Can I tow a park model trailer?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can I tow a park model trailer? We will explain what you have to pay attention to if towing a model trailer by yourself, and also discuss some alternative methods for moving your park model from one place to another.

Can I tow a park model trailer?

You can tow a park model trailer, but you must have a strong tow vehicle and some experience with towing heavy-loaded trailers. If you want to move your park model trailer from one campsite to another, or to private land, our advice would be to hire a moving company or someone specialized in towing large items. 

Most park model trailers are 11’ wide and weigh over 18000 lbs (unloaded!), thus it is best to let them be handled by people who have experience and a licence to tow an oversized unit. Besides, a specialized company is adapted to transport a park model trailer, they have:

  • a studied itinerary,
  • an administrative authorization from the prefect or a prior declaration receipt for exceptional transports of the least imposing category,
  • imposed driving times,
  • an adapted vehicle,
  • yellow lights at the front and rear,
  • an “exceptional convoy” sign,
  • an escort vehicle in certain cases,
  • a ban on driving on roads in foggy or snowy weather.

What if I want to tow a park model trailer?

If you want to go ahead and tow your park model trailer yourself, here is some important information that must be taken into consideration before towing your park trailer, so as not to damage it or your vehicle.

  • Tongue weight is a safety factor, as it represents the actual weight resting on the tow ball. The recommended hitch weight is approximately 10% to 15% of the gross weight of the tow bar. trailer. For a fifth-wheel type trailer, the recommended weight for the fifth wheels is 15% to 25%.
  • As for the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), it combines the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) with the weight of the equipment and all passengers.
  • The payload, on the other hand, is the load transported, excluding the trailer. You can think of everything inside the truck, for example.
  • It is important to use safety chains to connect the truck and the park model. This is a crucial and necessary step. This precaution could be helpful if the trailer hitch ball becomes detached from the vehicle.
  • Also, to be sure that you are towing your park model, it is strongly recommended that you consult your truck’s user manual to make sure that the gross vehicle weight rating does not exceed the towing capacity of your truck.

After considering all of these elements, you will be able to estimate the size of a park trailer that your truck can tow. Of course, you can call on specialized movers who will move your park model.

How to find someone to tow my park model trailer?

To find someone to tow your park model trailer, start by using your favourite search engine and type “park model trailer transport”. If your operation is located in a region you can specify it in your search, otherwise, you can add “entire country”.

Many carriers have sites where they introduce themselves to you and provide you with requests for quotes that you can enter online. Do not hesitate to request several quotes, this will allow you to get a relatively precise idea of ​​the fair price.

With this information and once your selection of two or three professionals is made, put them in competition in order to try to adjust the price proposals to the best of your interests.

You must take some precautions regarding the contents of the park model before having it transported, a good professional will provide you with all the necessary information, remember that the various handling and transport are the responsibility of the professional but that you must also have the park model insured, an essential precaution to exercise any recourse in the event of damage.

If you can find a professional offering you both transport and wedging, installation and connections, it’s better, but be aware that sometimes it turns out to be very difficult because climatic conditions allow mobile homes to be moved but do not allow the second part of the operations (wet ground for example).

Insofar as the destination campsite offers you the possibility of parking the mobile home, you can expect better conditions so that the installation, setting and connections are done correctly, this is a very important phase for the future life of your park model and it is sometimes more judicious to entrust this task to professionals specialized in this activity.

Towing a park model trailer: installation, setting, connection

Once arrived at the destination, the park model must be set up. If the location of the park model is not accessible by the truck, the transporter will have to use a crane, a 4 × 4 or a winch, at an additional cost.

Wedging is a delicate operation that should not be taken lightly for two reasons:

  1. the park model  must have perfect stability: the wedging must be carried out at eight points to avoid any possible deformation of the structure,
  1. To keep the mobility of the park model: the law requires that a park model can be moved by its four sides without its annexes being able to hinder it.

Note: The legislation also requires that the park model can be moved by traction (5 km / h in a straight line and 2 km / h in a bend). It is therefore important that the park model keeps its wheels correctly inflated.

Once the park model is installed and correctly wedged, it will be necessary to proceed to the electrical connections, to the water network and to the city gas. This connection must be easily removable so as not to obstruct the movement of the mobile home.

The bottom line

Living in a park model trailer can be a true life dream for some. And as life happens and circumstances change, the need to move a park model may arise. As these types of trailers can weigh several tons, we’d recommend you to call a moving company and rely on their experience in towing a park model trailer.

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FAQ on Can I tow a park model trailer?

Can I move my park model to another site?

Yes, you can move your park model to another site, as they technically are motorhomes. It is strongly recommended that you consult your vehicle’s user manual to make sure that the gross vehicle weight rating does not exceed the capacity of your truck to pull the park model.

What is the best brand of park trailers?

When it comes to the best brand of park trailers, the big winner remains the Jayco Jay Flight, which has been at the top of recreational vehicle sales for many years. A brand appreciated by many caravanners.

What is a park trailer?

A park trailer is designed for recreational purposes. A park trailer is not used for residential purposes but can be attached temporarily in the same way as a recreational / RV trailer with or without its axles and ties.


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