Can an Audi Q5 tow a caravan? (a complete review)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can an Audi Q5 tow a caravan? We will talk about performance, safety, engine capacity and technology.

Can an Audi Q5 tow a caravan?

An Audi Q5 is absolutely great for towing a caravan. The maximum towing capacity for a braked caravan can reach 2400 kg, and it is a compact, spacious and road-friendly car.  The electronic stability control keeps the car on the road in the harshest conditions. See below for more information. 

Audi Q5 Towing Capacity

Car Model
Max Towing Weight – UnbrakedMax Towing Capacity – Braked
2021 AUDI Q5 40 TDI Quattro Design 2.0L2000kg
2021 AUDI Q5 45 Tfsi Quattro Mhev 2.0L2000kg
2021 AUDI Q5 50 TDI Quattro Sport 3.0L2000kg
2020 AUDI Q5 40 TDI Quattro Design 2.0L2000kg
2020 AUDI Q5 40 TDI Quattro Sport Mhev 2.0L0kg
2020 AUDI Q5 45 Tfsi Quattro Mhev 2.0L2000kg
2020 AUDI Q5 50 TDI Quattro Sport 3.0L2000kg
Audi Q5 (2008 onwards) 2.0 TDI Quattro (Start Stop)750kg2000kg
Audi Q5 (2008 onwards) 3.0 TDI Quattro S Line Plus 750kg2400kg
Audi Q5 (2008 onwards) 3.2 FSI Quattro S Line 750kg2400kg
Audi Q5 2.0T FSI [230] Quattro S Line Plus 750 Kg2400 Kg
Audi Q5 3.0 TDI Quattro S Line Special Ed 750 Kg2400 Kg
Audi Q5 DIESEL ESTATE 2.0 TDI Quattro SE 750 kg2,400 kg
Audi Q5 ESTATE SPECIAL EDITIONS 2.0 750 kg2,000 kg
Audi Q5 ESTATE SPECIAL EDITIONS SQ5 Plus Quattro Special Edition750 kg2,400 kg
Audi Q5 SQ5 (2012 onwards) SQ5 Plus Quattro 750kg2400kg

Audi Q5: a complete review

Performance: The Audi Q5 reaches 100 km in 8.4 seconds and continues to go up to a top speed of 210 km h.In curves, thanks to the Quattro traction, the car is better than you would expect and it seems that it does not make efforts to stay on the track that the driver wants. 

That being said, the Q5 does best on the open road: there it can pick up speed fairly quickly and the way it sits on the road allows the driver to drive, requiring as little attention as possible. 

This does not mean that the Q5 does not manage in the city: the box is obedient in traffic and the departures from the traffic lights are made exactly as the driver wants: as smooth or as fast as possible. 

For those who choose to add Audi drive select on the car, you can select exactly the desired driving mode in any situation: comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency and the individual mode in which you can set the car parameters (steering weight, acceleration response time, suspension, etc.) individually. 

Safety: There is no doubt that the Audi Q5 does everything possible to protect its occupants. In general, small and large SUVs, as well as crossovers of all sizes, are bought for the high driving position and the feeling of safety that comes with it. 

The Q5 is no exception: due to the height and technology used to join the car’s panels, nothing gives the impression that it could easily give way in the event of an accident. In the standard equipment, the car comes with an airbag for driver and passenger with seat position recognition and head airbags along the entire length of the side windows. 

A less visible safety feature is the steering column that deforms in the event of an impact to dampen the power of the impact and the electronic stability control that keeps the car on the road in the harshest conditions.

Innovation: In this chapter, we would have talked about the Virtual Cockpit infotainment system created by Audi and mounted on the new R8 and the new TT, but unfortunately it is not yet available on Q5. 

Technology: Audi mounts on their cars the infotainment system called Audi MMI, a system that uses as the main method of entering controls a multifunctional wheel, similar to the one used by BMW. Major problems with this implementation do exist, but it can be a little upsetting for new owners on how to negotiate the different menus. 

Given the way cars today evolve in terms of the infotainment system, it is becoming increasingly difficult to change the radio station while driving. Our luck that the Q5 came with controls on the steering wheel. 

As our car also had an Audi Soundsystem, we must also mention that the car is above average good in terms of sound quality. The situation is a bit strange in terms of connectivity: we have 2 SD card slots, a 3.5 mm AUX jack and Bluetooth to connect the phone. Do you notice that something is missing? Exactly! USB connection missing. 

Interior: The interior of the Q5 is the same one we all know from most Audis lately: sober, elegant, functional. Nothing creates noise when the car is moving, the interior managing to isolate you from the outside world. The joints are so well made that you feel like something could explode near your car and you wouldn’t feel anything. 

The driving position is, as expected, a high one that allows you to see well around the car, amazing being the fact that you can see very well through the rear window when you want to park with your back or park sideways. In the absence of a reversing camera, I must admit that I got used to the car’s size quite quickly. 

The seats are comfortable for long journeys, but our version did not have electric seats. Given the price of the car, I expected it to have electrically adjustable seats. For the folding back seat, you will have to pay extra, but it is a worthwhile investment, especially for those who plan to make trips to the mountains. 

The rear passengers have enough space and will not feel claustrophobic when they travel on the above-mentioned trips. In conclusion, most of the price of this car goes inside, which is not bad, considering that you will spend most of your time there.

Exterior: The design language of Audi is already well known to everyone, so there is no point in talking about subjective opinions: everyone knows what an Audi looks like, whether you like it or not. The S line package enhances the sporty pedigree, which made it a little more aggressive, giving it a special way to sit on the road. 

On the outside, I want to congratulate Audi for the LED headlights and taillights. I 

know, you’re going to say it’s not a big deal: everyone has headlights/taillights that use LEDs. 

Many forget that Audi is the manufacturer that first implemented this technology, using it to have a much lower power consumption than the result of using classic bulbs. LED headlights not only have a practical purpose but also look very good at night.

Are you a Q5 owner and ready to hit the road? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

FAQ on Can an Audi Q5 tow a caravan?

Can an Audi Q5 pull a camper?

An Audi Q5 can pull a camper, as it has a 4,400-lb maximum towing capacity and 440-lb tongue weight. Audi Q5 Premium, however, wasn’t designed with a trailer hitch, so you won’t be able to pull any caravan with it. 

What is the towing capacity of a 2018 Audi Q5?

The towing capacity of an Audi Q5 is a maximum of 4400 lbs or 2000 kg. It is a car perfectly capable of towing a caravan, camper or trailer. 

Is Audi Q5 expensive to maintain?

Many consider the Audi Q5 a car expensive to maintain, as its annual maintenance can reach almost $1000. 


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