Can an F150 tow a travel trailer?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can an F150 tow a travel trailer? We will explain why this model is one of America’s favourites and discuss its main rivals. 

Can an F150 tow a travel trailer?

An F150 can effortlessly tow any travel trailer. With a maximum towing capacity of  2,700 lbs for the 3.5-litre PowerBoost V-6 hybrid version, we have to agree that F150 is a good choice to hit the road. See below for more information. 

2021 Ford F150 Towing Capacity

  • 3.3-liter V-6: 8,200 lbs
  • 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6: 10,100 lbs
  • 5.0-liter V-8: 13,000 lbs
  • 3.0-liter Power Stroke V-6, turbo-diesel: 12,100 lbs
  • 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6: 14,000 lbs
  • 3.5-liter PowerBoost V-6, hybrid: 12,700 lbs

2021 Ford F150 Payload Capacity

  • 3.3-liter V-6: 1,985 lbs
  • 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6: 2,480 lbs
  • 5.0-liter V-8: 3,325 lbs
  • 3.0-liter Power Stroke V-6, turbo-diesel: 1,840 lbs
  • 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6: 3,250 lbs
  • 3.5-liter PowerBoost V-6, hybrid: 2,120 lbs

All about the F150

F-150, the most popular pickup in Ford’s F-Series range. The range that for 32 years has been – in all its versions – the best-selling vehicle on the market in the United States.

The American model boasts a lot of novelties in terms of design, but especially the technical part. Thus, Ford claims that the new F-150 has “lost” by more than 300 kilograms compared to the old model, the difference is reflected in performance and consumption. 

The improvement comes on the basis of the materials used by Ford for the construction of the car, the reinforced aluminium replacing in many areas the steel previously used by the overseas model.

But the economy bonus comes not only from construction but also from engines. In this regard, Ford has equipped the new F-150 with new and high-performance units that will have the role of gradually replacing the “factories” V8 in the equipment of the American model. 

The list of engines available on the F-150 includes a 2.7-litre EcoBoost that comes standard with a Start-Stop system and a new 3.5-litre V6. These are in addition to the units already present in the American pickup line, such as the 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost engine (365 hp) and the 5.0-litre V8 Ti-VCT (360 hp). 

Ford did not provide consumption and power figures, but analysts across the ocean expect the new F-150 and its EcoBoost engine line to take the lead in the fuel economy segment.

Although we are talking about models that in some cases weigh over three tons and are traditionally powered by V8 engines, American customers have begun to look at consumption figures after the price of fuel has risen steadily in the US in recent years. 

Thus, according to Ford, 40% of F-150 customers have already migrated to the V6 and EcoBoost engines in the offer due to the fact that they manage to rise to the level of performance of the old V8s, but come with consumption figures radically improved.

In these circumstances, the announcement by which Ford introduces new low-displacement units in the range of the new F-150 does not surprise anyone, especially given that the rivals of the American brand have already counterattacked on the market by relaunching some smaller pickups as motorized dimensions of optimized V8 units to gather from customers who want a smaller budget for power.

In addition to customer preferences, US manufacturers have another target to reach, this time coming from the authorities. Thus, the rules announced for Americans show that the average consumption of all cars sold by a manufacturer or a group of cars must not exceed 4.3 litres / 100 km by 2025.

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Ford F150: Inspired by the Atlas concept (2013)

The design of the new Ford F-150 is inspired by that of the Atlas concept, which the American manufacturer presented for the first time in the world exactly a year ago, at the same Auto Show in Detroit. 

The series model takes over most of the aesthetic elements announced by the prototype, implicitly the front optical blocks and the general shape of the taillights. More technical and aesthetic details related to the new generation F-150 can be read on the official website of the American manufacturer.

Ford F-150 specs & more

The F-150 is the most popular version of the F-Series pickup line, which Ford has been selling in the United States since 1948.

Launched in 1975, with the advent of the sixth generation of the F-Series, the F-150 version (then framed between F-100 and F-250) managed to immediately attract American customers of this type of car, gathering no less than a third of F-Series sales less than a year after its official launch.

In fact, the F-Series range flourished with the help of the F-150, managing to take the lead 37 years ago in the ranking of pickup truck sales in the US, a position it has not lost since.

Moreover, the Ford F-Series is considered the best-selling model on the US market (in all its versions) for the past 32 years. Meanwhile, the F-150 managed to garner the vast majority of Ford F-Series sales, with the F-100 being removed from the range due to poor performance compared to its superior “brother”.

In 1999, Ford decided to simplify the F-Series range, so it now consists of the F-150 and Super Duty versions, the latter containing the F-250, F-350 and F-450 variants.

The Ford F-450, the more capable and Heavy Duty brother of the F-150, can tow up to 8.5 tons.

The F-150 has been seen by American customers as an ideal solution for everyday life due to its utility features and the right dimensions for wide roads and highways across the ocean. Today, the F-150 is the highest-profit model in the Ford range, so the launch of the new model is seen by analysts and the press as one of the most important news in the range of the American manufacturer in 2014.

Ford F-150 has benefited over time from interesting special versions, the best known being identifiable by the acronym SVT (Special Vehicle Team). The Ford F-150 SVT Lightning was launched in 1993 as a sporty version of the American pickup, with production continuing until 2004. 

The SVT name reappeared in the F-150 line in 2010 with the launch of the SVT Raptor. This is a version dedicated this time to off-road, which comes with a pronounced utilitarian look and is easily identifiable by the fact that it gives up the oval Ford logo on the grille in favour of the brand name written in large letters throughout its length.

Ford F-150’s main competitors in the USA

The American pickup culture has given birth to interesting rivalries in this segment, even though the massive competition models have always been looked down upon by Ford in terms of sales. The best-known names in the list of direct rivals of the Ford F-150 are Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ram 1500 and Toyota Tundra.


FAQ on Can an F150 tow a travel trailer?

How big of a travel trailer can a Ford F150 pull?

A Ford F150 can pull a travel trailer that doesn’t exceed the maximum towing capacity of 8000 lbs. Of course, the size of the trailer will also depend on the engine of the car, rear-axle ratio and addition of available options.

Can an F150 carry a camper?

An F150 can carry a camper as long as the weight of it doesn’t exceed 85% of the kerb weight of the car. This means that besides the weight of the camper, you will have to take into consideration how many passengers are there, the weight of the luggage, extra-gear and anything else inside the camper. 

How can I tell if my F150 has a max tow package?

You know that your F150 has a MAX TOW package if there is a “Load Leveling” in the owner’s manual. 

Which Ford F-150 engine is best for towing?

The  3.5L EcoBoost V6  Ford F-150 engine is one of the best for hauling and towing a caravan, trailer or camper. The car has a payload of 3230 lbs and a switch between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive in a matter of seconds.