Can I tow a caravan during lockdown?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can I tow a caravan during lockdown? We will explain what is an essential trip during the COVID-19 pandemic, what are your options for moving, buying or selling a caravan during the lockdown.

Can I tow a caravan during lockdown?

You can not tow a caravan during a lockdown, as it is not an essential trip. The government is quite strict when it comes to what we can and can’t do during the pandemic. Thus, by moving campsites or travelling to a leisure park, you are violating the rules. 

If you live in your caravan or RV and the campsite you had as a primary residence is closing following COVID-19 protocols, here’s what you can do:

  • Park your caravan at a friend or family member’s house and camp there. Make sure that you follow the HOA protocols, nonetheless.
  • Park your caravan at a friend or family member’s house and rent a property or stay with them.
  • If you can’t find a place to park your caravan for free, try an RV storage unit/garage for long-term parking, and rent a property or stay with friends and family during this unprecedented situation. 

As rules during lockdown change quite often, our advice is to consult your local council’s website for recent information. 

What is considered an essential trip during a lockdown?

During a lockdown, the following are considered essential trips:

  • Grocery shopping;
  • Family emergency;
  • Going to work (if you are not currently WFH);
  • Doctor’s appointment;
  • Vet’s appointment.

Essential travels do not include visits to camping or caravan parks, travelling with a caravan either for isolation or vacation.

Can I move a caravan during lockdown?

The simple answer is no, you can not move a caravan during a lockdown. It is not considered an essential trip. However, there may be instances when moving a caravan is imminent (e.g. you can’t afford to pay long-time parking anymore or the campsite is closing down). 

In these cases, it would be recommended to ask for help from a moving company. Whether it is a question of moving a caravan between campsites to another municipality or it is necessary to move it beyond our borders, as long as there is a passable route where one can move, your caravan can be towed.

What is the cost of moving a caravan?

Many people think that the price of moving a caravan can be very high, but this is not necessarily the case. But how much does a caravan transfer cost? The calculation of the price of the caravan transfer depends on several factors, such as:

  1. The caravan dimensions: the greater the weight and size, the cost of the transfer can increase.
  2. The distance of the transfer: depending on the mileage travelled, the rate is adjusted.
  3. Transfer area: an international transfer requires higher expenses than a national one.

All these aspects are considered at the same time to estimate a fair rate. It is also important to note that if the caravan requires a trailer, this will increase the provision of the service.

Can I buy a caravan during lockdown?

Yes, you can still buy a caravan during the lockdown, but you will have to do it online. You can later opt for home delivery or a click and collect service. Caravan dealerships are not open to the public during a lockdown, but many offer live streaming services and good deals for online shoppers. 

Where can I buy a caravan online?

Below are a few places where you can buy a caravan online.

  • Camping World – also great for RV supplies, accessories and camping gear;
  • RV Trader – it is widely recognized in the recreational vehicle industry as a popular means of finding the best deals on new and used RVs for sale;
  • PPL Motor Homes – this Texas-based dealership offers diesel motorhomes, mini or Class A motorhomes, 5th wheel trailers and travel trailers;
  • General RV Center – this is the largest RV centre in the country that offer you personalized RV orientation and full support with the buying process; 
  • MHSRVMotor Home Specialists that have offered even for low budgets (check the under 25k category);
  • Classy RV – Rated top eBay seller and with offers all over the country, this is one of our favourite places to recommend. Not to mention that their website is user-friendly and really easy to navigate; 
  • We recommend them mostly for their great deals; 
  • Pop RVsCheck this one if you are looking for funding, as they offer competitive rates and flexible options;
  • Cranky ApeIt offers you the opportunity to place a bid and it has great reviews from most users;
  • Conversion Trader – It has a large database of  camper vans, Class B or C RVs, sprinters, buses, skoolies & more;
  • RVUSAThis is the place to search for the ideal RV that will meet your family’s needs. Just fill in the form and check the results!
  • Facebook Groups – This is also a great place for tips and advice from experienced RV owners.
  • eBay  – try eBay auctions for better deals.
  • Craigslist – The reason why Craigslist is last on our list is that although you can get great deals on this website, many of the ads prove to be scams. So be careful with this one, especially when someone wants to offer you a free RV!

How to care for your caravan while in long-term parking

If your motorhome is housed in a shed, visit it to check that it is properly insulated and that there are no visible traces of mould. If you protect your vehicle with a protective cover, be sure to choose a breathable motorhome cover. Microporous, they allow air to circulate and remove moisture.

Regularly measure the humidity level inside the vehicle and record it in order to follow its evolution. If you detect a significant increase in humidity, it may indicate a leak in the roof or walls. In this case, conduct a thorough inspection.

A little trick is to leave all cupboard doors open to equalize the temperature throughout. It is essential to promote the circulation of air in all nooks and crannies. Plus, if an infiltration happens in a closet, it will be easier to spot and prevent you from having unexpected surprises down the road.

Using a thermometer, measure the temperature under the bed. If it is 5 to 10 ° lower than the room temperature, it will be necessary to reinforce the insulation under the bed. Avoid contact with the mattress with a cold surface.

Walk around the vehicle and locate any small holes or visible cracks in order to fill them up. Go up on the roof and check the joints of the skylights. In general, go around the windows and do not hesitate to run your finger along the joints to feel the air infiltration.

The bottom line

As the lockdown period is coming to an end, we have to remain hopeful that rules will ease and that campsites and caravan parks will open again for tourists and long-term campers. 

We remind you that no state allows towing a caravan during a lockdown, it is not an essential trip, and by doing so you will indeed break the law. 

Please let us know your tips for surviving during these unprecedented times, or if you have any questions or comments on the content. 


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