Can an HR-V pull a trailer? (5 considerations)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can an HR-V pull a trailer? We will discuss the towing capacity of a Honda HR-V and six things to consider if towing with this model. 

Can an HR-V pull a trailer?

Yes, a Honda HR-V can pull a lightweight trailer. When equipped with the right engine and towing equipment, an HR-V can tow up to 1200 kg (2645 lbs). The Honda HR-V is a small crossover with big capabilities. When it comes to hauling cargo and passengers, this model excels.

In the event that you need to haul something behind the HR-V, a hitch can be installed and a trailer easily connected. If you have a small camper, a portable trailer or a jet ski, this is perfectly suitable.

In terms of measurements, the Honda HR-V offers a substantial amount of cargo space considering the compact size of the vehicle. There are between 23.2 and 24.3 cubic feet behind the rear seat, which can be expanded to between 55.9 and 58.8 cubic feet when necessary. With any preparation, this model outshines similarly sized competitors in terms of cargo space. (Variations depend on the model and features chosen.)

Honda HR-V Towing Capacity

Car YearTowing Capacity Unbraked TrailerTowing Capacity Braked Trailer
2021800kg / 1763 lbs800kg / 1763 lbs
2020800kg / 1763 lbs800kg / 1763 lbs
2019800kg / 1763 lbs800kg / 1763 lbs
2018800kg / 1763 lbs800kg / 1763 lbs
2017800kg / 1763 lbs800kg / 1763 lbs
2016800kg / 1763 lbs800kg / 1763 lbs
2015800kg / 1763 lbs800kg / 1763 lbs
2002800kg / 1763 lbs1200kg / 2645 lbs
2001800kg / 1763 lbs1200kg / 2645 lbs
2000800kg / 1763 lbs1200kg / 2645 lbs
1999800kg / 1763 lbs1200kg / 2645 lbs

5 things to consider if towing with a Honda HR-V

These six aspects about towing with a Honda HR-V are engine and performance, finishes, technology, power and overall driving feeling. Let’s see what the HR-V has to offer us. 

  1. First, let’s talk about the car. You must think the looks are less important when towing a trailer, but the elegant finishes of the Honda HR-V definitely are a win for us.  To have good finishes you have to be very careful in the details, and Honda was very good at this. 

A brief glance around the cabin brought out the chrome trim on the speakers, the air conditioning, and good-quality leather on the seats and steering wheel. The air conditioning controls appear to be of a higher level thanks to the fact that they look much more elegant than the rest of the segment. 

  1. Engine and power. All versions of the HR-V are equipped with the 1.8-litre engine found in today’s 2015 Honda Civic. In the HR-V, the 141 horsepower and 127 pound-feet of torque do enough work to move the vehicle. from one place to another. However, we would like to see better acceleration, especially during highway driving. 

If your model has steering wheel paddles that help make virtual shifts in the CVT transmission, this will help a lot in passing other vehicles on the road, but the small engine makes the HR-V not as nimble as we would like. 

In addition, it emits a very loud sound when we demand more than normal on the road. The difference in weight between the most equipped model of the Civic and the most equipped model of the HR-V is about 200 pounds more for the HR-V. However, this is something that sticks out in the compact crossover (although the Civic isn’t very fast, either).

  1. Excellent interior space. A well-known feature of Honda models is the large interior space that their vehicles have. The HR-V is no exception and is based on the same platform as the Fit, one can imagine the excellent interior space that the crossover has. 

The rear seats are completely flat when folded down, helping us to have better cargo space. The HR-V has the Honda Magic Seat seats, which allows them to be folded in different ways depending on what we are going to load. Its wide trunk made a bag of golf clubs fit without any problem!

  1. Technology. Depending on the version you choose, you will find more technology available. The seven-inch infotainment screen isn’t the easiest to use, and it lacks a volume knob. One version featured a navigation system with traffic alerts, voice recognition, Bluetooth, a six-speaker audio system, Sirius XM, two USB inputs as well as 12-volt plugs for the front and rear passengers. 

As for safety technology, one of the points that stand out the most is the Honda LaneWatch system, which is composed of a camera located under the right side mirror that provides a view of what happens next to us when we turn on the right turn signal. The view from the camera can be seen directly on the infotainment screen, preventing the driver from flipping back when making a lane change. 

In addition to the Honda LaneWatch, the HR-V also features a rear-view camera. The Brake Hold system can be activated from a button located behind the gear lever. Brake Hold allows us to release the brake when the vehicle is completely stopped; the system will keep the model stopped until the driver steps on the accelerator.

  1. Performance. Although the engine is not as powerful as we would like, the HR-V performs well in corners. In cornering, the compact crossover maintained a good grip thanks to the model being equipped with an all-wheel drive (AWD). The MacPherson strut at the front and anti-roll bar at the rear also helps in this regard, although we do notice all-wheel-drive input when the rear axle loses traction. 

We would have liked the electronically-assisted steering to have a better feel for the road, although the segment it is aimed at prefers to have a smooth ride.

The bottom line

Mini SUVs grow like foam and appear as the access for many to the opportunity to own a truck. In this segment, there are offers for all kinds of needs, but most have a common denominator, being a hatchback in heels. However, Honda HR-V comes to defend the segment by showing the qualities that a vehicle of this type should have.

The HR-V fights back by offering a level of versatility and interior space that rivals cannot match, specifically in the rear seats and trunk. In general, it is a balanced product and if you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact us!

FAQ on Can an HR-V pull a trailer?

What kind of trailer can a Honda HR-V pull?

A Honda HR-V can pull a lightweight aluminium trailer, a ski jet, pop-up trailer or a teardrop trailer. 

Can a Honda HR-V tow a pontoon boat?

No, a Honda HR-V cannot tow a pontoon boat. The towing capacity of the HR-V is just too small for what is needed for a pontoon boat (at least 2000 lbs).

Is the Honda HR-V a good tow car?

Yes, Honda HR-V is a good tow car. It is economical and spacious enough, besides it performs really well even in high winds and more adverse conditions. 

Can an HR-V pull a boat?

Yes, a Honda HR-V can pull a small boat, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum towing capacity of 1200 kg (2645 lbs).


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