Can a Mokka tow a caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a Mokka tow a caravan? We will discuss Vauxhall Mokka’ stability and comfort on the road and whether this car is worth its price.

Can a Mokka tow a caravan?

With a maximum towing weight of 1650 kgs, the Vauxhall Mokka can tow a braked caravan and impress most of the critics. Besides, if you are planning a trip, the 356-litre trunk is a pleasant surprise, having both a simple geometric shape and good modularity, thanks to the asymmetrical folding backrest of the seat – in which case the luggage space increases to almost 1,400 litres.

Please see the table below, where we selected some Vauxhall Mokka representatives to show you the car’s towing capacity. 

Vauxhall Mokka Towing Capacity

Car modelUnbraked Towing CapacityBraked Towing Capacity
Vauxhall Mokka (2012 – 2016) 1.4T Exclusiv 4WD 5d500kg1200kg
Vauxhall Mokka (2012 – 2016) 1.6 CDTi (110bhp) ecoFLEX Exclusiv 5d500kg1500kg
Vauxhall Mokka 1.4T Tech Line 5dr 4WD hatchback500 Kg1200 Kg
Vauxhall Mokka 1.6 CDTi SE 5dr 4WD diesel hatchback500 Kg1500 Kg
Vauxhall Mokka 1.7 CDTi Exclusiv 5dr Auto diesel hatchback500 Kg1200 Kg
Vauxhall Mokka X (2016 onwards) Active 1.4i Turbo (140PS) FWD auto 5d500kg1300kg
Vauxhall Mokka X (2016 onwards) Active 1.6CDTi (136PS) FWD auto 5d500kg1650kg
Vauxhall Mokka X (2016 onwards) Design Nav 1.4i Turbo (140PS) Start/Stop 4×4 5d500kg1300kg
Vauxhall Mokka X (2016 onwards) Design Nav 1.6CDTi (136PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX FWD 5d500kg1650kg
Vauxhall Mokka X (2016 onwards) Elite Nav 1.4i Turbo (140PS) Start/Stop 4×4 5d500kg1300kg
Vauxhall MOKKA X DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.6CDTi [136] Active 5dr500 kg1,650 kg
Vauxhall MOKKA X HATCHBACK 1.4T Active 5dr500 kg1,300 kg
Vauxhall MOKKA X HATCHBACK 1.6i Active 5dr500 kg1,300 kg

With Vauxhall Mokka on the road

With a length of 4.28 meters and a height of 1.65 meters, the Vauxhall Mokka almost rivals the normal compact class cars, but its shape falls without any discussion in the SUV-crossover category.

Mokka is nothing more than the first serious competitor for the Nissan Juke. The main advantage is the very balanced style, which will surely please everyone, being excluded from provoking extreme reactions such as “you love it or you hate it”.

In addition, you don’t have to be an Opel fan to figure out what brand this car produces, because the Mokka has a front that is not only dynamic and expressive but also breathes a strong brand image.

Inside Mokka, I expected to find an atmosphere similar to that of the Corsa – since officials place Mokka in the category of subcompact crossovers. But it was no small surprise to me to discover a dashboard that reminded me of a lot of Astra.

The dashboard indicators, with the large round screens that frame the on-board computer display, the unmistakably elegant steering wheel and cruise control and multimedia buttons, the colour display on the top of the dashboard or the controls on the centre console, for the multimedia installation and the automatic air conditioning – all are taken from Astra.

It’s just that, as the car is taller, the aerators are placed horizontally, under the central display, and at the base of the console there is more spacious storage space. In addition, the huge buttons for the new safety systems (front / rear parking sensor, Lane Departure Assist and Hill Descent Control) were placed there, along with the “ECO” button (from which the Auto start/stop system can be disconnected). 

Overall, the driver’s seat congratulates you with quite a lot of comfort and space, and the ergonomics are at a good level – although the buttons on the centre console still seem a bit crowded, even if, theoretically, their arrangement is logical. 

On the other hand, it’s not hard to get used to the multitude of storage spaces, especially if you’re the type who spreads his various little things all over the car. 

At the rear, the seat has a good width, and the legroom is reasonable for the 2,555 mm wheelbase. Basically, only two people sit comfortably on the bench, the third being preferable to be a child because the central tunnel is not to be neglected.

Vauxhall Mokka: Version 1.4 Turbo 4 × 4

The 1.4-litre turbo engine is the same on the Astra, with a maximum torque of 200 Nm. It’s not necessarily an exciting value, but the advantage is that it is obtained on a wide range of speeds, between 1,850 rpm and 4,900 rpm.

Which gives it a linear response primarily in sustained accelerations, and rapid downshifts do not make the engine “lose its breath.” On the other hand, the 140 hp do not work wonders if you hurry, due to the mass of over 1.4 tons, and then due to the aerodynamics, the large front surface clearly feels at speeds of over 80 km / h.

Therefore, the Mokka equipped with this engine cannot be called a sports crossover, but it manages to be fast under normal conditions. Manual gearbox both long steps and long lever strokes. In addition, the sound of the engine is pleasant, with a slightly sporty touch, and when downgrading the elasticity of this turbo is a real help.

Regarding the AWD (all-wheel drive) traction system, we are obviously talking about a very simple technical solution: normally, traction is done on the front wheels, but, when noticing the tendency of the front axle to skid, the engine torque is transmitted to the rear axle, reaching a maximum ratio of 50:50 front: rear.

Even if it’s a simplistic solution, Opel engineers claim to have worked hard on electronic components and optimizing sensors and the electronic TTD (Torque Transfer Device) system. In practice, the unfavourable weather created good conditions for testing the car on a wet road, where we did not notice any problems in maintaining grip, even at over 160 km/h.

However, I do not recommend tackling muddy trails, as the AWD system is designed as an additional safety factor, working with electronic systems and ensuring increased safety in rain or on snowy roads. One thing to note is that all its components weigh only 65 kg, reducing fuel consumption.

Vauxhall Mokka: stability and comfort

Although the Vauxhall Mokka is a German car, the suspension’s comfort is better than I expected. The unevenness’s damping is dry, but not uncomfortable, the suspension proving to be sufficiently elastic.

However, the roll is not exaggerated, although it feels very light, given the high driving position (even with the seat lowered to the maximum). ESP intervenes discreetly, and the power-assisted steering offers good accuracy, even if it feels a bit soft for more dynamic wires.

I thought that the small height of the car would affect its behaviour more in curves, but Mokka behaves really well in cornering. However, the height of the car is felt in conditions of strong side winds, when permanent adjustments are needed in the steering wheel to maintain the steering.

The bottom line

Mokka is a really reliable car. A car configured very well in the lower price range. What engine do I recommend? For the Vauxhall Mokka, the 1.4 Turbo petrol makes the most sense, in the front-wheel-drive and manual transmission version. This way you have a reliable, fast, economical car adapted to the urban jungle!

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FAQ on Can a Mokka tow a caravan?

What weight caravan can a Vauxhall Mokka tow?

A Vauxhall Mokka can tow a braked caravan that weights up to 1600 kgs (depending on the model), and an unbraked caravan of 500 kgs maximum weight.

How much can a Vauxhall Insignia tow?

A Vauxhall Insignia can tow a maximum braked weight of  1600 kg and a maximum unbraked weight of 750 kg.

Can a Vauxhall Crossland tow a caravan?

A Vauxhall Crossland can successfully tow a small or medium caravan. The car’s towing capacity ranges from 650 to 840 kg. 

What is a Vauxhall versatility pack?

A Vauxhall versatility pack is an option pack that adds a variable-height boot floor and a centre rear armrest for the rear seat that also doubles as a load-through ski hatch.


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