Can I put a caravan on my land in Ireland?

In this short guide, we will discuss: Can I put a caravan on my land in Ireland? We will find out what the Irish law has to say about motorhome parking and give you some great alternatives to parking your caravan in Ireland. 

Can I put a caravan on my land in Ireland?

Yes, you can put a caravan on your land in Ireland, but temporarily only. Thus, if you are camping in a caravan on your land:

  • You can stay in the caravan for a maximum of 10 days;
  • If you have more than one caravan, they must be placed within 100 m of each other;
  • You can not use the caravan for business purposes;
  • The caravan must be placed at least 50m away from a public road unless there is a wall/bank/hedge of at least 1.5m.

If you want to live in a caravan in Ireland:

  • Remember that you can stay in a fully functional caravan for only 10 days. However, if you are dry camping, you do so for a total of nine months per year, without planning permission;
  • While dry camping, you cannot connect the caravan to sewage, running water, internet, or other services);
  • You are allowed to store only one caravan on the land;
  • You can not use the caravan for business purposes.

If you want to convert your caravan to a long-term dwelling, you will have to get planning permission. The law is grey in Ireland regarding long-term living in a caravan, thus we advise you to get in contact with your local city council. 

Can I put a static caravan on my land in Ireland? 

The law is different from static caravans. Mobile manufactured homes have gained prominence in recent years and their designs and features have improved dramatically. The possibility of living in different places and traveling with ‘the house in tow’ is a great attraction for many people.

Some of these homes have solar panels and water tanks, that is, they are completely self-sufficient. The logical thing is to think that, by not needing a foundation or any type of interlocking in the land, they could be established as a home on rustic land, but the reality is quite different.

Mobile prefabricated houses are considered “buildings” since their static character in space and vocation of permanence is presumed. 

They are subject to a prior municipal urban planning license … all acts of construction or building and installation and use of the land, including the subsoil and the flight, and, in particular, the following:

The installation or location of prefabricated houses, fixed caravans, and similar, temporary or permanent facilities, except that they are carried out within legally authorized tourist camps or camping sites and in areas expressly provided for that purpose in the corresponding urban planning instrument.

That is, if you want to place a static caravan on your land, you must consult with the city council, but, as a general rule, you cannot just install it on your land.

Where to sleep at night with my motorhome in Ireland?

In Ireland, your caravan, RV, or motorhome can be installed in a camping area, directly in a public car park, or in nature. However, be careful not to park on private property, avoid areas where there are “No Overnight” signs (which means that overnight parking is prohibited) during holiday periods, and lock the doors.

 During off-peak periods (ie non-holiday), you should be able to park even if there are “No overnight” signs. I have never heard of fines in these types of cases, but I cannot assure you. It will be up to you to try.

Camper and caravan campsites such as Bunk Campers are very prevalent throughout Ireland, so be sure to park in a specially designated spot, rather than on farmland, on a beach, or along a road. Ballyness Caravan Park in County Antrim is the ideal place to pitch your tent on the Causeway Coast, while The Hideaway in Cork and Clifden Eco Beach Camping and Caravan Park offer excellent facilities in beautiful locations.

Although the sites mentioned above are also open to visitors with tents, you will have even more options if you plan a camping trip in the wild. Camp at Dog’s Bay in Roundstone, County Galway, or in the Morne Mountains, County Down, and you’ll feel like you’ve escaped the rush of everyday life. Make sure you respect local laws and guidelines, never violate private property, and respect the landscape during your visit.

In recent years, the popularity of glamping has skyrocketed in Ireland. This modality has something for everyone, as it attracts both those who are used to pure camping and want to add a bit of luxury to their experience, as well as those who have never seen the inside of a tent before. 

The location of the glamping courses on the Aran Islands is second to none; the cabins of Rossharbour lakes are a dream; while Larchfield Estate’s incredible luxury glamping truck lets you boast of serenity.

Five of the best places to camp or travel by caravan in Ireland

  1. Share Discovery Village, County Fermanagh. This place is located on the shore of Upper Lough Erne and is designed for lovers of water activities. Bring a towel!
  2. The Black Valley, County Kerry. For untamed campers who love remote locations – Electricity came in 1976!
  3. Hidden Valley Holiday Park, County Wicklow. This amenity-packed park is family-run and set in a beautiful setting.
  4. Luxury Glamping Truck from Larchfield Estate, County Antrim. This 1952 Swiss Army truck is hands down more luxurious than anywhere a soldier sleeps today!
  5. Eagle Point Camping, County Galway. Located by the sea in West Cork, Eagle Point is ideal for kayaking and swimming.

The bottom line

Before you place your caravan on a piece of land, we recommend you get in contact with the local administration. They will be more than happy to help and give you advice on where and how long you can store your caravan or RV.  

Otherwise, Ireland is a great place to visit by motorhome, so don’t hesitate to get out there! And if you have any tips or insights on Irish law regarding motorhomes, do let us know!

FAQ on Can I put a caravan on my land in Ireland?

Are there recommended areas to avoid when traveling by motorhome in Ireland?

Not really, there aren’t any areas we won’t recommend in Ireland. Is just that some places will not be accessible to you: the small wild corners. The Irish roads (at least the small country roads) have not been designed for this type of vehicle, so there is a risk, at best, of slightly damaging the vehicle and, at worst, of getting stuck or having to back up. 

How to rent a motorhome in Ireland?

To rent a motorhome in Ireland, all you have to do is find a motorhome rental company in Ireland, and book it. The prices are quite similar (maybe a little higher) than in the US. However, be careful when driving with the steering wheel on the right-hand side.

How to get to Ireland by motorhome?

To get to Ireland by motorhome from Europe, all you have to do is take a ferry from northern France to Cork (or anywhere else). The trip lasts about 10 hours, and it will be a small excursion by the sea.

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