Can blackout curtains be used for pop-up campers?

In this blog post, we will answer the question, “Can blackout curtains be used for pop-up campers?” We will talk about RV blackout curtains for pop-up campers and list out the types of blackout curtains. We will also discuss selecting the right blackout curtains and the cost of installing them for pop-up campers.


Can blackout curtains be used for pop-up campers?

Yes, blackout curtains can be used for pop-up campers and they are effective for keeping the inside of a pop-up camper cool. Blackout curtains are easy to hang and these curtains will also keep your pop-up camper cool under extreme summers. There are many types of blackout curtains available and most people use RV blackout curtains for pop-up campers.


RV blackout curtains

If you are thinking about having some privacy and keeping your camper cool, purchasing RV blackout curtains might be the best option. These curtains can help you keep the heat in during the winter or block out the sun during the summer. Not only can these curtains protect you from the heat, but they also add insulation to the pop-up camper.

In addition to preventing heat and light from entering the RV, blackout curtains provide privacy, making it more comfortable for the entire family. A reliable AC system is essential during the summer months, and a set of RV curtains can go a long way toward making it feel much cooler. You might also find that you can customize your RV with your blackout curtains.


DIY blackout curtains

Some people might not have enough money to spend on new blackout curtains. The good news is that you can make your own RV window blackout curtains. These curtains are easy to make and can also be purchased second-hand or in bulk. You can also make use of the curtains at home and sew some of them together to prevent light and heat from entering.


Types of blackout curtains

RV blackout curtains are available in various styles and colors. You can choose from double and single-layer curtains for your pop-up camper. Many of these RV curtains are machine washable and they come with attractive grommets. A semi-sheer style curtain is another option to consider. These curtains are easy to clean and can block up to 85% of the sunlight.

The best RV blackout curtains for pop-up campers can make your RV more comfortable during peak summer months and year-round. You will also find them useful in insulating your pop-up camper. The reason why people prefer these curtains is because they are better than blinds and can be removed easily. The darker the curtains, the better for insulation.


Selecting the right blackout curtains

The first step is to choose the right kind of fabric. Blackout curtains are very popular in pop-up campers as they block out light and noise from inside the vehicle. Choose a fabric that will be durable. If possible, opt for a blackout fabric that will be able to withstand extreme temperature changes. Below are a few tips to consider.

  • Remember to buy tiebacks and brackets that can be attached to the walls with self-tapping fasteners or velcro. 
  • Measure the windows in your pop-up camper to choose the right curtain size. 
  • The right size will also allow ventilation inside your camper. It should also be easy to open and close the curtains. 
  • Be sure to use a tape measure to get the right measurements.
  • Blackout curtains are often double-layered and made of thicker material. Be sure to select a color that will match the interior and the exterior of the pop-up campers. 
  • Blackout curtains come in various shades and colors. Pick the right color that will match your camper
  • After you have measured the window space in your RV, you can go ahead and install the curtains.

Some curtains are waterproof and easy to install. If you decide to go with blackout curtains for your RV, make sure that the curtains have a tie-down option along the bottom. The curtain should also be lightweight and must be easy to hang with a curtain rod. You can also use curtain clips if you cannot install a curtain rod.


Installing snaps  

Installing snaps to attach the curtains to the window is another option. Make sure that the wire extends two inches above and below the window. You can buy snaps at Walmart or any other craft store. Make sure to add a gap of about two inches to each side as well. Once you have installed the snaps, you can add Velcro to close the gaps in between the curtains.


Cost of installing blackout curtains

There are a few things to consider when shopping for blackout curtains for your pop-up camper. The cost of curtains will depend on the type of insulating or light-blocking material that you need. At the end of the day, these curtains should prevent excessive sunlight from entering and make your camper look good. 

  • Single blackout curtains can cost around $10 to $30 while double blackout curtains can cost you from $20 to $50.
  • Curtain rods can be bought in bulk or second-hand. Curtain rods for your pop-up camper are not too expensive. 
  • You will need to buy the curtains in pairs if your camper is 8 feet long. For a ten-foot pop-up camper, you will need five or six pairs of curtains. 
  • Be sure to get the measurements right before making your purchase.
  • Blackout curtains can either be fabric or lining. Blackout-lined curtains are heavier and require proper drapery hardware. 
  • While there are various options for blackout curtains across price ranges, just be sure to get one that is good enough for your camper. 

Insulating your pop-up camper

For added warmth, weather blankets can be added to doors and bunk roofs. In the winter, snow and ice can be a problem, but insulation can prevent your camper from getting cold or extremely hot. There are many ways to get your pop-up camper insulated. One of the easiest ways is to contact an expert to get the job done.

Some people use a tarp for their pop-up camper. These tarps are lightweight and can be easily fitted to the camper. Your camper is what you make so feel free to add or remove what you like. Insulating your camper depends on how often and how frequently you camp. Blackout curtains are just another added advantage to your camper.


Advantages of installing Reflectix

  • Reflectix is a thin reflective material that provides good insulation for pop-up campers. 
  • It comes in rolls and can be cut to fit your windows and bunk end. 
  • During hot and cold weather, Reflectix can block heat from the windows. Y
  • ou can even place it under your mattress to keep the interior cool. 
  • It is easy to install and is also not too expensive.
  • This lightweight bale provides thermal-blocking R-values of up to 27. 
  • It is easy to handle and install, and the fiber-free formula is one of the advantages. 
  • Installing Reflectix in a pop-up camper is the ideal way to save money on heating and cooling costs.
  • You can also purchase a reflective bubble wrap to place inside the camper, which can help regulate the temperature inside. 

If you are looking to insulate a pop-up camper, consider using Reflectix. One of the cheapest solutions is installing blackout curtains. Curtains are necessary for a pop-up camper, especially if you camp out for more than a couple of days. While it might not be the best insulation, it still does a fine job.  

Travel trailers and RVs have curtains and many of them prefer to have blackout curtains. Blackout curtains can also be purchased online or at any store nearby. Just be sure to have the required material like the curtain rods installed in advance. Most pop-up campers do not come with blackout curtains and you will be required to buy one.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Can blackout curtains be used for pop-up campers?” We talked about RV blackout curtains for pop-up campers and listed out the types of blackout curtains. We have also discussed selecting the right blackout curtains and the cost of installing them for pop-up campers.


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