Can a VW Transporter tow a caravan?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a VW Transporter tow a caravan? We will discuss engine, performance, technology, consumption and safety.

Can a VW Transporter tow a caravan?

The braked towing capacity of a VW Transporter can reach 2500 kg, which is quite decent if you want to tow a caravan. The older models of Transporter can tow up to 1200 kg, but that is still enough for towing a small trailer or camper.

The VW Transport has impressive agility and can compete with a compact class car. According to the car’s needs, the 4 MOTION all-wheel-drive system transfers power to the 4 wheels. This system ensures good traction and manages to maintain the direction even on rough roads.

VW Transporter Towing Capacity

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VW Transporter: A complete review

ENGINE: The facelift brought to the new Multivan comes with the same 2.0 TDI engine with four power variants: 85, 105, 140 and 180 hp. The variant we tested is the 140 hp with a torque of 340 Nm that appears from 1,750 RPM. 

The engine is connected to a manual gearbox in six well-geared ratios. Because the clutch is actuated earlier, it allows the driver to react promptly to extreme situations. The feedback that the box offers you is a positive one and it satisfies your expectations especially when you climb at high speeds and the diesel engine does its job fully.

CONSUMPTION: The technical data of the car promised us an average consumption of 8.3l / 100km but the consumption throughout the test was somewhere at the value of 11l / 100km but in an alert regime. 

The difference of 2.7l/100km is not a big one and the figures of the data-sheet can be achieved through a conservative driving style. However, let’s not forget that the engine is a big one and at the competition we meet smaller engines but with the same consumption.

PERFORMANCE: Although we are talking about a VAN, this Multivan has special agility and can compete with a compact class car, so the acceleration from 0-100 km / h is done in approx. 10-11 seconds.

SAFETY: The new T5 managed to get only 4 stars in the EuroNCAP tests. The safety standard in this segment remains Mercedes Benz – Viano even if it also managed only 4 stars in the adult protection tests. However, the Multivan comes with many safety systems, such as ABS, EBV, EDS, ASR, MSR, ESP, front/side and head airbags, anti-glare rearview mirror and side mirror sensors.

INNOVATION: The 4 MOTION all-wheel-drive system manages to transfer power to the 4 wheels according to the needs of the car. This system ensures good traction and manages to maintain the direction even on rough roads.

TECHNOLOGY: Hey! in this respect you are pampered with rain, light and parking sensors, sensors for changing the direction of travel, steering wheel controls, air conditioning on several areas, multimedia system with MP3, AUX, Bluetooth, navigation and all this through a touch screen… and many more…

INTERIOR: VW wanted to impress with its facelift through space and comfort. Whatever row of chairs you choose, space is more than enough and the comfort is appropriate. We especially liked the quality and finish of the materials. 

Many understand that a facelift means changes in exterior design, but VW has also made many changes to the interior, such as a three-spoke steering wheel, dashboard lighting with warm colours, multimedia system with the latest generation of touch screen.

EXTERIOR: The facelift of the new Multivan comes to transpose the new image of VW models. The design and lines of the car show exactly the mature philosophy of the Germans. The grille together with the headlights on a black background is the main changes to the model.

VW Transporter 2.0 TDI 

The engine of this car is a classic for the VW range, respectively a 2.0 TDI of 75 kW or 102 hp, the engine that comes in the Volkswagen range to replace the 1.9 TDI ALH helmet of 102 hp. Anyone who has driven a T5 with an older engine cannot help but notice that the new 2.0 TDI BlueMotion engine is much more refined and last but not least much quieter.

A big plus is the 5-speed manual transmission which, despite the fact that everyone will come to tell us that a 6-speed one was better,  which has only 500 kg of the highway, a 6-speed transmission is a fad.

The five reports are perfectly synchronized for a calm walk in the urban environment as well as an alert one in the extra-urban area.

The average consumption displayed by the new VW T6 in the city is 8 litres for every 100 km, a very small figure due to the Stop & Start system that works flawlessly even when the temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius.

On the highway, the consumption is 7 litres of diesel, and on the classic roads where the average speed is 90 km / h, the consumption has decreased to somewhere in the area of ​​5.5 litres, a figure that is one of the best in the segment.


Even if everyone “crucifies” the Volkswagen brand these days, its cars equipped with 2.0 TDI engines remain without question among the best in the world. The 102 hp engine is not the most powerful in its class but offers very good refinement and efficiency and this car is sold in the Euro 6 version which has no problem with pollution rules.

We recommend to those who want to buy a Renault Trafic or a Ford Transit Custom to try a Transporter T6 because only this way you can see each car’s advantages and disadvantages.

For those who do a lot of km in extra-urban mode, we recommend the 2.0 TDI power version of 140 hp.

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FAQ on Can a VW Transporter tow a caravan?

Are VW Transporters good for towing?

VW Transporters are good for towing small and lightweight caravans. Each model has its own towing capacity, but generally, it reaches a maximum of 2500 kg which is quite decent. 

What can a T5 tow?

A T5 can tow any trailer or caravan up to 1500 kg. If you are a novice at towing, make sure the caravan’s weight doesn’t exceed 85% of the kerb weight of the T5. 

What is the best VW Transporter engine?

The VW Transporter 102 hp engine is not the most powerful in its class but offers excellent refinement and efficiency and this car is sold in the Euro 6 version which has no problem with pollution.

What is the best VW Transporter t6 engine?

The best VW Transporter T6 engine is the 102PS Euro 6 diesel engine as it is also the most economical. 

How much can a VW t4 tow?

A VW T4 can tow up to 2000 kg. Any more and the car will most likely struggle, especially when overpassing someone or climbing a hill. 


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