Can Class B RV fit in the garage?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can Class B RV fit in the garage? We will discuss the standard size of a Class B motorhome and how big should your garage be to fit one. We also tell you where it is legal (and illegal) to park your Class B RV. 

Can Class B RV fit in the garage?

The most popular Class B RVs will not fit in a standard garage! As you will see in the table below, the RVs dimensions are just too big for the classical 7 to 8 feet garage door.

RV ModelExterior HeightFits in a Standard 7 ft Garage door?
Coachmen Nova9′ 4″NO
Leisure Free Spirit9′ 9″NO
Pleasure-Way Ascent TS9′ 7″NO
Roadtrek Zion9′ 5″NO
Regency National Traveler Explore9′ 8″NO
ModVans CV17′ 6″NO
Pleasure-Way Tofino8′ 2″NO
Winnebago Solis8′ 11″NO
Winnebago Travato9′ 4″NO
Thor Sequence9′ 5″NO
Ram Promaster High Roof8′ 5″NO
Ford Transit High Roof9′ 1″NO

What size is a Class B RV?

Class B can measure between 16ft and 21ft. The cargo compartment of Class B has a height of up to 2,196 m (7208 ft) with the roof raised, with a total height of 2,798 m (9179 ft). Wheelbase up to 7.391m (24 ft) with an extra-long 4.49m (14.7 ft) wheelbase. 1,311 m (37 ft) wide opening in the sliding door. It usually does not have extension cords and its interior space can accommodate 4 people for the trip.

A Class B RV, sometimes called a camper van, is a compact recreational vehicle (RV). About the size of a standard cargo van, it is smaller than most other types of RVs. This offers several advantages in terms of affordability, manoeuvrability, and fuel consumption. 

Because Class B is usually smaller, it does not include the same amenities as a Class A or a Class C. However, it is still possible to have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and dining area, since multipurpose furniture meets more than one function. This means that a dining table can also act as a bed, for example. These motorhomes are cheaper, easier to handle and do not require any type of special driver’s license.

How big should my garage be to fit a Class B RV?

For your garage to fit a standard Class B RV it must have the following dimensions:

  • A one-car garage: 8’H x 8’W or 8’H x 9’W
  • A two-car garage: 7’H x 18’W or 8’H x 16’W
  • A three-car garage: 8’H x 18’W or 9’H x 20’W.

Can I park my Class B RV in my driveway?

Yes, you can park your Class B RV in your driveway, but you must have the HOA permission if you plan on storing it there. Although it seems normal and that you have the right to do it – it is ultimately your house – parking and blocking the driveway for more than 72 hours is against the law in most states.

The Traffic Law in the US establishes that it is prohibited to park your car in your driveway since it is actually owned by the city. You also can’t park and block the sidewalk. This is because it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. That is, it does not allow the passage of a wheelchair or walkers. You could even be sued under this federal regulation.

You can only park in front of a driveway to drop passengers or unload something momentarily, but you cannot leave the vehicle unattended. It doesn’t matter if it’s 9:00 a.m., 9:00 p.m. or the early morning.

Can I park my Class B RV in my backyard?

You can park an RV in the backyard as long as you comply with the following rules forwarded by HOAs and City Councils: 

  • You owe/lease both the RV and the property/land it is parked on. 
  • If another person is parking their RV in your backyard, they are allowed to do it for a maximum of 14 days only.
  • The RV must be parked in the backyard behind a line established by the front building line farthest from the street.
  • The distance between the RV and the rear property line must be at least 10 feet. 

Some HOAs restrict homeowners from parking trailers of any type (RVs, flatbed, cattle, or camper, for example) in plain sight on the property, which is understandable. Otherwise, people could store their trailers on the curb in front of their house or in your driveway, which can be unsightly or restrict the flow of traffic. 

Can I park my Class B RV on the street?

The code of the road traffic, cell of urbanism and cell of territorial collectives governing the stationing of camper vans on the route are published. So, just like cars, these recreational vehicles can park in the street, if they are vines and if they do not stay more than 7 consecutive days in the same place.

It is subject to the restriction of local regulations, and other restrictions may apply to other adjustments, including the prohibition of stationers at night, to certain events (for example during the march) or to certain places. 

Can I park my Class B RV on private land?

You are fully entitled to park your RV on private land or in your garage if you are willing to seek prior authorization from the town hall. In addition, the municipality can add conditions such as not parking near neighbouring lots, hide the vehicle with hedges, etc.

The bottom line

If your Class B RV doesn’t fit in the garage, do not worry about it too much. As you have seen in this article, there are plenty of alternatives to park your Class B. 

One of them is RV storage. Of course, they come at a price, but if you plan on storing your RV long-term (for example in winter), these specialized garages are perhaps your best option. The price of wintering a motorhome in a professional security centre varies according to the services offered. Some security centres offer in addition to the location:

  • cleaning the caravan;
  • a mechanical overhaul of the engine;
  • insurance in the event of theft or damage caused by a natural disaster;
  • a video surveillance system, etc.

We believe it’s an option that at least deserves considering. What do you think? 

FAQ on Can Class B RV fit in the garage?

Where can I park an RV?

An RV is perfectly entitled to park in the parking spaces along the roadway. However, its size must allow it, it must not interfere with road traffic or pedestrians. However, due to its size, the motorhome cannot park everywhere.

Where to stop with a motorhome?

A motorhome can stop in town in a parking space and spend the night there. It does not matter whether the motorhome operators are on board or not, as long as they comply with the regulations.

Why are Class B RVs so expensive?

Class B RVs are more expensive than Class A or C motorhomes because there aren’t so many models on the market and they are often made from more expensive materials. Class B motorhomes are compact and shorter when compared to Class A.


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