Can a Kia Carnival tow a caravan? (a complete guide)

In today’s article, we are going to answer the following question: Can a Kia Carnival tow a caravan? We will offer you a complete guide on Kia Carnival, and finally, give you a few tips for staying safe while towing a caravan.

Can a Kia Carnival tow a caravan?

A Kia Carnival can tow an unbraked caravan of 750kg and a 2000kg braked caravan. The maximum authorized weight of a Kia Carnival is 2900kg, while the Curb weight is 2093 kg. To ensure your safety and follow the legal requirements, you must check the Kia Carnival towing weight limit for the car. 

Kia Carnival Towing Capacity

Car modelUnbraked towing capacityBraked towing capacity
S YP PE MY19 Automatic750kg2000kg
Platinum YP PE MY19 Automatic750kg2000kg
S YP PE MY19 Automatic750kg2000kg
Platinum YP PE MY19 Automatic750kg2000kg
SLI YP PE MY19 Automatic750kg2000kg
SI YP PE MY19 Automatic750kg2000kg
SLI YP PE MY19 Automatic750kg2000kg
SI YP PE MY19 Automatic750kg2000kg
Platinum YP PE MY20 Automatic750kg2000kg
S YP PE MY20 Automatic750kg2000kg
SI YP PE MY20 Automatic750kg2000kg
S YP PE MY20 Automatic750kg2000kg
Platinum YP PE MY20 Automatic750kg2000kg
SLI YP PE MY20 Automatic750kg2000kg
SLI YP PE MY20 Automatic750kg2000kg
SI YP PE MY20 Automatic750kg2000kg

Kia Carnival: an honest review

The Kia Carnival is an elegant minivan, well planted, wide and with a lot of chrome. It’s made in South Korea, but it looks like it was born in Kansas. Its aesthetics couldn’t be more North American, with that big front grille, generous 235/60 Nexen tires, striking 18-inch wheels, and that chunky, bulk-steel look, designed to always run at 65 miles per hour, in a well baggy highway.

The tested version had the Premium trim level ($ 56,990). The top of the range is distinguished on the outside by only one detail: the chrome trim on the side windows’ upper part. 

If you are planning on going for a long trip with your caravan, we have to highlight the security aspect of a Kia Carnival. It has two front frontal airbags, two front side airbags and two curtain airbags that made me want to crash, only to see them unfold in all their glory: they span up to the fourth row of seats. More than an airbag, a true safety hot air balloon.

It also has ABS brakes with EBD, Isofix anchors in the second and third row of seats, stability control, traction control and hill start assist. The Full version has the same safety equipment as the Premium. And that’s a very good thing. 

The US IIHS is the only independent body to crash-test a Carnival (called Sedona in that market). It obtained the maximum grade G (“good”, “good”) in all categories.

Engine and transmission of a Kia Carnival

In several markets, the Carnival is offered with a large 3.3-litre V6 and 276 horsepower.  It is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission, with sequential and Eco mode (for more economical driving). Traction is front. All of its other competitors are rear-wheel drive.

The behaviour of Kia Carnival on the road

The North American spirit is not only present in the exterior design and in the interior style. It is also noticeable in walking. The Carnival is a luxury car, very well soundproofed and with a suspension designed to isolate the occupants from the outside.

The rear scheme is of the multi-link type, allowing the rear axle not to transmit dry blows on rough pavements and grip the road very well when travelling at a good speed. This is where you notice the great difference of the chassis compared to its rivals derived from vans (Vito and H1).

In the city, the only drawback comes from the side of the dimensions. It is difficult to park in tight garages and it is almost impossible to find a free space for its size on the streets. But, beyond that, it is very agile in urban traffic. The torque of the turbodiesel and the very low first gears of the automatic transmission help to facilitate the task.

Tips for driving towing a caravan

Travelling by car with a caravan is very different from doing it staying in a hotel. Contact with nature, freedom, decision-making capacity at every moment, adventure… These are just some of the things that we like the most about this form of tourism. But if you are taking a caravan with you, there are a few things you cannot ignore. Take note of these tips to know how to drive a caravan.

Before starting the car engine and towing the caravan, there are some aspects that we must know.

Can I tow any caravan with a B category on my driver’s license?

With the type B driving license, you can only carry trailers weighing less than 750 kilos, and you can also drive the caravan if the weight of the car and the trailer does not exceed 3,500 kilos.

If the weight is greater, but it does not reach 4,250 kilos, you would need the B96 permit. 

On the other hand, if both add between 4,250 and 7,000 kilos, the B + E permit will be required.

Finally, if the weight of the two is greater than 7,000 kilos, the required license is the C + E truck license.

Can all cars be used to tow a caravan?

Not all cars are ready to tow a trailer. You need to confirm it in the technical sheet. It is important to know how much weight they can support.

Normally, the weight that you can tow should not exceed half the weight of the car itself. In this blog post, we tell you which are the best cars to tow a caravan.


The Kia Carnival has some competitors with the same number of seats (Hyundai H1). And also rivals with the same level of comfort and equipment (Chrysler Town & Country). Even now there are models of domestic production (Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer).

But none of them strike the balance between space, comfort and equipment that the Kia model offers. Being imported from Korea, it even has a more convenient price/product ratio.

The secret is in the number of seats. Kia Argentina could have homologated a Carnival with fewer seats (for example, most Carnival/ Sedona in the United States have eight seats). 

Beyond that, it’s a no-brainer to say that the Carnival is a car designed for large families. It is, but it is also an excellent option for towing a caravan and driving around the country. 

In fact, the combination of engine, design, quality of finish, configurable interior and competitive price, would also provide a more than valid excuse for a purchase.

FAQ on Can a Kia Carnival tow a caravan?

What can a Kia tow?

A Kia Carnival can tow a total of 2000kg braking capacity, a 2019 Kia Sorento can tow 900 kg and the 3.3-litre V6 engine with 290hp and Dynamax AWD offers a max hauling capacity of 5000 pounds (or 2200kg).

What weight can a Kia Carnival tow?

A Kia Carnival can tow a weight between 750kg and 2000 kg, depending on the car’s year of manufacture and model. 

Is the Kia Carnival too big?

Kia Carnival is in fact a bigger car, but it targets buyers who are searching for a more luxurious and spacious car, like a limousine. 

Is Kia Carnival 4wd?

In most countries, the Kia Carnival is not 4wd. 

How safe is the Kia Carnival?

We can consider Kia Carnival quite safe as it received four stars out of five for crush safety. It has two front frontal airbags, two front side airbags and two curtain airbags. 


Kia Carnival Towing Capacity

2019 Kia Carnival Towing Capacity

Kia Carnival

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