Can you earn a living renting a caravan?

In today’s article, we will answer the following question: Can you earn a living renting a caravan? We will discuss how much you could earn by renting a caravan and how to make extra money if you own a static caravan. 

Can you earn a living renting a caravan?

It is possible to earn a living renting a caravan. Although, as you will see in the table below, the rental price really depends on the type of caravan you have. This is mainly because some RVs, such as the A-Class, come with more amenities and tend to be roomier and a bit more comfortable.

Essentially, the fancier the caravan is and the more amenities it has, the higher the price can go. Honestly, though, you can still make good money by renting your caravan, no matter the type or the amenities included.

Type of caravan

Rental price (per night)

Rental price (per week)

Potential earnings (by year)
Class A$ 175- $ 275$ 1,225- $ 1,925$ 15,000- $ 30,000
Class B$ 100- $ 200$ 700- $ 1,400$ 12,000- $ 25,000
Class C $ 150- $ 200$ 1,050- $ 1,400$ 13,000- $ 27,000
Touring caravan$ 50- $ 125$ 350- $ 875$ 9,000- $ 19,000
Fifth wheel $ 60- $ 150$ 420- $ 1,050$ 11,000- $ 22,000
Pop-up caravan$ 50- $ 100$ 350- $ 700$ 6,000- $ 13,0000

I know that those higher numbers at the far end of the spectrum can be exciting, but to ensure you really get the sales you want, I recommend starting with the lowest prices first and working your way up to the highest price range. Once you gain more experience in the world of the caravan rental.

However, can you imagine how much money you would make if you decided to rent any of those types of RVs for just a few weeks? You’d be making enough money to get all those upgrades you’ve been dreaming of (which would ultimately allow you to increase prices with a lot more to offer) without having to do a lot of work to get there.

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How to rent a caravan and pay nothing for it

The main benefit of renting a caravan is the financial one, of course. Most buyers have to take out a loan to help fund their dream RV or caravan. The majority of loans for recreational vehicles are contracted over 12 years, generating a monthly repayment which on average amounts to $400.

The costs of financing a motorhome are therefore around (12 * $400) = $4,800/ year.

On average, a motorhome generates $650 in income per week for its owner.

The owner must therefore rent his vehicle for at least 8 weeks/year so that his vehicle costs him “nothing” which is largely achievable!

If we had to paint a “portrait” of the most popular motorhome for renters, this is what it would look like:

– Caravans up to 7 m long

– With 4 beds

– Central bed/drop-down bed

– Equipped with TV, air conditioning, GPS and a rearview camera.

The caravan can be rented when you are not using it. Your brand new vehicle is therefore self-financing and even allows you to have a budget devoted to its maintenance. So you have a motorhome that costs you almost nothing!

How to make money with your static caravan

Caravan holiday parks are becoming increasingly popular as a cheaper alternative to much sought after overseas holidays. With these trips comes the opportunity to purchase your own static vacation home, a good idea for those families who plan to revisit the same vacation park several times a year.

Have the freedom to go on vacation whenever you want without the worry that your favourite vacation park is completely full or that you have all your favourite foods, toys, games, books and DVDs safely stored in your caravan waiting for your next visit, it can be extremely attractive to those who regularly go on a caravan vacation. Having your own static caravan certainly has its benefits, however, it can also be quite expensive.

In addition to the cost of buying your static caravan, there are also other more regular payments that must be taken into account. Annual site fees will be the largest expense and will vary based on where your camper is on the site. 

In addition to this, there will be caravan insurance, gas (which can be purchased by the bottle), electricity and general maintenance of your caravan and the surrounding plot. Once you’ve purchased your caravan, these running costs can seem quite overwhelming, especially if you are using your property less than initially planned. 

For those struggling with maintaining their static vacation home, there is a simple solution that will allow them to keep their property and earn income that will help with running costs: subletting.

By subletting your caravan, you can earn money from your vacation home when it would not normally be in use. Why leave your caravan empty for most of the year when you could rent it out to like-minded tourists and generate additional income at home year after year? 

By doing so, you get the best of both worlds. You can choose when you want to visit your static caravan and then decide which weeks you would like to rent to other people or families. 

More importantly, since it is your caravan, you can decide how much you would like to charge for weekend, mid-week or weekly breaks. You can set your rates with the stations, increasing them at peak times. For your own peace of mind, you can charge your guests a non-refundable deposit as well as a breakage deposit. You are in charge, the rules are yours!

The bottom line

For those with more than one static caravan, whether they are located on the same site or in different locations across the country, renting their caravans can really be a profitable business. As the caravan owner, you will have the option of choosing free caravan vacation destinations each year, while earning an income that pays for your investment and leaves you substantial profit.

Whether you have a caravan or several static caravans, you have the potential to make money on your investment. While there are earnings to be made, don’t delay – list your camper for rent today!

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FAQ on Can you earn a living renting a caravan?

Is renting a caravan a good investment?

Renting a caravan is indeed a good investment. Depending on the type of caravan you are renting, you could be making between $6000 and $30000 per year.

Is caravan park profitable?

Managing a caravan park can be profitable. Considering how many caravans you have, the number of resistant, what extra-amenities, etc., you could make up to $70000 per year. 

Do I have to pay tax if I rent out my caravan?

Yes, you will have to pay tax if you rent out your caravan. Rent money is still considered income, no matter your status. 

How to choose the right caravan?

To choose the right caravan, it is also necessary to look at two important criteria: the authorized total vehicle weight (GVWR) and the authorized total weight. The GVWR indicates the actual maximum weight added that can reach your car and the caravan.

How to buy a used caravan?

To know everything about the past life of your future caravan, here are the good questions to ask your salesperson. There are three documents that the seller must give you: registration card, sales certificate and situation certificate … There is no technical inspection for caravans.


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