise, but also know how to be uncompromising when necessary! Have no regrets, either way!

The bottom line

The purchase price is unfortunately not the most important factor when buying an RV. What really matters is the cost of ownership, which is the difference between the amount paid on acquisition and the price obtained on resale, a few years later. This includes the cost of maintaining and/or repairing the RV during the period of use.

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FAQ on Can you haggle with Camping World?

How to negotiate a price reduction?

Here are the basics to negotiate a price reduction:

  1. Carry out a preliminary market study. 
  2. Do not give too much information on the first visit. 
  3. Make a reasonable offer on the RV. 
  4. Have another purchase option.
  5. Be clear if the RV is what you are looking for at a reasonable price.

How to request a price reduction?

Requesting a discount requires three important elements: planning, information and clarity of the objective.

What is the price of a motorhome?

The cost for the motorhome amounts to about US $ 55,000, which can rise to US $ 70,000 if higher level and quality equipment are added, such as a special refrigerator, electric awnings, digital television, and premium audio equipment.


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