Can a Prado tow a horse float? (11+ tips)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a Prado tow a horse float? We will talk about the towing capacity of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and finally, give you some tips to make the transportation of horses safer. 

Can a Prado tow a horse float?

A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado could safely and easily tow a horse float. The towing capacity for a Prado can reach 3000 kg, while a horse float can weigh on average 900- 950 kg. More on this below:

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Towing Capacity

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How much does a horse float weight?

The weight of a horse float, a concept known as tare, is variable, but it will hardly fall below 350 kg, and in many cases, it can approach 600 kg, especially in trailers prepared for two animals or with a heavy body. On average, however, most of the weight is 450 kg (empty). 

This concept is called tare and it is also variable, but  

450 Kg (tare) + 450 kg (average weight of a horse) = 900 kg

We also always have to add the weight of the saddle, water, straw, and other elements that we can also carry in the trailer together with our animal. 

How much can your vehicle tow?

A vehicle cannot tow as much weight as the vehicle manufacturer rated, whether it is a pickup truck towing capacity, SUV towing capacity, or another towing capacity vehicle.

Manufacturers, including trailer manufacturers, usually provide several different weights, which are decided upon after extensive testing and testing. Therefore, the maximum towing capacity should always be observed in all towing situations. 

Exceeding this capacity – or towing more than your vehicle’s weight – is extremely dangerous. Be smart and know the limits of your vehicle!

Coupling the horse float to your Prado

And suppose you have already made the decision to buy a trailer or you already have a van. In that case, it is equally advisable that you take into account some necessary questions before driving the vehicle:

  1. The vehicle must have the ball or hitch installed that will allow us to tow the horse trailer.
  1. We will have to previously install the additional mirrors, since adding a trailer, of whatever type, greatly alters the vehicle dynamics.
  1. We must also bear in mind that if we only have a B license, we can only transport a trailer of up to 750 kg, and the set (that is, the trailer plus the vehicle) may not exceed 3,500 kg. If we have the B + E we can pull a heavier trailer. Remember that pulling a light trailer is not the same as something heavier, such as a 2-horse van, and additional training is required, which is provided with the E permit.
  1. In addition, we also need the vehicle to have certain characteristics: we do not need it to be very powerful since the speeds allowed for the movement of the whole are relatively low, and the power is not so important. a four-wheel-drive vehicle is lacking, but if you’re going to hit the field, it’s a desirable feature.
  1. The engines that best tolerate trailers are either medium / high horsepower gasoline or diesel engines, which by definition deliver higher maximum torque than their gasoline counterparts at equal horsepower. Manufacturers give information on this in their technical sheets, for example, the maximum towable weight.
  1. This last data is specified with brakes and without brakes, referring to the trailer. If the trailer has its own brakes, it will be much easier to break it than if all the decelerating effort is taken by the car or off-road. There are models that even prohibit towing, even if we talk about a light load. A significant increase in fuel consumption will also have to be considered.

Tips for the transportation of horses in a horse float

To begin, we are going to review what we must always carry with us for what may happen: The veterinary certificate, fresh hay, water, the vehicle in good condition and the safety and comfort accessories for the horse. Remember that you are going to carry a living being in that trailer!

We go point by point with the most concrete explanations. These are our tips:

  • Why bring food? Fresh hay is important for making stops along the way. Depending on the distance you have to carry more or less and always give him a drink so he does not get dehydrated.
  • If the horse is big or tall, it is imperative to put a protector so that it does not hit the head. If possible the trailer is 10 inches taller than your horse.
  • It is crucial always to carry an emergency kit (or a kit as complete as possible).
  • You must bring all travel accessories for the horse.
  • Be careful with sudden manoeuvres! You can scare the animal. Also, think that they are not used to being in such small and dark spaces.
  • You need the horse to have a health certificate where it is reflected that he has all the vaccines and that he is healthy.
  • The animal’s cabin must always be well ventilated.
  • If you can avoid it, don’t travel in the hottest hours of the day.
  • Drive with caution. You may be a great driver but the rest of us don’t know how they will react. Consistently smooth and fluid manoeuvres.

You already know that prevention is better than finding solutions and caution at the wheel is never low.


Towing a horse float with a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will be easy to do, as long as you follow the above tips for both your safety and the horse’s comfort. 

Whenever a car can tow a horse float, consider that the trailer’s GVWR should not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. Remember to include the equipment you are going to put in the towed vehicle, which adds to the dry weight.

Then you have to compare the load capacity and tongue weight. The total weight of the equipment loaded in the towing vehicle, in addition to the drawbar weight exerted by the trailer, must not exceed the load capacity of the towing vehicle.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know.

FAQ on Can a Prado tow a horse float?

What weight can a Prado tow?

A new Toyota Prado can tow weight of 3000 kg, while one of the oldest models (e.g. 1996) can tow a weight of 2500kg. 

What car can tow a horse float?

The following cars can tow a horse float without any issues: Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, or a Subaru Forester. 

What car can tow 3500kg?

The following cars can tow up to 3500 kg: Land Rover Discovery (3,500kg braked towing weight), Volvo XC90 (2,700kg) and Mitsubishi L200 (3,500kg).

How much can a 2010 Prado tow?

A 2010 Toyota Landcruiser Prado can tow from 750kg to 3000 kg.

What engine is best for towing?

The best entice for towing is considered by many the Ford 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine. 

Can a Toyota Prado tow a caravan?

Yes, Toyota Prado can tow a caravan. The towing capacity for a Toyota Landcruiser Prado is up to 3000kg while a caravan almost never reaches that weight (even if loaded). Toyota Prado are great for towing caravans or trailers!


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