Can a Hyundai iX35 tow a caravan?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a Hyundai ix35 tow a caravan? We will discuss the advantages of having a Hyundai iX35 and whether it is a good car overall. 

Can a Hyundai iX35 tow a caravan?

With an unbraked towing capacity of 750 kg and braked towing capacity of 2000 kg, the Hyundai ix35 has a pretty decent power to tow a small or medium loaded caravan.  

The Hyundai ix35 kerb weight is 1610 kg, thus here are the numbers you should keep in mind

  • 75% of Kerb weight: 1207.5 kgs
  • 85% of Kerb weight: 1368.5 kgs
  • 95% of Kerb weight: 1529.5 kgs
  • Engine size: 1995 cc
  • Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual
  • Economy: 51 mpg – without towing,
  • Economy Towing: 25.5 mpg – 35.7 mpg – based on 30% – 50% reduction of efficiency due to towing.

Hyundai iX35 towing capacity

Car modelUnbraked Towing CapacityBraked Towing Capacity
Hyundai ix35 (2010 – 2015) 1.6 750kg1200kg
Hyundai ix35 (2010 – 2015) 1.7 750kg1200kg
Hyundai ix35 (2010 – 2015) 2.0 750kg2000kg
Hyundai IX35 1.6 GDI Style 5dr 2WD estate750 Kg1200 Kg
Hyundai IX35 1.7 CRDi Style 5dr 2WD diesel estate750 Kg1200 Kg
Hyundai IX35 2.0 CRDi Premium 5dr Auto diesel estate750 Kg1600 Kg

Click here for the towing capacity of each Hyundai model.

Hyundai iX35: A review

The Hyundai iX35 is a very well equipped car (lots of technological equipment on offer, standard ESP etc …). It is spacious and pleasant to drive (2.0 CRDI 136 hp Manual gearbox / 120,000km / 2013 / 4wd); a comfortable and pleasant car on the road even when towing a considerable weight. 

There is room in the passenger compartment and the trunk is spacious and at loading height. (1.7 CRDI 115 hp Vehicle of 2015 – 87,000Km (2021)). We appreciate it for the driving comfort especially for long motorway journeys. 

It has some amazing options (heated front and rear seats, interesting 4X4 capacity for small outings off the road, revisions in the average price) (2.0 CRDI 136 ch Vintage 2012, 136hp 4wd, 200,000km, 6-speed manual gearbox). 

Overall, the Hyundai iX35 is a very good vehicle for towing – comfortable – pleasant for everyday use – large enough trunk – perfect reversing camera even at night (2.0 CRDI 136 ch 2.0 CRDi 136ch pack edition 120000kms am 2012)

When it comes to the driving position, it offers ease of use of the controls, sufficient equipment (1.7 CRDI 115 ch Manual, 2014, alu, blue, 1.7, 29000 km). It has a bright interior (brilliant panoramic roof!) And spacious, engine torque and powerful enough to offer you a pleasant driving feeling, It allows you to crossroads in poor condition without damaging the vehicle. 

The Hyundai iX35 offers comfort and value for money!

Hyundai ix35 engines

 1.6 132-horsepower GDi – An engine so simple that Smiley takes it to his dance troupe. Put on absolutely anything, from the i30 to the Elantra, this engine comes in combination with front-wheel drive and manual transmission. 

A simple combination, cheap to maintain, but limited to the life of the asphalt. You won’t go anywhere in the snow with this model. But maybe most Hyundai ix35 owners will never leave the asphalt, but maybe they will walk on the grass or cross a puddle. 

You don’t need a 4 × 4 for that. Also, be very careful with the petrol filter, which is more sensitive than the subject of salaries in multinationals. If you still have money for an ix35, refuel more than God Help!

163-horsepower 2.0 GDi – Quite rare on European roads, this gas station also comes with a 4 × 4 option and is the spiritual successor to the 2.0 141-horsepower and 2.7 V6 torpedoes from the first generation of Tucson. 

It’s just that the Hyundai ix35 is no longer so off-road and these two engines were rightly retired. As an actor who lost his job, this engine was forced to re-profile itself and he doesn’t particularly like it.


1.7 115-horsepower CRDi – The basic engine on the Hyundai ix35 and which is neither powerful nor reliable. As with the Opel Insignia, regeneration is sometimes not complete. The engine shuts down, regeneration fails and an extra amount of diesel and oil remains in the engine. 

That small amount accumulates with each failed regeneration and if you don’t pay attention to this thing in the end you end up clogging the DPF, damaging the turbines and maybe even destroying the engine if you are as careless as an employee on notice.

2.0 CRDi of 136 and 184 hp– The same 2.0 CRDi we are used to, brought to more modern standards. They are still expensive engines. Only the dual-mass steering wheel, clutch and particle filter cost so much that the 1.6 petrol suddenly becomes attractive. 

Turbine and injector problems are also reported, but examples are rarer. An expensive engine to maintain. That word, you give a penny, but you know you don’t have it anymore.

General problems with the Hyundai ix35

The manual gearbox is defeated by the cold and the white hell. When the temperatures approach 0 degrees you start to have problems with the first and second stage. This is a manufacturing defect, so you have nothing to do with them. Just go to the gym and eat more.

The air conditioning has serious problems, it is too cold and freezing, it does not use the appropriate antifreeze, it does not work the sensors in the condenser. Or you can just lower the window in the summer and close it in the winter. Or you can check if all the software updates have been made.

From 2014 you no longer receive the spare wheel but only a tiny repair kit that you can throw away when you receive it. It’s like putting an asthmatic who coughs through a stick to inflate a wheel. It won’t happen too soon.

The Bluetooth connection does not recognize many phones, so you need to consider if your phone is compatible with Hyundai ix35.

The infotainment system has the habit of giving up its sudden spirit and leaving you in the dark. Whether it’s a system update or the actual drive, the infotainment on the ix35 is far from the latest technology craze.

Power-assisted steering may or may not be to everyone’s liking. There are a lot of updates to adjust the steering, so if you don’t like the way the car turns, you can change the software at any time.

The wheel pressure sensor refuses to work, whether it is broken or not. It’s such a big headache that you better check your wheel pressure occasionally.


Overall, the Hyundai iX35 is a very good vehicle for towing a caravan or a trailer. It is comfortable, pleasant for everyday use, it has a large enough trunk – perfect reversing camera even at night.

With a towing capacity of 2000 kgs, this car will probably be the right fit for most. 

FAQ on Can a Hyundai ix35 tow a caravan?

How much can an ix35 tow?

A Hyundai iX35 has an unbraked towing capacity of 750 kg and braked towing capacity of 2000 kg.   

Can a 1.5 diesel pull a caravan?

A 1.5 diesel could pull a caravan, although many drivers see it as a challenge for the MTPLM. A 1.5 diesel or 1.5-litre petrol are not usually among the favourites for towing a caravan. 

Can a 1.6 petrol engine pull a caravan?

A 1.6 petrol can pull a caravan, as long as you consider your caravan’s MTPLM that must not exceed 85% of your car’s kerb weight.

What are the legal requirements for towing a caravan?

The legal requirements for towing a caravan is to have a Category B drivers licence. You can pull a trailer or a caravan as long as both vehicles’ combined weight is not more than 3500 kg or 7.71 pounds.

What engine is best for towing?

The best entice for towing is considered by many the Ford 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine. 


Hyundai iX35 towing capacity

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