Can I tow with a Camry Hybrid?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can I tow with a Camry Hybrid? We will discuss the towing capacity of a hybrid car, will explain how to install a tow trailer hitch on a Toyota Camry and give you a few tips for towing with precaution. 

Can I tow with a Camry Hybrid?

You can tow with a Toyota Camry Hybrid, but its towing capacity is very small (400 kg/880 lbs), thus it will be able to tow only a small camper, very lightweight boat or jet ski. You must ensure you do not exceed the towing capacity of your Camry, as you may damage the vehicle. 

Can a tow bar be installed on a Camry hybrid?

Contrary to popular belief, the regulations do not prohibit the installation of trailer hitches on a hybrid vehicle to trace a trailer or a caravan. You just need to call a professional to make you a tailor-made one. But this coupling installation requires prior approval. 

Note that the various designers are increasingly offering models with original trailer hitches. However, it should be remembered that the specific architecture of hybrid vehicles (including the location and weight of the battery) sometimes makes it difficult to install a hitch or significantly reduces towing capacity. 

The question then is how many loads can you tow with a hybrid car?

How to install a trailer hitch on a Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is a middle-class car that comes standard with a four-cylinder, cross-mounted engine. You may have extra cargo space on your Camry, and installing an aftermarket trailer hitch will allow you to tow a small trailer and expand your vehicle’s cargo-carrying capacity. 

One-pull installation is facilitated by the factory-drilled holes in the landing gear, but some drilling is required in the trunk manifold for hitch installation. 

  1. Open the trunk lid and lift the mat off the carpet. Loosen the thumbscrew and remove the spare tire from the well at the bottom of the trunk compartment.
  1. Lubricate the rubber hooks of the penetrant leak. Wait on the muffler with one hand as you slide the bracket out of its mount with an exhaust hook removal tool – available where automotive tools are sold. Lower the muffler and you should set it aside.
  1. Remove the plastic rivets that hold the lower part of the bumper protector plate to the lower part of the trunk tray, with a flat screwdriver. Remove the plastic cover from the bottom of the trunk manifold in the same way -. If your Camry is equipped.
  1. Locate the metal bracket attached to the rider frame stringer and the sheet metal end panel. Remove the bracket retaining bolts with a socket and ratchet wrench. Remove the mount from the car. Note that the now empty screw holes of the end panel will be used to mount the hitch.
  1. Lift the hitch to the bottom of the car and line up the vertical mounting holes with the existing solder-on nuts on the metal end panel sheet of the car. Place taper or lock washers – depending on hitch manufacturer – on hitch mounting bolts. Thread the screws through the mounting holes in the hitch and into the welded-in nuts in the end panel. Finger tighten the bolts.
  1. Use a power drill and bore a ½-inch hole through each of the two forward horizontal mounting holes on the hitch and on the bottom of the trunk manifold from under the car. Scrape the foam rubber material away from the vicinity of the holes with a metal putty knife from inside the trunk.
  1. Insert two-bolt blocks through the two remaining hitch mounting bolts. Insert the bolts through the holes on the inside of the trunk. Place the washers and nuts on the threaded ends of the bolts that protrude through the bottom of the trunk and through the two mounting holes in the front hitch.
  1. Tighten all bolts and nuts with a torque wrench to the torque specified by the hitch manufacturer – typically between 40 and 80 pound-feet.
  1. Mount the new spare tightly inside the trunk and close the trunk lid. Lift the muffler and hold it in position with one hand while working the rubber suspension back onto the metal bracket with the other hand. Push the plastic rivets into place to secure the rear bumper. Do not install the plastic cover on the trunk tray, if your car was equipped for it.

What precautions to take before towing with a Camry Hybrid?

Towing a caravan or a trailer, especially with a hybrid vehicle, involves some precautions and compliance with safety rules. 

Make sure your car provides power and effective braking to compensate for the extra weight of the trailer, for example. When it comes to a caravan, it is important to distribute the weight properly. For this, you will have to take into account the weight of all the objects in order to calculate the weight of the boom of the caravan. 

The calculation is simple: the weight corresponds to 7% GVW for caravans with capacities less than or equal to 1,200 kg and to 5% of GVW for caravans greater than 1,200 kg. Finally, it is recommended to place heavy loads between the axles and also avoid overloading the rear of the caravan.


While towing with a Camry, always remember that the vehicle is carrying extra weight. Give cars in front of you extra room so you have enough space if you need to brake hard. Test your towing skills in both drives and reverse gears in a parking lot before towing on the main road.

We need to remind you of the safety rules, and that exceeding towing capacity is never recommended, as it can represent a great risk especially on a long road.  The weight makes your car less agile and less balanced, especially if you carry a lot of weight in the trunk, in the rear, if you have a roof rack, a trailer or any other accessory to carry more cargo.

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FAQ on Can I tow with a Camry Hybrid?

Can a hybrid car pull a trailer?

Some hybrid cars are perfectly capable of pulling a trailer or caravan. Hybrid cars that have towing capabilities are Toyota Prius, Toyota CH-R, Toyota Corolla, Honda CR-V Hybrid, Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Niro, Toyota RAV4, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe, the Hyundai Tucson and the Lexus RX 450h.

Can a Camry tow a pop up camper?

Yes, a Toyota Camry could easily tow a pop-up camper, as they weigh only about 300 kilograms (650 lbs). Still, keep in mind that towing can be dangerous if you don’t take it seriously. 

What happens when you exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity?

When you exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity you bring a series of consequences for your card, such as engine overheating; tire failure, overloading the drivetrain, CO2 emissions increase among others. 

What percentage of max towing capacity is safe?

A percentage of 80% or 75% of max towing capacity would be safe and recommendable. 

How do you know if you tow too much weight?

You know you are towing too much weight when the rear of the truck will appear hunkered down and the front end will feel light.