Can a RAV4 tow a U haul trailer?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a RAV4 tow a U haul trailer? We will explain how to tow a trailer with a RAV4 (step-by-step), how to properly load a U haul trailer and what else you need in order to tow safely with a Toyota RAV4.

Can a RAV4 tow a U haul trailer?

With an average towing capacity of 1500 kg, a RAV4 can tow a Uhaul trailer, small caravan, cargo trailers or bike racks. 

Moreover, the new Toyota RAV4 hybrid has a maximum authorized mass of 2,135kg in 4×2 and 2,225 kg in 4×4, being able to pull a trailer without brakes of 750 kg in its two mechanical versions, and up to 1,275 kg with the 220H e-CVT 4×4 engine (up to 1,650 kg with permission B + E).

Toyota RAV4 Towing Capacity

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How to tow a trailer with a Toyota RAV4

There are a few simple (but essential) steps to follow in order to safely tow a Toyota RAV4.

First, record the U haul trailer’s gross weight. If this information is not available a local vehicle scale can be used. Calculate the weight of the tongue tow which is estimated to be approximately 15% of the trailer’s MAM.

Second, make a note of the towing capacity of your RAV4 (that you will find in the owner’s manual). This number will vary based on the model, type and engine size. 

Next, find what is the towing capacity of the hitch trailer. Generally, there are several classes of hitch trailers:

  • Class 1 can tow up to 900 kg;
  • Class 2 up to 1500kg;
  • Class 3 up to 2300 kg;
  • Class 4  up to 4500 kg.

Note: The weight of the car + the weight of the hitch trailer, cannot exceed the MAM and the weight of the tow bar!

Following, connect the trailer tongue to the hitch. Lower the tongue into the latch and lock the latch in place with a latch pin. Attach the tow chains to the vehicle making sure to cross them under the tongue of the trailer. Connect the trailer electrical system to the vehicle.

Can I tow a U haul trailer with a B licence?

Driving license B allows you to tow various types of trailers with your car without the need for additional licenses. The limitations, in this case, are centred on the maximum authorized weight for the trailer and on the maximum weight that can be reached by the assembly made up of this element and the towing vehicle.

There are two possibilities to tow a trailer with a driving license B:

  • The MAM of the trailer does not exceed 750 kgs;
  • The weight of the set (trailer+car) does not exceed 3500 kgs.

Thus, if we only have a type B driving license, we must bear in mind that we can only drive a tractor vehicle of those authorized by this type of permit and that pulls a trailer with a Maximum Authorized Mass of less than 750 kilograms as long as both are not allowed. 

If, on the contrary, we want to tow a trailer of 750 kilograms of MAM or higher with our tourism, we will need the B + E permit that authorizes to tow a trailer of up to 3,500 kilograms of MAM.

How to properly load a U haul trailer

Travelling with a trailer is an extra risk when driving, so, in addition to taking extreme precautions when driving, you will have to take into account a series of precautions before starting your route. We refer to how to place luggage on a trailer.

Properly arranging the luggage on the trailer will help the weight distribution to be adequate; This is necessary if you want to avoid losing control of the vehicle more easily.

Thus, if it is important to distribute the majority of the weight in front of the trailer wheels; in this way, it is avoided that a sudden manoeuvre will compromise the control of the vehicle. If, on the contrary, Now, the bulk of the luggage is put behind the designated area, a simple hit could cause the car to lose control.

Finally, remember that if your trailer weighs more than 750 kg, it will need its own insurance.

Final thoughts 

Towing a U haul trailer with your RAV4 is more than possible. If you want to install a ball to your Toyota, remember that in the range of Toyota Genuine Accessories you will find a fixed or removable tow ball, with their respective mounting kits (ball plus wiring). 

In addition, many other accessories are offered for the transport of luggage, such as longitudinal bars for the roof, bicycle boxes, ski racks … among many other options.

Toyota Rav4 is one of the most popular compact SUVs in the world. Rav4 has always had a predominantly female clientele, but it is a versatile SUV that can be used with problems both in the city and on a macadam road in the mountains. 

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FAQ on Can a RAV4 tow a Uhaul trailer?

How much can a Toyota RAV4 tow?

With a maximum authorized mass of 2,135kg in 4×2 and 2,225 kg in 4×4, a Toyota RAV4 can tow a caravan without brakes of 750 kg in its two mechanical versions, and up to 1,275 kg with the 220H e-CVT 4×4 engine (up to 1,650 kg with permission B + E).

What does the word RAV4 mean?

RAV4 stands for “Recreational Activity Vehicle 4-wheel drive” and founded the compact SUV segment: the compact urban SUV. Its first version was manufactured in 1994 and had great success in both Japan, the United States, and the European Union.

Can a RAV4 tow a horse trailer?

With a towing capacity of 1500 kg, a RAV4 could tow a horse trailer, but you will have to take into consideration the empty weight of the horse trailer + the weight of the horse + the weight of the extras (saddle, water, straw, etc.)

How do I know how much I can tow?

To know how much your car can tow, if you can’t find a scale, calculate the weight of the vehicle by adding the total of the empty car, the weight of the passengers, and the cargo. Subtract the loaded weight of your vehicle from the total gross weight. The resulting figure is your towing capacity.


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