Can you camp overnight at Camping World? (2021 update)

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Can you camp overnight at Camping World? We will explain where you can legally park your RV in the US and how to find free overnight parking. 

Can you camp overnight at Camping World?

Yes, you can camp overnight at Camping World, but that is only in a handful of locations. Across the US, Camping World has modified its policy and has now fenced and put big signs with “No Overnight Parking” at their locations. 

In the past, when Camping World was one of the main RV parts suppliers and repair shops, it allowed customers that had an appointment for the next day to park on their territory. Some locations even had hookups, drinking water and sewer. In 2021, Camping World specialized in selling recreational vehicles, thus, it is more of a dealership now. 

In conclusion, if you want to know if you can camp overnight at Camping World you’ll have to call ahead and ask, as the policy varies from location to location. 

Can’t RVs just park anywhere?

Yes, you can park an RV wherever you can park a car. However, some municipalities are taking measures and restricting their access to certain car parks or areas by installing gantry cranes. This is often to avoid the phenomenon of concentration and long-term parking.

Because while you can park wherever you want with these recreational vehicles, camping is not allowed everywhere! We remind you that it is forbidden to leave its holds, its table, its chairs, the awning, etc., “on the shores of the sea, near classified sites or registered, in the heart of nature reserves, in zones of protection of historic monuments … “

It is then necessary to observe the road signs. Parked in the city? Nothing prevents you from sleeping in your RV… But we don’t take the camping table out onto the sidewalk, we don’t do “camping”. The best is to find a reception or parking area (they each have their own rules) or a campsite, which are made for that!

You can also park your vehicle on private land, whether for a few days or even to park while waiting for the next road trip. But if you live in the motorhome or van for more than three months a year on land, the vehicle changes destination and you comply with the Town Planning Code. You, therefore, need municipal authorizations.

Free overnight RV parking locations in the US

In the United States, free sleep in your RV is allowed in the National Forests or Bureau of Land Management (or BLM). It is generally more difficult to find places to sleep for free on the west coast, but once inside there are more options. There are no assigned areas, no restrooms, no tables, and no fire pit. It is simply to get a few miles away from the main road inland and park or camp wherever you want. 

Around the National Parks, there is usually a protection ring and these are usually National Forests where you can camp. Ask the park Ranger or the locals, always pick up your trash and help others to continue enjoying nature for free. 

Walmart, the great chain of supermarkets in North America. In some they allow you to sleep in their parking lot always in the areas furthest from the entrance door. Always ask inside the store because, even if it says that it is not allowed, it is usually a municipal regulation, but they do not care and will tell you if they advise you to stay the night or not. 

You cannot put up the tent or spend the day as if it were a camping site. Rather, it is to be late and leave in the morning. Some supermarkets are open 24 hours a day so you can use the bathrooms, water or even the Wi-Fi if it reaches your RV.

Safeway is another supermarket chain that is a little more expensive but with more variety and better presentation of the products. It also has an eating area with tables and food already prepared. It is not as common as Walmart and in some states, they will not allow you to sleep in their parking lot, so keep that in mind. 

Casino parking lots are a safe choice. These are usually clean places, some are open 24 hours, with Wi-Fi, bathrooms and even free drinks and coffee. You don’t have to play with the machines and nobody supervises you. 

In some places, they may ask for your information and those of the vehicle to take notes, they give you a piece of paper and you have to put it on the glass so that the night guard knows it. Casino parking lots are very safe and, although in some the environment is not ideal, there is a lot of surveillance. Always stay close to your RV to feel more protected.

Rest areas are also an alternative to spending the night in your RV. Locals often use them to stay overnight on their long road trips. In some, there are signs that indicate that you can only stay eight hours, but nobody watches and they are not very strict. 

You can easily find very clean areas with restrooms, picnic tables, drinking water, and even vending machines with food and coffee. Some are noisy from trucks or because they are close to highways, but for spending the night they are fine. You will have to search state by state. 

Final thoughts

As you can see there are plenty of options for spending the night in your RV, but you have to find them. It also depends on the preferences and needs that you have. 

Of course, if there is a choice, we recommend you plan your trip well and stop with your RV only at campsites with basic amenities. This type of camping for RVs usually has the basic services included, that is to say: electricity, water (at least within the nearby area) and bathrooms (generally with a shower, although not always with hot water). 

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FAQ on Can you camp overnight at Camping World?

Can you park an RV overnight at Bass Pro?

Technically yes, you can park your RV overnight at Bass Pro, practically it will depend on the store manager. Most Bass Pro, Cabelas and Walmarts allow RVs to spend the night in the parking lot, but some places may not be RV friendly at all!

Can RVs stay overnight at Flying J?

Yes, RVs can stay overnight at Flying J truck stops. There are usually parking spaces that allow you to empty and refill your water tanks, you can use the restroom facilities and even connect to Wi-Fi. Still, RVs at truck stops are a controversial topic. 

Can I park my RV overnight at Target?

Yes, you can park your RV overnight at Target, as long as the store manager allows it and you do not camp there. If you are on the road, our best advice would be to call first and ask if they allow RV parking and for how long. Also, if they do allow you to park there, make sure you stop at the end of the car park and that you also spend some cash inside the store. 

Does Lowe’s allow overnight RV parking?

Some Lowe’s stores allow overnight RV parking and they are very popular places for free and quick RV parking. However, not all store managers will allow RV parking and this will be clearly stated at the entrance to Lowe’s. 

Is it legal to sleep in a Walmart parking lot?

The quick answer is: Yes, it is legal to sleep in a Walmart parking lot. The less quick answer is that it can be done as long as you ask for permission and adhere to the regulations and you are not camping there. 

Where can I park an RV?

An RV is perfectly entitled to park in the parking spaces along the roadway. However, its size must allow it, it must not interfere with road traffic or pedestrians. However, due to its size, the motorhome cannot park everywhere.


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