Can a ute tow a horse float? (9+ recommendations

In this blog post, we will answer the question: Can a ute tow a horse float? We will explain what utility vehicles are and nominate the best ones on the market. 

Can a ute tow a horse float?

Yes, a ute (utility vehicle) can tow a horse float. In fact, a ute that can tow 3.5 tonnes will always be preferable to a car to tow one or even two horses.  With a wide portfolio and the versatility that makes utility cars.  stand out, more and more brands are betting on conquering the market. 

A utility vehicle is one that a company requires for its service, that is why within this segment you can find models that adapt to different needs. We can consider a utility vehicle one of the following:

  • Vans;
  • Cargo vans;
  • Pickups;
  • Passenger vans;
  • And small trucks.

This type of vehicle is equipped with characteristics to be versatile for different areas of entrepreneurship and business, due to its ability to adjust, it allows any type of undertaking to transport different utensils, tools and others.

In this way, any vehicle that has an application other than private use is considered a utility vehicle. Of course buses and trucks are part of the commercial vehicle segment.

The first thing to choose the vehicle is to know the utility that it will be given since if it is for cargo, it must have a rear-wheel-drive for better mobility or if it is for passenger transport, the number of rows of seats will have to prevail.

Later, look for the accessories to add for the best operation of the car, be it a ladder or a refrigeration chamber. You should be aware that dealerships offer a wide portfolio to modify the vehicle to suit your needs.

Why use a ute to tow a horse flat

Among the advantages that stand out when investing in a utility vehicle are its long useful life and productivity, which helps reduce operating costs for companies or enterprises that use them. 

Likewise, these vehicles offer comfort, as more and more models have comfortable designs, greater interior space, advanced safety systems and accessories that improve the driver’s experience in the car.

These types of carts have a long useful life and as a result of their productivity, they help to reduce operating costs, as well as outsourcing services. The wide range of activities and functions of these vehicles is very helpful when it comes to saving resources to invest in other areas without neglecting those of transport.

Durability, construction, and heavy-duty design make these vehicles a true work tool. 

As an additional value, the low maintenance costs in comparison with vehicles of other segments and its mechanics that are much simpler stand out. This allows the user to have their work equipment available in a very rational time and at a reasonable cost.

Top 10 utility vehicles

The market for commercial vehicles is very rich. There are pick-ups of course, but also vans, commercial vans, compact vans and larger than 3.5 t vans. And there are even electric vehicles. 

Each utility vehicle has its qualities in terms of practicality, safety, ergonomics for life on board and ability to preserve the environment. Above all, we realize that SUVs are less and less from the world of utility and are closer to the world of sedans. 

They are even a strong point for families with their increasingly cool design, affordable price, comfort alongside practicality and also the space they offer. Here are our top 10 best utility vehicles.


Although it is not that different from the 1st generation, it has modernized. Work has been done on the entire front of the new Berlingo. Citroën’s utility vehicle is now customizable as on the C3 and, in the passenger compartment, we find a leather goods effect as on the C4 Cactus. 

Classic steering wheel, large touch screen that sits atop the dashboard. This Berlingo 3 even benefits from a reversing camera and induction charging for smartphones. Onboard, 186 litres of storage space. In the trunk, 775 litres. 

The Berlingo 3 will be available in two versions: 4.40m or 4.60m long. Engine level, it will be the 1.2l PureTech 3 cyl of 110 or 130 hp (associated with the EAT 8 automatic gearbox) in gasoline. And in diesel, the 1.5l blue Hdi of 130, 110 or 75 hp.

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It is the only pick-up offered by a French manufacturer. The Renault Alaskan, which uses the Nissan Navara platform, benefits from a double cabin, 5 real seats and a driving position that is significantly higher than an SUV. In its tipper, it is possible to load more than 1 ton. 

And handy hooks installed on the rail, allow the load to be harnessed. Very tall (5.40m), he is also the king of off-piste. With its 2.3 dCi, it has a reasonable consumption (9.8l / 100km on average).


Launched in 2012, the Ford Transit Custom, on our roads in its new version since February 2018, has achieved a nice update. Its design has evolved with a new grille and, inside, it now boasts a large 8-inch touchscreen. SYNC3 multimedia system with connectivity for Smartphones (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), voice commands, increased storage volume, better ergonomics.

The new Transit Custom is available in two lengths (4.97 m and 5.34 m), two heights (1.98 m and 2 m), and can load almost 1.5 tons. It is offered with a 2.0 EcoBlue diesel with 105 hp, 130 hp or 170 hp.


Comfort, safety, connectivity equipment… The new Mercedes Sprinter intends to seriously compete with the Volkswagen Crafter, the benchmark in the segment. This third generation of Sprinter offers a great evolution: it is now available in front-wheel drive with a 2.1-litre 4-cylinder developing 114 and 143 hp. Enough to attract new customers and lower entry-level prices.


It was voted Utility of the Year at the 2018 and 2020 Argus Trophies. The new Crafter has it all. Better than a van or a pick-up, this XXL-sized Transporter is available in multiple versions: vans, floor-cab and chassis-cab. 

The novelty: a traction version that allows, this is the advantage of this formula, to have a lower loading threshold. Under the hood: a 2.0 TDI of 140 hp or two other power levels of 177 hp and 102 hp. 

Fun to drive, the new Crafter has optional equipment that has never been seen before in the field of commercial vehicles. Example: the Multi-collision Brake which brakes after an impact to avoid an accident, the parking exit warning, the Siteprotect to avoid collisions during manoeuvres or the Trailerassist to steer a trailer, without touching the steering wheel, thanks to the mirror control button.

  1. MAN TGE

MAN enters the LCV market. To do this, the heavy truck giant in Europe has simply launched the Volkswagen Crafter clone. The TGE is distinguished only by a different grille and logo from the Crafter. 

As well as a rather modern look. 3 different lengths and 3 heights are available. The range of 6 vans is therefore very wide. The TGE is available in front-wheel drive and 4 × 4 as well as rear-wheel drive.


The Renault Alaskan needed a rival. He will be SsangYong’s new Musso Sports. Double cabin, 5 seats, original lines, its interior is comfortable and well equipped: Nappa leather upholstery, heated seats in the front and in the rear. It too has a minimum 8-inch screen compatible with CarPlay or Android Auto. 

And driving aids such as lane change assistance are plentiful. The Musso Sport will debut this summer and will offer a 2.2-litre Turbo e-XDi diesel with 181hp.


Prices much lower than those of its rivals, good robustness and good efficiency. The new Isuzu D-Max pickup still defends the same values. Although it has hardly changed physically, its standard equipment, on the other hand, is much better: hill start aid, speed control for inclines … and a 6-speed automatic gearbox. 

Its 1.50 m body is certainly not the largest of the pick-ups, but it can carry over a ton and tow up to 3.5 tons. Less noisy than the previous version, the new D-Max is also livelier on the road and its diesel is economical.


It is the best-selling utility vehicle in Europe. The Renault Kangoo Z-E has better real range (200 km instead of 100 km), charges faster (1.5 hours less than before) and offers more comfort. At the wheel, no noise or vibrations. 

Two lengths: 4.28 m or 4.66 m for the Maxi version. The electric Kangoo offers new connected services like the app to locate all charging points accessible to the public in the main countries of Europe.


A 100% electric utility vehicle available in a van capable of transporting people with reduced mobility, in a floor-cab or in a chassis-cab. Based on the Fiat Ducato, the new generation Gruau Electron is very easy and fun to drive. Its greatest asset: this SUV can accommodate all kinds of bodywork or fittings. Enough to meet the needs of all professionals with its 90 kW engine, i.e. 120 hp.

The bottom line

Utility vehicles are equipped with characteristics to be versatile for different areas of entrepreneurship and business, due to its ability to adjust, it allows any type of undertaking to transport different utensils, tools and others.

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