Can a Koleos tow a caravan?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a Koleos tow a caravan? We will discuss the Renault Koleos specs and what makes this car so special.

Can a Koleos tow a caravan?

With a braked capacity starting from 1350kgs, the Renault Koleos can tow a caravan and it also offers plenty of space for luggage (450 litres) and space for five. The new Koleos comes with only one engine available: a 2.0-litre that produces 150 or 175 hp. It is a quiet engine that feels good at low revs but is not extremely powerful. 

Even if on paper, the torque intervenes from only 2000 rpm, and the maximum power is at 3750 pm, the engine goes up linearly. Check the table below for more information.

Renault Koleos Towing Capacity

YearBraked capacity fromBraked capacity to

Renault Koleos: a review

From the moment you enter Koleos, you realize that the practical sense prevails, not the aesthetic one. Everything is black, monotonous, dark in colour. The materials are of good quality, and here I am talking about leather upholstery, dashboard and steering wheel. 

But the centre console has some hard-to-define ornaments. It is a plastic that wants to imitate carbon, but it does it quite weakly and with a high price paid to the aesthetic sense. All good and beautiful, that is, up to plastic that mimics carbon. But we must not forget that pretentious cars, such as a Corvette ZL1 have a centre console also decorated with a carbon imitation.

Koleos is part of that category of cars that are much more spacious on the inside than they look on the outside. It fits without problems 5 people in the car, and with a large trunk of 450 litres, their luggage enters easily. 

Renault, as with other models, offers plenty of space for indoor storage, enough space for the head and legs for passengers who will sit in the back, but also a generous volume of the trunk, a volume that can expand with the folding of the seat.

Renault Koleos specs

Engine: The new Koleos comes with only one engine available: a 2.0-litre that produces 150 or 175 hp. We tested the 175 hp and 360 Nm torque variant. It is a quiet engine that feels good at low revs but is not extremely powerful. 

Or at least, it doesn’t feel. Even if on paper, the torque intervenes from only 2000 rpm, and the maximum power is at 3750 rpm, the engine goes up linearly and does not have that valve that will put you in the seat if you exceed.

Transmission: The model we tested had a 6-speed manual gearbox. With its help, this crossover felt like a real city car, easy to use and fast in response. The box is precise and short and can be used by any driver, with or without experience, by mothers with children or businessmen alike. 

The integral transmission is made with the help of a simple selector with 3 positions: 2WD, 4×4 Auto and 4×4 Lock.

Performance: acceleration: according to official data, Koleos reaches 100 km / h in 9.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 191 km / h.

Braking: the car brakes well, being assisted by ABS, ESP, Hill Holder, Traction Control and Emergency Braking Assistance.

Suspensions: the comfort of this car prevails, the suspensions being soft, like a car. They cannot be adjusted, but are quite adaptable for both asphalt and rough roads. The ground clearance is also quite large, so you will not have problems with curbs or other urban obstacles.

With the Renault Koleos on the road

On a wide road, whether you are on dry asphalt, rain or snow, it is good to leave the 4×4 Auto traction permanently activated. If you go to the city, you can go quietly only with a front-wheel drive. 

And if in the city, where the maximum speed reached will be only 60-70 km / h, on a long road you need all the collaboration of the car to go in complete safety. And here I mean both the 4×4 traction that will give you extra grip and stability, but also the rest of the electronic systems. 

At higher speeds, the Koleos with its comfortable suspension becomes a little unstable if you try sudden manoeuvres, showing signs of rolling. But if you draw the line, you will notice that you are behind the wheel of a car that tends more towards the car than towards the SUV. So the road outfit will be pretty good.

Visibility: Even if from the outside, you would say that the rear window of the Koleos has a difficult inclination, you must know that I did not find any angle from which I could not see well from the inside. 

The fairly high steering position, large side windows, generous rear window and wide and high windshield make the visibility on board this car perfect. For parking, we do not have a reversing camera, but we have front and rear sensors.

Safety: The facelift model has not been tested by EuroNCAP. Maybe because the previous model was tested in 2008, at launch. Then he got the maximum score. Currently, passengers will also be protected by 6 airbags and the ESP system in the standard version. 

In addition, they can also benefit from ABS, AFU, Isofix and slope assistance. But other means of safety or prevention of accidents on the road are missing from Renault (such as a warning to cross the continuous line, signalling the presence of a car at a blind spot, etc.).

Features: The Privilege version tested by us is the most equipped in the Renault offer. Also with optional features, the car has a black leather interior, leather-wrapped steering wheel and derailleur, heated seats, electric driver’s seat, steering wheel controls, speed limiter, autopilot, xenon headlights, 2-zone automatic climate, keyless go, electric sunroof, 4 electric windows, electric mirrors, heated and folding, Bose audio system, Carminat navigation, light sensor, rain sensor, tire pressure sensor.

Consumption: On the highway, Koleos consumes only 6 litres/100 km, and in urban areas will drink about 8.5 litres of diesel. It is a fairly economical car if we take into account its size. But in this respect, the French have always been wonderful, so it’s no wonder.

What makes the Koleos so special?

If you expected me to talk about Koleos’ ability to go off-road here, I won’t. Because I did not test it in these conditions. But I’ll tell you what I liked about this car. Namely the ergonomics and functionality of the trunk. 

From the way the tailgate opens, that is in 2 different segments, you realize that it is a practical car. The best part sells if you fold the back seat, thus having at your disposal a real straight platform with the help of which you can carry a lot of large and heavy objects. The small tailgate at the bottom, the one without a telescope, opens with one finger, it is easy to use and accessible to anyone. 

The upper part, the one with the rear sight, can be opened alone when you want to put something smaller in the trunk. And to make the work even easier, the rear seat that folds down 60/40 is left pulling on some handles that are right behind everything. That is, everything is done easily and intuitively.


Renault Koleos is an interesting car. I believe it will exceed your expectations in terms of design, functionality, road holding, equipment, space and functionality. However, we don’t appreciate the engine, the plastic inside and especially the price.

Like any car, Koleos comes with good parts and bad parts. But the biggest problem with this car is the price, which jumps to $30,000. It is a fairly high price, which, if you pay, you expect certain qualities. Which Koleos has, but not entirely.

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FAQ on Can a Koleos tow a caravan?

Is a Renault Koleos a good car?

The Renault Koleos is a good car in the sense that it is worth the money. It is a stylish and well-equipped car, especially bought in Australia. 

Is Renault owned by Nissan?

Renault owns 43% of Nissan but with no voting rights.  

How much does it cost to service a Renault Koleos?

The average price to service a Renault Koles can get up to $543 per service. The service is usually done every 12 months or30,000km.

Can a Renault Koleos tow a caravan?

Yes, a Renault Koleos can tow a caravan, as long as the trailer represents 85% of the car’s kerb weight or less. Renault braked towing capacity is 2000 kgs maximum. 


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