Can a Yaris tow a caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a Yaris tow a caravan? We will talk about Yaris’ design, concept, technology, comfort and behaviour on the road. We also establish the main rivals of a Toyota Yaris. 

Can a Yaris tow a caravan?

A Toyota Yaris could tow a lightweight caravan or small campers, such as a Bailey Discovery, Adria Altea Aire, Lunar Ariva or Venus 460/2 Deluxe. Yaris has a towing capacity from 550 kg to 1050 kg.

Over the years Toyota Yaris has grown in size, has a sportier design, a bit more masculine, sharper, and, above all, great driving. The shifter and pedals have very short strokes, and the steering wheel has a low gear. Although it doesn’t look like it, this car feels like a go-kart, but it has a big downside: the price.

Toyota Yaris Towing Capacity

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Toyota Yaris: The concept

The third generation of Yaris is 10 centimetres longer than the version it replaces and 2 centimetres taller. The wheelbase also increased by 5 centimetres, and the width remained the same. The overall dimensions have increased a bit because this is the trend found in all brands.

Yaris is an important model for Toyota. The Japanese carmaker wanted to sell 200,000 copies in the first 12 months of this model’s market presence. In addition, a hybrid version of Yaris was recently launched.

The interior and exterior design is clean, simple and well proportioned, but a lot of elements that made the original Yaris model have disappeared in this third generation.

The dashboard clocks are no longer in the centre, but in the conventional place behind the steering wheel, and the glass holders at the front of the dashboard are now located in front of the gearbox.

Also, now Yaris has only one wiper on her face, like Aygo, not two as she had in the past. It is a cheaper, practical technical solution that does not confuse visibility at all.

Toyota Yaris: Technology, comfort and amenities

All these are elements that indicate to us very clearly that this is a completely and completely changed model. Too bad Toyota has been stingy with the plastic on the door trims, which look cheaper than other more affordable cars. This is despite the fact that the test version has Sol equipment, the most expensive. 

However, the quality can be seen in the quality of the assembly. In Yaris, you will not hear suspicious sounds (the famous “crickets”) generated by imperfect roads.

On the other hand, Toyota wants to raise the level of excellent practicality of its city cars. For the reverse, there is a video camera – exotic equipment in this class (segment B).

The storage spaces are well profiled, including those in the door faces, and the general ergonomics are to be appreciated for this category of cars. The driving position is very comfortable, although slightly high, and the space for legs and head is very good – both front and back.

On the ergonomics side, there are some disadvantages that are worth taking into account. The driver’s armrest is a bit impractical. It is mounted too high in relation to the armrest on the front of the door and makes your body sit in an unnatural position. Moreover, it can only be used by the driver, not the passenger.

Another minus goes to the controls on the steering wheel. Although they are logical and easy to use, they are not illuminated and the night is a bit groping until you hit them.

On the other hand, the optional Toyota Touch & Go infotainment system is very efficient, whether we are talking about navigation, mobile phone connectivity or menu logic. It is simply easy to use and everything works properly.

It has one downside: You have to press hard on the screen. It sends you thinking of the old generation bank ATMs.

Toyota Yaris on the road

Another chapter in which Yaris excels is the mechanical part. The suspension is incredibly quiet and comfortable and does not compromise the fun factor guaranteed by the steering, pedals and shifter – all with short and precise actuators.

Although it doesn’t look like Yaris is driving like a bigger kart, it gives you the feeling that you are behind the wheel of a MINI.

The 1.33-litre petrol engine (aspirated) develops 98 horsepower (hp). It is lively, sounds good and consumes little for its performance. It is an urban consumption located around 8 litres / 100 kilometres travelled.

Toyota Yaris main competitors

The well-known leaders in the B segment, or small class, are Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta – two extremely competitive, modern cars, considered by the best European customers in the segment. 

Besides Polo and Fiesta, within walking distance, are Opel Corsa, Renault Clio and Peugeot 207. The list can continue, of course, with Fiat Punto, Chevrolet Aveo, Skoda Fabia, Citroen C3, Suzuki Swift, Seat Ibiza, Dacia Sandero, Honda Jazz , Kia Rio, Hyundai i20 and Mazda2.


In conclusion, Toyota Yaris is a very pleasant car without major drawbacks. The starting price is $12,700 with VAT.  Considering that the storage spaces are well profiled, including those in the door faces and that the driving position is very comfortable, although slightly high, and the space for legs and head is very good – both front and back – we think towing a caravan with a Toyota Prius will pass the test.

What do you think? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or share your love for the Yaris in the comments section below. 

FAQ on Can a Yaris tow a caravan?

How much does a small trailer weigh?

A small trailer can weigh on average 700 lbs. The most a trailer can weigh is 1700 lbs, and this is usually a three or four-bed camper. 

How much do pop-up campers weigh?

Pop-up campers usually weigh between 1180 and 2700 lbs, depending on their size and usefulness. 

What does braked towing mean?

Braked towing means that the trailer or the caravan you are towing has brakes installed. The un-braked towing capacity of a car will always be significantly less than the braked towing. 

Who is allowed to tow a caravan?

Any holder of a category C licence can tow a caravan. If someone is 70 years old or above, they may need to get their licence renewed. 

Are Caretta trailers worth it?

This type of model has certain drawbacks such as the need to cook outside since everything is in the “trunk” and there is no direct access from the tiny cabin. Its measurements and weight allow you to drive it as usual and you will only miss the bathroom (a detail that you do not have in the camper).


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