Can I paint my caravan cupboards? (5+ tips)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can I paint my caravan cupboards? We will tell you how to paint your caravan cupboards, what colour and kind of paint to use. We will also give you a few extra tips for decorating the interior of your caravan.

Can I paint my caravan cupboards?

Yes, you can paint your caravan cupboards! If they are in poor condition or you no longer like the colour, you can repaint the cupboards, which are numerous and visible in caravans and mobile homes. 

Besides the paint, you will need the following for painting the caravan cupboards:

  • A degreasing cleaner to clean them first;
  • You will also need a primer;
  • Paint, waxes or varnish;
  • And brushes, of course.

Our tip is to choose a vitamin-toned shade that will immediately infuse your interior with a holiday feel. If the cupboards are made of wood, they will be easy to repaint, just follow these steps: 

  1. First, degrease the surfaces;
  2. Sand them;
  3. Apply an undercoat;
  4. Paint the cupboards with the colour you have chosen!

The truth is that with a simple “painted and waxed” the caravan cupboards can enjoy a spectacular change. Depending on the state of the piece, no more will be needed. The most important thing is to choose the right paint and colour in each case.

If you are a beginner, just paint and wax the caravan cupboards. Even a simple painting with suitable paint will be enough to transform it. If you like that air that the passage of time leaves, you can even sand the edges a little.

 What are the trending colours for painting your caravan cupboards?

Grays, pinkish terra cotta, greyish-green and tan yellow are the latest trends for caravan cupboards. And the star colour in furniture decorative paint is white; it will never go out of style. The whites with a grey point or the most optical whites, the warm whites, are the trend that we choose the most classic ones.

And if you want to make your caravan cupboards stand out there are many options, from painting to choosing a contrasting wax. For example, painting a piece of furniture grey and finishing it with white wax, this finish always works well. 

Ageing with waxes, working with two or three colours, painting stripes, gradients or painting the kitchen drawers in different colours and textures – these are just a few ideas. 

Depending on the type of paint you choose to paint your caravan cupboards, you must also take care of them afterwards. Bet on the highest possible quality with natural paints without plastics. In the case of having sealed the painting with wax, the maintenance is to wax periodically depending on the use of the furniture. 

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What kind of paint to use for caravan cupboards?

The best paint for the caravan cupboards are the natural paints, respectful with the environment and with us and also the results are unmatched. 

Chalk Paint would be one of these types of paints, but beware, choose a non-acrylic natural paint, because under this name matte acrylic paints (with plastics) are being marketed very far from a natural paint and the results you can obtain with it.

The most important thing in confined spaces is to provide light, clarity and a feeling of spaciousness. The white colour is the one chosen to achieve it. It is recommended to give priority to white and play with another colour, to define other rooms such as the kitchen, or also, choose to combine it with wood.

If you have decided to paint, matte or satin water-based paints are the best, also look for an enamel that does not need a primer coat.

If you want to give it a different touch, wallpaper is a good option to decorate a wall, ceiling or furniture. It is recommended to choose small areas, a wall or a door, since small spaces can be too overloaded.

More tips for decorating your caravan cupboards

It is entirely possible to reflect your tastes and style in the well-appointed 15 m². Changing the colour of your caravan cupboards is obvious, but consider these simple decorating ideas to put into practice to make your caravan cosy and more valuable on the market.

  1. Use tinsel garlands: To add a bohemian touch, light up your mobile home or caravan with a very trendy garland. Coloured funfair-style or white balls, soberer, you will choose the one that will create the most appropriate lighting atmosphere for your summer mood. These garlands are also available in a solar version. Convenient for nomadic vacationers.
  1. Multiply wall suspensions:: Add small hooks to support plants or small zinc buckets that will hold your accessories. Decorate the walls with small frames. Install mini-shelves to dress the walls and arrange your small decorative items. In short, add on the walls what the lack of space prevents you from accumulating on the furniture. Your caravan or mobile home will gain in personality without compromising on space.
  1. Dress the wooden walls: Are the walls of your caravan or mobile home frankly old-fashioned? Create a warm and bohemian setting with wood. Choose special wallboards or thin cladding so as not to further reduce the surface area of ​​this confined space. Also, prefer light wood so as not to overwhelm the space. Your caravan will become a real cosy chalet.
  1. Say yes to art: Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to neglect your interior. If you love art, show off your passion by hanging a poster or several small frames with the works of your favourite artist on the walls of your caravan. A miniature gallery wall that is sure to make an impact in such an unexpected place.
  1. Hang wallpapers: Retighten one of the walls with cheerful and colourful wallpaper. The sleeping area is particularly suitable for this dressing, especially if it is located at the end of a niche. Cushions in shimmering colours and plaid will enhance the effect.
  1. Change the curtains: If caravans and mobile homes have many windows, necessary for the light to come in, they are often dressed in old-fashioned curtains. Change that up by switching to trendy fabrics and modern colours, in line with the colours of your new decor.

The bottom line

Our final advice is to dare to experience! Go for bold colours, don’t forget to add stripes, combine two or three shades, and have fun!

How do your caravan cupboards look at the moment? We’d love a before- after pic, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

FAQ on Can I paint my caravan cupboards?

Can you paint the interior of a caravan?

Yes, you can paint the interior of a caravan, just like you would paint its exterior. Just make sure you clean it first, sand, apply a primer then the first layer of paint. 

What paint can I use to paint the inside of a caravan?

To paint the inside of a caravan, we recommend using emulsion paint which is more durable and easier to work with. 

How do you paint fake wood cabinets?

You can easily paint fake wood cabinets. First, make sure you clean the cabinets well to remove any kitchen grease and dust. We recommend using a roller and Chalky Finish paint, as well as a paintbrush for the missing spots. 

Can you use chalk paint on RV cabinets?

Yes, you can use chalk paint on RV cabinets. In fact, chalk paint is our favourite when it comes to painting cupboards, as it doesn’t need any sanding or special preparation beforehand!


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