Can a Honda Civic pull a trailer?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Can a Honda Civic pull a trailer?” We will talk about the latest Honda Civic specifications and features and the towing capacity of the vehicle. We will also list out the 10 best trailers with their key features and GVWR that are suitable for a Honda Civic to tow.

Can a Honda Civic pull a trailer?

Yes, a Honda Civic can pull a trailer as long as it weighs lesser than 3,500 pounds. The latest Honda City model has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. Honda has increased its towing capacity with the latest model but you will need to fix a trailer hitch to tow a trailer. The Honda Civic is one of the most popular sedans and it is also used as a multi-purpose car.

While you might not be able to tow a large travel trailer, there are still many options to choose from. There are large flatbed trailers and many other compact trailers that fall under 3,500 pounds. The recent Honda City model also has some improved technology to enhance the driving experience. Here are the key features and specifications of the latest model.

2022 Honda Civic specs and features

The latest model has outsmarted its predecessors with enhanced safety features. The excellent and improved quality has made this model a tough competitor for the other sedans. The 2022 Honda Civic is built for comfort and it is one of the best compact cars with some of the best features. The interiors are classy and the exteriors are sleek with an attractive design.

The overall appearance of the car is a class apart and the increased towing capacity is one of the biggest added advantages. While this might not be an off-road vehicle, you can still make the best of it. The Honda Civic is pretty sturdy and is one of those top cars that are used widely across the United States and other parts of the world. Here are the key specs and features listed below.

  • Variable speed automatic transmission.
  • Gas-powered engine.
  • Four inline cylinders.
  • 35 miles per gallon.
  • Double overhead cam type.
  • 158 horsepower @ 6,500 rmp.
  • 138 lb-ft @ 4,200 rmp of torque.
  • 16 valves with variable timing.
  • Dual front and dual rear side-mounted airbags.
  • Engine Immobilizer.
  • Pre-collision safety system.
  • Stability control.
  • Tire pressure monitoring.
  • Emergency brake assist.
  • Child seat anchors.
  • Accident avoidance system.
  • Lane departure warning.
  • Traction control.
  • 4-wheel ABS.
  • Side-mounted airbags.

Apart from these features and specifications, there are power features like an external temperature display, one-touch power windows, interior air filtration, and many more. The new Honda Civic has some of the best features that will take your driving experience to the next level. With a decent price range, this is one of the best sedans to opt for.

10 Best trailers for a Honda Civic to tow

The Honda Civic is a versatile car and it can be used as a family car and also as a towing vehicle. The only criteria to remember while choosing a trailer is the GVWR. Towing more than 3,500 pounds is not advised and it can cause damage or strain to the engine. Here are some of the best trailers that are perfect for the Honda City to tow.

KZ Sportsmen Class 180 BH

This travel trailer is lightweight and it has a GVWR of 3,500 pounds. The floorplan is perfect for a family with children and there is no hassle in towing the KZ Sportsmen Class 180 BH. This is also a budget-friendly vehicle and it comes with more than the basic requirements for traveling and camping. Most of all, this is the best fit for the Honda Civic.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 145RB

Jayco is well-known for its campers and travel trailers. This particular model is one of those easy matches for the Honda Civic. This 16-foot long trailer weighs only 2,500 pounds or even lesser. There is enough space and it has a small wardrobe closet with extra counter space. However, the only disadvantage is the dry bath facility.

Rove Lite Travel Trailers

Rove Lite might not be as famous as some of the other trailers on the list, but they are specialized in ultra-lightweight travel trailers. This trailer is only 2,000 pounds and is it still 16 feet long. Due to the length, these trailers are very spacious and are one of the best options for a Honda Civic. It also has an interesting floor plan with all the basic amenities.

Aliner LXE

Yet another trailer that weighs 3,500 pounds. This trailer is pretty good enough and spacious for couples. More than two people might be a little uncomfortable with the Aliner LXE. This is not exactly a travel trailer due to the size, but it is better than a pop-up camper. The ceiling height and big comfortable facilities are just perfect for a getaway.

Forest River Wolf Pup 16 FQ

Forest River has manufactured some of the best recreational vehicles over the years and the Wolf Pup has not gone unnoticed. This compact yet spacious travel trailer is under 3,500 pounds and it arrives with a full bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, with all the best amenities for cooking. It also has a small dinette that can be converted into a small bed.

Coachman Clipper Ultralight 17 CFQ

If you want a small trailer with abundant storage space, the Coachman Clipper Ultralight is one of the best options. This trailer comes with a 12-inch awning and plenty of storage space. It has a spacious shower with a bathroom, sink, and toilet. There are extra cabinets for storing all your goods and it also has a queen bed.

Vintage Cruiser 19 CSK

This might be an old trailer but it is indeed one of the best trailers that come with several benefits. With plenty of closets and storage space, it has an expansive fridge and is perfect for a family of four. The biggest advantage of this trailer is the living area and it is one of those lightweight trailers that are below 3,500 pounds.

Oliver Legacy Elite

The Oliver Legacy Elite is yet another large trailer that is perfect for towing with the Honda Civic. The dinette can be converted into a full-size bed that can easily accommodate two people. The small dinette can be converted into a bed for one person and close to four people can travel in this trailer comfortably.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX & 145 RB

Weighing 2,500 pounds, this trailer is 16 feet long and it has a 10-inch awning. This is a small but compact travel trailer that is perfect for two. While you can easily accommodate another person, sleeping might be an issue. However, the Jayco Jay can be towed with ease and there are enough facilities to keep you comfortable on the road.

Scamp Trailers

Scamp trailers are known for their compact and small size with some of the best amenities and features. These trailers are incredible in terms of quality. They are also affordable and perfect for two people. Some deluxe models have wet baths and the ultra-lite 13-foot trailer is one of their best models.

Towing any travel trailer with a Honda Civic that is below 3,500 pounds is easy. Make sure to get the right hitch and do some research on the type of travel trailer that you are planning on purchasing. Put your needs first since you cannot have an extremely large trailer with this sedan. Most of all, be sure to keep your trailer light and it is advised not to cross more than 3,500 pounds.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Can a Honda Civic pull a trailer?” We have talked about the latest Honda Civic specifications and features and the towing capacity of the vehicle. We have also listed out the 10 best trailers with their key features and GVWR that are suitable for a Honda Civic to tow.


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