Can a Mustang tow a caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a Mustang tow a caravan? You will learn all you need to know about the Ford Mustang and also, how to know if a car can pull a trailer/caravan.

Can a Mustang tow a caravan?

We don’t recommend towing a caravan with your Ford Mustang. The vehicle has a towing limit of 454 kgs (1000 lbs) and a gross trailer weight with a maximum

tongue load of 45 kg (100 lbs.) In the best-case scenario, an empty caravan can weigh around 450-500 kgs. 

With this towing capacity, a Ford Mustang can only pull a small boat, bicycle or extra-luggage on the hitch. Keep in mind tho, that Ford Mustang doesn’t come with factory-installed towing equipment. 

To find out the Maximum Authorized Weight (MAM) of your car, please refer to the car’s manual. The MAM indicates the maximum authorised weight for your car and includes:

  • The curb weight of the car.
  • The weight of the luggage and equipment transported (bicycles, for example).
  • The weight of the transport accessories (roof box, bicycle rack, etc.).
  • The weight of the driver, his passengers and their 4-legged companions.

The Ford Mustang is not the most suitable vehicle for towing a caravan. It is best to opt for a caravan vacation when you have a vehicle of sufficient size to tow it. Professionals recommend a car with high engine torque.

As with trailers, it is essential to rely on the maximum load weight the vehicle can tow. It is stated in the manufacturer’s documents provided when purchasing the car.

What fines and penalties are given for non-compliance with the authorized MAM?

For an obvious safety issue, compliance with the maximum authorized weight is a road safety priority. Also, if you drive too heavily and the police find that your car does not meet its authorized GVWR, you risk a fine, or even a lot more.

  • Exceeding up to 5% of the authorized MAMfor your vehicle: $150, reduced to $90 if paid within 15 days.
  • Exceeding the MQM between 5 and 20%: violation identical to that indicated above. In addition, the vehicle is immobilized and the registration card is confiscated, as long as the vehicle does not comply.
  • Over 20% overweight: fine increases to $1,500. In addition to the immobilisation and confiscation of the vehicle registration document, the driver receives a summons to Court. He then risks a loss of points on his driving license.

Click here to read more about oversize and overweight fines and penalties by state.

All you need to know about Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang, now in its sixth generation, is the only real American muscle car you can buy at the moment which really benefits from a good sales network and service. Yes, the car is more expensive in Europe than in the USA, but this is a rule for almost any car, and overall the Ford Mustang is not just a remarkable car, it is also an almost irrefutable package. With all the necessary minuses.

Things are simple and clear. There are two body versions and two engines. Fastback (read Coupe) and Convertible (convertible). 2.3 EcoBoost of 317 hp and 5.0 V8 of 418 hp. 

It is remarkable what Ford managed to do with such a small engine and so few cylinders, in the case of 2.3 EcoBoost. 317 hp means more than BMW’s famous six-cylinder in-line six-cylinder engine. On most models of the brand it is offered with 306 hp, and on some it is increased to 326 hp. In this context, the results of Ford engineers are even more beautiful. Plus the sound of the V8, when it’s a “poor” in-line four-cylinder engine.

Of course, a few minutes spent in the Mustang V8 make you forget for a short time all the engines on the planet. It sounds great when you turn it on, it sounds even better when you turn it on. Any written word is useless in front of what you can see and hear in the video.

I’m going back to the package. Taken as a whole, the Ford Mustang has a very good purchase price. Even the most expensive option does not exceed $50,000 including VAT, the most powerful engine and the richest options.

Then you have all those details for which it is worth living your life and spending a penny at some point. That is, you have a very good sound, from both engines, you have a well-made interior, which seems to have intentionally remained slightly spartan, and very comfortable seats.

Few things you find in this Mustang can be found in today’s cars. I mean a very, very masculine gearbox – you have to put a lot of pressure on the shifter to change gears. There is also the long, submerged hood, which from the driver’s point of view looks very good and beautifully marks the way the car lies on the asphalt. It is a pleasant feeling of “cruising”, of a long journey.

The huge hood also has a disadvantage. At highway speeds, it flares up quite a bit, and on the Autobahn at 200 km / h you really think it will open and stick to your windshield. However, the movement of the hood remains an annoying thing with the Mustang (and the only serious one).

The only comparable car is a Chevrolet Camaro. Making a small comparison, the Mustang is a much more European car, with a more successful design, both exterior and interior, and in terms of engines is better suited to the unfriendly charging system in Europe.

With all its horsepower, the Mustang fails to be a more dynamic and faster car than a BMW 335i, BMW 435i Coupe or BMW 650i – flagship cars in Europe for their performance, as the Mustang is famous in the US.

The bottom line

The Mustang offers something else: uniqueness, image, American details, sound and a fine “old school” feeling. It is a coherent, harmonious combination, hard to find in most cars today.

If you want to know other things about the new Ford Mustang, which I may have omitted in this review, write to me in the comments and I will answer each one.

FAQ on Can a Mustang tow a caravan?

Can a Mustang pull a boat?

As long as you don’t overcome the Ford Mustang’s towing capacity of 454 kgs (1000 lbs), you can tow a boat with this car. 

Will my car tow my caravan?

You can tow a caravan if the latter weights 85 per cent or less of the car’s kerbweight. A caravan’s weight cannot be greater than the towable mass indicated in the car documents. 

How much does a caravan weigh?

You will find precisely how much a caravan weighs and its capacity in the manufacturer’s manual. If the caravan has brakes and weighs over 750 kg, it is driven with the B + E category or the driving school certificate.

Which cars are best for towing small loads?

If you only have a small trailer or caravan to the cables, they really don’t need a huge 4×4. Even medium hatchbacks – such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf – can do the job. 


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