Can you convert a Spacekap into a camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Can you convert a Spacekap into a camper?” we will discuss the steps for converting a spacekap into a camper and list out the various models with their special features and measurements. By the end of this blog, you will get to know the right sapcekap model for a camper conversion.

Can you convert a Spacekap into a camper?

Yes, you can convert a spacekap into a camper. Spacekap campers are one of those notable names in the motorhome industry. RV and motorhome enthusiasts are familiar with these Spacekap models. These campers are known as the best alternative to a service van. The universal fit of Spacekap makes it easy to be installed on any full-sized pickup truck. 

Spacekap is famous in North America for its fiberglass commercial slip-in service bodies. These bodies are matched well for pickup trucks. Spacekap has also been one of the best manufacturers in the industry for decades. All Spacekap models arrive with a slip-in transferable service body. For all trucks that have a 6.5-inch or 8-inch bed, these models can be installed with ease.

Converting a spacekap into a camper 

A spacekap is not like the other camper vans since they are slip-ins. However, converting a spacekap into a camper is possible with the top-quality build and body. The exterior of the spacekap is around 1/8 inches thick and it has a layer of cardboard before the insulation. Every spacekap model has different specifications and choosing the right one is essential.

Steps for converting a spacekap into a camper 

  • The first step is to choose the right model for the truck.
  • Once you have selected the model, be sure that it is installed properly.
  • Spacekap comes with a couple of shelves for storage, you might need to remove a few if you are planning on fixing a bed.
  • It is also advised to cut out windows on the frame before installing the model.
  • After cutting out the windows, the next thing to do is cut out a vent.
  • Your camper must have enough circulation for air, so be sure to have a couple of windows and vents.
  • Try to keep the interior as empty as possible to fix a bed.
  • Remember that space is limited and there is no chance of adding an air conditioner unit. Hence, installing a fan will be a good option.
  • Be sure to get a small fan that can be fixed on the roof or at one corner of the camper.
  • You can use LED pods on the ceiling inside the camper for lights.
  • Adding a water pump with a small water tank is one of the options.

Apart from having a bed installed with a few storage options and a water pump, there is nothing more you can add to a spacekap camper. This is because of the limited size and space. Some people have also added a small portable heater for camping during winter. To cut the chase short, it is pretty hard to have many things installed in a spacekap.

The best way to go about this process is by having all portable items. By doing this you can adjust the space accordingly on the inside. To power the LED lights you can always install a solar panel at the top. A 100 W panel should be enough to power it up and keep you running. Make use of the space to install a bed since that is the most important thing to consider while camping.

Spacekap models 

While there might not be many models, Spacekap has certainly mastered the ones that they have. These models are just like a capsule that can be easily installed or removed within only a few minutes from a pickup truck. The good news is that these models also come with customized shelves and enough storage.

Compak slide-in service body 

  • The Compak comes in different configurations, the 6-inch, and the 8-inch configuration. 
  • The only difference in these models is floor-length. The Compak 6-inch model has a floor-length of 82 inches and the 8-inch model has a floor length of 98 inches. 
  • The weight of these models varies as the 6-inch model weighs 560 pounds and the 8-inch model weighs 650 pounds.
  • The slide-in service body is a perfect option for a storage solution. This slide-in is more fuel-efficient than any cargo van. 
  • There is plenty of storage capacity including the option to have a ladder and stepladder if necessary. 
  • It is fully secured and customizable with an LED interior lighting package. The design is compact and convenient at the same time.

Wild slide-in service body 

The wild slide-in service body is built to last and it comes with high-tech materials. It has an incredible side door opening of 24 x 84 inches. This is the widest in the industry with ample space for the cargo area. Some of the other options are the sliding tray which gives you easy access to all the tools and materials. This model is made up of strong fiberglass.

  • The lightweight and aerodynamics of this model are designed for fuel-efficiency. 
  • The specialty of this spacekap camper is the slam latch system. 
  • This system is perfect for securing equipment with minimal effort. 
  • The electric door locks are yet another safety feature that you can control with only a push of a button. 
  • There is a ¼ inch rubber mat to prevent unnecessary sliding.
  • Different configurations come with the wild slide-in service body. 
  • The 6-inch model and the 8-inch model are almost the same in terms of height and width on the floor. 
  • The 6-inch model has an 82-inch floor length and the 8-inch model has a 98-inch floor length. 
  • The weight is also different in both models with the 6-inch weighing 535 pounds and the 8-inch weighing 625 pounds.

Diablo transportable workshop 

The diablo has an exceptional design with the same slam latch system as the previous model. The skylights are attractive and the LED bar lights are good enough to keep it bright during the night. It also has an integrated rain gutter and UV-resistant coating to sustain in all climatic conditions. 

  • The diablo transportable workshop is known for its impressive height of 75 inches. This model has a spacious interior volume of 372 feet. 
  • The high UV-resistant SK-Gelcoat is built for protection during extreme summers. 
  • The 12V plug and electric door locks will keep your equipment and tools safe.
  • The diablo comes in two variations, the 6 feet, and the eight feet. The 6 feet have a length of 82 inches on the floor and the 8 feet have a floor length of 98 inches. 
  • The weight for the 6 feet variant is 725 pounds and the weight for the 8 feet variant is 825 pounds. 
  • The diablo slide-in is one of the biggest models from the spacekap.

Spacekap slide-ins have been in the market since 1992 and they have had a good reputation for years together. Their products are built to last long. The customizable solutions will match every need of every customer. Spacekap is a cost-effective solution and it has some of the best slide-ins that are available on the market.

When it comes to converting a spackekap, the best option will be the diablo transportable model. This model is more spacious when compared to the other models and they can be easily modified into a camper. Converting a spacekap can be tricky, but not if you have a few things on board. That said, you will have the freedom to convert a spacekap camper according to your wish.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Can you convert a Spacekap into a camper?” We have discussed the steps for converting a spacekap into a camper and listed the various models with their special features and measurements. Drop a comment below and let us know if you have any suggestions for converting a spacekap camper.   


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