​​Can I put a washing machine in a caravan?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can I put a washing machine in a caravan? We will also recommend five washing machines that are great for caravans, motorhomes and travel trailers. 

Can I put a washing machine in a caravan?

Yes, you can put a washing machine in a caravan. It won’t be as powerful or big as your home washing machine, but it is indeed a feature that is worth considering when buying a new RV.  

Caravans equipped with real household appliances are very high-end caravans and often very large in size which therefore require a heavy vehicle license. Not ideal if you planned to travel light to remote areas. But if you plan to spend a lot of time on the road, seeing life in your caravan all year round, this can prove to be a good option!

Best washing machines for a caravan

These are the best washing machines for caravans selected by us, below, we will see the characteristics of each of them:

  1. Camry CR 8052 portable mini-washer

To take care of clothes of all kinds while travelling, the Camry CR8052 Mini Washer will be able to adapt to any type of confined space such as a campsite or a summer residence. It has a separate washing and drying program thanks to its two separate chambers, one for washing with a capacity of 3 kg (6.6 lbs)  and the other for drying with a capacity of 1 kg (2.2 lbs).

For buyers, several features stand out. For example, that you can select both normal and mild programs with enough fluidity, or that it is an economical solution that does not consume much water or much energy.


  • It consumes little water and energy.
  • Its transportation is very simple.
  • It does not produce as much noise.


If the clothes are very dirty, they will need a second wash.

  1. TecTake Portable Washer  

The second option is this TecTake portable washing machine with 200 Watts and a double design. Its size makes it ideal for places where only a small washing machine is allowed, such as bedrooms, motor homes, camping, or recreational vehicles, among others. Its small size, its lightness and great flexibility are details of great value in general. That it is transparent will help to control the quality of the water at the time of washing.

According to buyers, this washing machine is used to wash small quantities of clothes with great convenience. With its timer control settings, you will be able to have 15 minutes and a 5-minute timer per charge, which will translate into a considerable number of energy savings.


It has a UL certified power cord.

Its size is small and its weight is light.

Due to its transparent design, washing can be better supervised.


Hard to find in the US.

  1. oneConcept Ecowash XL Mini Washer with Centrifuge

The oneConcept Ecowash XL washer dryer for caravan stands out for its great power of 300 W and its effectiveness in washing various fabrics, so it can wash both normal and delicate fabrics. This is in addition to a low-noise operation that consumes little energy when working.

Its lint filter can make cleaning the washing machine easier, just as its spin timer can make washing easier. For buyers, the short time it takes to wash the garments is important. Especially if you are a camper and you need to wash clothes in wet and rainy climates.


  • It is a good price.
  • Its small size is practical.
  • Washes clothes in just 10 minutes.


  • It must be filled and emptied manually.
  1. oneConcept Mnw2-Db003 Portable Washing Machine 

The oneConcept DB003 camper washing machine is recommended for those who want a small washing machine, but with good power. This model offers about 250 W and a capacity of 2 kg, which makes it a good proposition for washing small loads of clothes.

According to the opinions of the buyers, this washing machine is advantageous to wash clothes simply and without any complications. Its low weight and high washing capacity make it one of the best portable washing machines for camping.


  • It has a good value for money.
  • It saves a lot of energy.
  • It is fast washing.


  • Hard to find in the US.
  1. The Mini Pedal Washer

This mini pedal washer is not a must-have type of van washer to mention, are manual models like this one. With its 14 L capacity, you can wash clothes without the need for electricity. It is only necessary to fill the clothes with water and detergent, to step on the pedal and in this way work. Being a way to exercise while doing laundry.

Buyers have classified it as an interesting manual washing machine without electricity. Where unnecessary energy will not be wasted. Its low weight and the fact that it does not need electricity to operate make it one of the best small camping washing machines on the market.


  • It is very practical for camping.
  • It does not contaminate the environment.
  • It is easy to transport.
  • It is an excellent portable pedal washer.


  • It can be hard and tiring to use.

Washing your laundry in a caravan: alternative methods

Sometimes, installing a washing machine in a caravan can be hard or expensive, depending on the model of the caravan. This is why we decided to come with some creative alternative solutions:

  1. Method 1: This trick, popular with backpackers, allows you to wash your clothes in an ecological way and does not use any energy!

Put your laundry in one can with a few litres of water and detergent (liquid or powder) and close it well. Then place the container in your RV so that it is well tossed while you are driving(in order to stir the laundry inside the container). 

All you have to do is let the magic of the caravan trip operate for one or two hours. Do the same for the rinsing!

  1. Method 2: Wash your laundry anywhere and anytime with a Scrubba laundry bag! This light and the compact bag contain hundreds of nodules (small plastic balls) integrated which effectively clean your clothes in a few minutes and with very little water and detergent. Washing takes 3 to 4 minutes. Then all you have to do is dry your clothes and they will be like new! 

The Scrubba Wash Bag is worth around $50. The brand also markets a washing and drying kit, comprising the washing kit, a microfiber travel towel, a clothesline with suction cups and 2 inflatable hangers.


  1. Method 3: You can of course plan a few stops in the campsites, most of which have washing machines. This can allow you to supply your caravan with electricity and water, but also to drain the wastewater! You will then be independent for a few days.

The bottom line

Washing your clothes while you are travelling with a caravan is essential, but more so when you are living in a static caravan. We hope that you found our recommendations and tips useful!

If you want to share your own tips for doing laundry in a caravan, you are more than welcome to do it!

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FAQ on Can I put a washing machine in a caravan?

How to use a small portable washing machine?

To use a portable washing machine, just fill it with water (preferably hot), put in the laundry, close it, turn it on and that’s it! After 15 minutes, thanks to its drain hose, you empty this mini washing machine and you can spin the laundry.

How to wash your laundry in a converted van?

To wash your laundry in a converted van that doesn’t have a washing machine, use the backpacker’s trick.  Place your dirty laundry, water and laundry and close well. Then place your container in the back of your vanor on the roof (to benefit from the rays of the sun as a bonus which will heat your water if you choose a container of black colour). Then go for a ride!

How does a portable washing machine work?

For a portable washing machine to work you must plug it in.  Once the clothes and water are loaded, you can plug in the washing machine and start washing your clothes. Most portable washing machines have a timer that lets you set the time for washing clothes.


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