Can a Qashqai 1.2 tow a caravan?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a Qashqai 1.2 tow a caravan? We will discuss engines, transmission and stability on the road. 

Can a Qashqai 1.2 tow a caravan?

Although not or first choice, the Nissan Qashqai 1.2 could tow a medium-sized caravan, small camper or sports equipment. As long as you make sure that you don’t exceed 85% of the kerbweight of the car, the Qashqai 1.2 may, in fact, surprise you. See below why.

Nissan Qashqai 1.2 Towing Capacity

Car Model
Unbraked Towing CapacityBraked Towing Capacity
Nissan Qashqai 1.2 hatchback675 Kg1200 Kg
Nissan QASHQAI 1.2 DiG T Acenta 675 kg1,200 kg
Nissan QASHQAI 1.2 DiG T Acenta [Smart Vision Pack/Tech Pack] 675 kg1,200 kg
Nissan QASHQAI 1.2 DiG T Acenta [Smart Vision/Tech] 680 kg1,000 kg
Nissan QASHQAI 1.2 DiG T Xtronic680 kg1,000 kg
Nissan QASHQAI1.2 DiG T N Connecta 680 kg1,000 kg
Nissan QASHQAI 1.2 DiG T N Connecta [Executive Pack] 675 kg1,200 kg
Nissan QASHQAI 1.2 DiG T N Vision 680 kg1,000 kg
Nissan QASHQAI 1.2 DiG T Tekna Xtronic680 kg1,000 kg
Nissan QASHQAI 1.2 DiG T Tekna 675 kg1,200 kg
Nissan QASHQAI HATCHBACK 1.2 DiG T Visia 675 kg1,200 kg

Meeting the Nissan Qashqai 1.2 

Gasoline engines are increasingly present in the offerings of new models, especially in the case of Japanese and American brands, which are also known for their preferences in terms of spark-ignition engines. 

For this reason, the second generation of Qashqai also comes with two supercharged petrol engines that can be considered for purchase, especially if the future customer will not cover more than 15,000 km annually. The smallest gasoline engine is the 1.2-litre DIG-T 115 hp, which was also tested and the top of the range 1.6-litre and not less than 163 hp.

Reached the second generation, Qashqai is now a more refined and more competitive competitor. The Qashqai is now not just an alternative to a compact model, but even a mid-class one and even another compact SUV.

Unlike other models, which retain composite elements from one generation to another, Nissan has completely rethought the car, starting from the exterior design, much more elegant and refined, the interior, performance, comfort and engines.

On the outside, the Japanese were inspired by another well-known model of the Nissan range – the Murano model, the most elegant and high-performance SUV in the manufacturer’s portfolio. 

Moreover, the new X-Trail, which will be available in the local market in the summer, has also adopted a design similar to Murano’s. Given that we have a similar strategy at Audi, there is no problem in having several models with similar features.

What matters, however, is that the interior has been completely restyled. Moreover, now at the wheel, the Qashqai no longer gives the impression of a compact model, but that of an SUV, although its exterior dimensions remain those for a C-segment model. 

In terms of space, it is more generous, both front and rear, the number of storage spaces has increased and the quality of the materials used has significantly improved. It should also be mentioned here that the new generation has much better sound insulation of the interior. Basically, Qashqai is moving away from the “volume” segment and approaching the premium one.

According to Nissan, the seats are made according to NASA principles. What does this thing mean? That they are more ergonomic and comfortable than some “normal” ones. In reality, this means that on a long journey the driver will not feel any discomfort.

In addition, it should also be mentioned that the car comes with a new automatic stabilization system – Chassis Control, which has the function of automatically braking the wheels when passing over a levelling to limit as much as possible the balance of the body, so so that the car has a soft and comfortable suspension, but also allows a more sporty driving without problems.

A second safety system is called Safety Shield, the integrated steering wheel assistance system. It includes braking and automatic stopping at city speeds, warning of imminent impact, steering wheel fatigue detection system, road sign recognition system, lane change warning without warning, blind spot car sensor, automatic parking and Around View Monitor – a camera system that allows viewing the car “from above”. 

In addition, one of two Qashqai delivered to the local market comes with Nissan’s latest technologies to increase passenger safety. The multimedia system is a bit reminiscent of the previous generation, but it is improved. In addition, the display of the on-board computer located between the clocks is similar to that found on models in the premium segment.

Qashqai 1.2 engines

Although one of the best engines for the Qashqai is the 1.5-litre dCi 110 hp diesel due to the low fuel consumption of 5.5 litres / 100 km on average, it does not always justify the approximately $2,000 to be paid. to cover the price difference between the $ 20,890 with VAT that the Qashqai 1.2 DIG-T costs in the middle Accenta equipment and the $22,690 that the same version costs but with the 1.5-litre diesel engine.

Precisely because the petrol engine is not an aspirated one, but a supercharged one, it is almost as pleasant to drive as the diesel. The 1.2-litre engine develops 115 hp and 190 Nm of torque, while the diesel develops 240 Nm. But the difference is seen in consumption.

 Officially, diesel consumes an average of 3.8 litres / 100 km, while the petrol engine goes up to 5.6 litres / 100 km. During the test, however, the average consumption displayed by the on-board computer increased to 5.5 litres / 100 km for the gasoline engine. The average consumption increased to 7 – 7.5 litres / 100 km. In addition, the petrol engine also offers good revs, overtaking easily.

The bottom line

Nissan Qashqai I was the first cross-over that became really popular and that was because it came at the prices of compact cars. Yes, you still had a VW Tiguan or a BMW X3, but those weren’t at the price of compact cars. You also had a Hyundai Tucson I, but it looks and behaves too agrarian for the average driver.

Nissan Qashqai I ran out of competition in a segment that in 2007 was a curiosity and then became the giant of today. Plus it was the only compact crossover that came with 7 seats, the famous Qashqai +2.

The best models are the cheapest, as simple as that. Reliable, economical and good enough for city life. The front-wheel-drive version is enough for everyone, the basic engines are enough for everyone, the manual transmission is enough for everyone.

If you have any comments or you own a Qashqai 1.2, we’d love to know what you think.

FAQ on Can a Qashqai 1.2 tow a caravan?

Can a Nissan Qashqai 1.6 tow a caravan?

With a towing weight of 1800 kgs, the Nissan Washwai 1.6 can tow a caravan, trailer or camper. The Nissan Qashqai is Reliable, economical and good for towing.

Can a Nissan Qashqai 1.5 tow a caravan?

Yes, a Nissan Qashqai 1.5 can tow a braked caravan with a maximum weight of 1360 kgs (luggage and passengers included). The unbraked towing capacity is just 692 kg, so you’d better go for a smaller camper.

Can a 1.2 car tow a caravan?

A 1.2 car, such as the Nissan Washwai 1.2 can tow a caravan, as long as the weight of the towed vehicle doesn’t exceed 85% of the kerb weight of the car. 


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