Can a Mercedes A-class tow a caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a Mercedes A-class tow a caravan? We will discuss whether the Mercedes A-class is a good choice and what fines and penalties are given for non-compliance with the authorized maximum allowed weight for towing. 

Can a Mercedes A-class tow a caravan?

Our verdict is that a Mercedes A-class could not safely tow a full-loaded caravan, as the towing capacity for Mercedes A-class is on average 1500kg. A caravan would weigh much more than that. Remember that the total permissible laden weight of the towing vehicle + caravan combination does not exceed 3,500 kg. Please see the below table for more details. 

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Towing Capacity

YearTowing capacity fromTowing capacity to

Is the Mercedes A-Class worth on the road?

If some manufacturers try to simplify the ranges of their vehicles as much as possible, we cannot really say that this is the case for Mercedes with its Class A. And for good reason, it is here a wide choice of engines that is offered to customers, with petrol, diesel and hybrid units, whose powers are between 109 and 421 horsepower for its most powerful version called 45 S AMG. 

But that’s not all, because, in addition to being offered with a classic compact body, a trunk version has also appeared in the catalogue, whereas it was originally planned that it be reserved for China, fond of this silhouette. For our test, we opted for the A180 version, carrying a 1.3-litre four-cylinder engine designed in partnership with Renault, also present under the hood of the… Dacia Duster.

This is therefore an intermediate proposal within the range, offering correct performance without being too high, largely sufficient for everyday life. While acceleration may be slightly lacking in dynamism, the 0 to 100 km / h shot in 8.8 seconds remains very decent, while the top speed is set at 215 km / h. 

While you won’t be glued to the seat at each standing start at a red light, the 136 horses and 200 Nm of torque are nevertheless ideal for every day, offering in particular quite good revivals when overtaking. 

Playing the card of comfort, thanks to its high-end positioning, this Mercedes A-Class offers itself here a rather efficient 7G-DCT double-clutch robotized gearbox, whose gear changes are always very smooth, but above all, at the right time. However, it will be necessary to titillate the paddles behind the wheel to enjoy a more dynamic character.

Despite its sporty style, without being as much as a “real” AMG, our Mercedes Class A is actually not the most agile in the segment when it comes to adventuring on more winding roads as we came across some during our test. 

Indeed, because of its flexible suspension settings, the compact suffers from a somewhat clumsy character in curves, even if most users will rarely have the opportunity to realize it since it is primarily intended for somewhat quieter journeys. 

In particular, we are very far from a Peugeot 308, with a much sharper chassis, even in its entry-level versions. However, if the general behaviour is not the sportiest on the market, the A-Class enjoys very good handling, which will reassure the more careful. The compact can therefore easily get out of cities and even indulge in a few faster rides without any danger, especially in its AMG Line version, with the lowered chassis.

In addition, no less than four driving modes are offered on this Mercedes A-Class, including a Sport configuration making the whole a little more responsive, without transforming it. 

As you will have understood, the main advantage of this compact is elsewhere, since it is above all for its comfort that it appeals to, which is ideal for everyday commuting. A character that we owe to the very flexible setting of the damping, as well as the very power-assisted steering, perhaps a little too much for some, offering a rather unnatural rendering. 

If the German is rather comfortable in the city, in particular thanks to its numerous assistance systems, it suffers from a turning circle a little too large, sometimes complicating certain manoeuvres. The parking cameras will then be of great help. If it turns out to be relatively greedy, with a combined cycle consumption of 5.2 litres, this Mercedes Class A 180 however escapes the penalty, thanks to emissions of 125 g / km.

What do I risk if I tow a caravan heavier than allowed?

Driving too loaded (GVW not respected) is dangerous: for you and your family but also for other road users.

Indeed, the more the vehicle is loaded, the more its handling and its handling are degraded. Besides, the braking distances are extended. The risk of an accident is then dangerously increased.

What fines and penalties are given for non-compliance with the authorized MAM?

For an obvious safety issue, compliance with the maximum authorized weight is a road safety priority. If you drive too heavily and the police find that your car does not meet its authorized GVWR, you risk a fine, or even a lot more.

  • Exceeding up to 5% of the authorized MAMfor your vehicle: $150, reduced to $90 if paid within 15 days.
  • Exceeding the MQM between 5 and 20%: violation identical to that indicated above. In addition, the vehicle is immobilised and the registration card is confiscated, as long as the vehicle does not comply.
  • Over 20% overweight: fine increases to $1,500. In addition to the immobilisation and confiscation of the vehicle registration document, the driver receives a summons to Court. He then risks a loss of points on his driving license.

The bottom line

Although the newer models of the Mercedes A-class have a higher towing capacity, we do not recommend towing a caravan/trailer with this model. Considered the 85% rule, a Mercedes A-class could safely tow a trailer that weighs 1105kg (loaded).

A caravan’s weight cannot be greater than the towable mass indicated in the car documents. Automakers always publish towing capabilities for their cars, so research this to make sure it can handle it. However, the limits mentioned represent how much the car can tow physically, not necessarily what is safe. With or without brakes? It’s a big difference!

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FAQ on Can a Mercedes A-class tow a caravan?

How much can a Mercedes tow?

Any Mercedes can tow from 1800kg to 2100kg, which is quite impressive. Check out the car’s model and year, and the manufacturer’s manual for more accurate information.

What can a Mercedes C Class tow?

A Mercedes C Class can tow a fully loaded trailer with a maximum weight of 2000kg. Depending on the car’s year, the towing capacity will vary between 1650kg and 2000 kg.  

Can a Mercedes E-class tow a caravan?

A Mercedes E-class can tow a caravan as long as the total permissible laden weight of the towing vehicle + caravan combination does not exceed 3,500 kg. 

How much can a Mercedes e350 tow?

A Mercedes e350 can tow up to 4,630 lbs. Its towing capacity makes it a great car to go on a trip!


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