Can a Polo tow a caravan?

In this article, we will answer the following questions: Can a Polo tow a caravan? We will also give you a few examples of lightweight caravans that will be a great match for your VW Polo. 

Can a Polo tow a caravan?

With a towing capacity of a maximum of 1200 kg, we will go ahead and say that a VW Polo can tow a caravan, as long as you match it with the right caravan. By ‘right’ we mean a lightweight camper that can easily be towed within the limit of 1000 – 1200 kgs. 

VW Polo Towing Capacity

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A short review on the VW Polo

We are easily robbed by the temptation of large limousines, aggressive coupes or sitting at the wheel of SUVs. The reality shows us that the cars really worthy of appreciation are those that offer everything that is expected from a current normal vehicle but avoid exaggerations of any kind.

Human needs have their limits, otherwise, it is difficult to justify the expense. This was the conclusion that emerged from the recent test with the most interesting proposals in the small class.

Four adults can easily sit in this car. A power of 90-100 hp is more than enough for travelling in the city, proving to be convenient for long-distance travel, including the highway. 

Among its component factors is low consumption, with average figures that usually have a 5 in front of the comma – for the good of the budget and ecological approaches. These 4 m long machines respond well to commands and make a good impression in terms of stability. 

It is quite easy to handle them in urban areas when you have to park in shops or near your home. Here is how we find a reflection of the expression “less means more.” Now let’s see which one has the most to offer. The whole development focuses on the high expectations created by the recent launch of the new generation Polo.

We are talking here about the sixth generation of the well-known German series in the B-segment. Its official presentation in 2017 made waves due to the significant rise in the technological level that distinguishes the new Polo. Its driver assistance systems, multimedia facilities and well-designed set of driving conditions are integrated into a pleasant and decent shape, as a whole.

Unlike previous generations, the new Polo is no longer available in versions with less than four doors. So, the times are gone when two doors (the rear ones) were part of the list of options offered for a fee. 

The engine possibilities encountered in the small class are diverse, but our test aims at the most appropriate approach with the typical use profile of these vehicles: displacements of about 1.0 l, petrol injection by direct injection, turbo supercharging. Good performance and generally low consumption are the essential attributes of that orientation.

Five small caravans that any car can tow

In addition to being charming, the smallest caravans on the market become the perfect allies when taking the road. We leave you a selection of the most curious options in case the minimalist lifestyle knocks on your door.

For some time now, motorhomes, caravans and campers seem to have been doped to achieve sizes that are as surprising as they are not very versatile. It is possible that in the face of this trend of more spacious vehicles, the opposite movement has arisen, the return to the minimum expression to resort to the essentials to travel. 

Hence the boom in camper sales or the curiosity generated by the smaller models of caravans and motorhomes. We show you this list of the smallest caravans on the market and some of the most seductive for those looking to carry a small loft on their back.

The Vintage Airstream Caravan

We get tired of seeing them transformed into the current FoodTrucks but in the United States, the country of origin of the Airstream firm is a reinvented classic ready to conquer its infinite highways. 

This brand, which exports the product to Italy, England, France and Germany has models as small as the Basecamp, which is also beautiful and expensive ($ 36,000) measures 4.95 meters.

Although its size is not minuscule, its concept and distribution are designed to make the most of the space without giving up the bathroom and the full kitchen inside.

The Caretta Camping Trailer

They are the most recognised among campers and their less than 4 meters have made them preferred by the most adventurous couples. There are only two models of the brand, the Caretta 1550 and 1200, which vary in width, 204 cm and 174 cm respectively. 

This type of model has certain drawbacks such as the need to cook outside since everything is in the “trunk” and there is no direct access from the tiny cabin. Its measurements and weight allow you to drive it as usual and you will only miss the bathroom (a detail that you do not have in the camper).

The Adria Action Caravan

Adria surprised us a few years ago with the Action model’s launch, close to 5 meters but with a specific design to achieve the highest possible drag coefficient. By achieving this, they minimize the 920 kilograms of tare and it becomes an easy-to-drive mini caravan with everything you need inside. 

The first model that we could see was somewhat claustrophobic but with the new Action 2018 and its panoramic roof, the feeling of spaciousness is much higher and allows you to connect with the outside in an exceptional way.

The T@B: Knaus –Tabbert mini caravan

The Knaus –Tabbert mini caravan brand follows the group’s design philosophy and its water drop shape conquered us from day one. These youthful and fun models measure 5.17 meters and their customisation capacity is almost infinite. 

In addition to having a tiny caravan and to your liking, the T @ B firm pulled out of its sleeve an SUV variant called T @ B 320 OffRoad Style. Its specifications are limited to aesthetics, the underbody protectors, the spare wheel at the rear and a more rustic design inside.

The Mini Silver Caravan

We first met this model at the International Caravanning Show and it has survived to this day, with an update for the 2018 collection but maintaining the extendable roof that caught our attention so much.

The redesign of the Silver Mini 270 focuses on the colour scheme, with the option of black for its exterior, the roof reinforcement and the polyester sides, and the new Motorcycle Carrier Version option. 

This latest alternative introduces a reinforced chassis and a wider rear door that allows carrying a motorcycle during the journey. The dining room will continue to be in charge of turning into a bed of 1.40 by 1.90 meters (width and length), and its interior design reminds us of that of any current camper.

The bottom line

In conclusion, as long as you match your VW Polo with one of the above lightweight caravans, and if you follow the 85% rule (that is the weight of the loaded caravan shouldn’t weight more than 85% of the total weight of the car), the Polo will save the day and do a pretty decent job in towing the trailer/caravan. 

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know. 

FAQ on Can a Polo tow a caravan?

Can a VW Polo tow a caravan?

As long as you respect the towing limit capacity of 1200 kg maximum, a VW can tow any caravan.

What is the towing weight of a caravan?

The towing weight of a caravan must be up to 750 kg MAM. The combined weight of the trailer and the car should not be more than 3.500 kg.

What are the risks when driving too loaded?

Driving too loaded (GVW not respected) is dangerous: for you and your family but also for other road users. The risks of accidents are increased. 

How much does a small trailer weigh?

A small trailer can weigh on average 700 lbs. The most a trailer can weigh is 1700 lbs, and this is usually a three or four-bed camper. 

How much do pop-up campers weigh?

Pop-up campers usually weigh between 1180 and 2700 lbs, depending on their size and usefulness. 


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