Can a Honda Civic pull a pop-up camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a Honda Civic pull a pop-up camper? We will discuss what it is towing with a Civic like, and give you five simple reasons why this is one of the most sold cars in the US. 

Can a Honda Civic pull a pop-up camper?

Yes, a Honda Civic can pull a lightweight pop-up camper. In fact, the Civic could tow any trailer that weighs up to 1000 lbs (453 kg), depending on the model year. Please see the table below for more information. 

Honda Civic Towing Capacity

Model YearTowing capacity for unbraked campersTowing capacity for braked campers
20051200 1200 
20041200 1200 
20031200 1200 
20021200 1200 
20011200 1200 
2000600 1200 
1999600 800 
1998600 600 
1997600 600 
1996600 600 
1995600 600 
1994600 600 
1993600 600 
1992600 600 
1991600 600 
1990600 600 

What is towing with a Honda Civic like?

Towing with a Honda Civic is easier than expected. The good behaviour on the road when towing is helped by the two-way adjustable suspension, which despite the power of absorption of everything that means pit, tram line or irregularity on the road, takes care to keep the roll at a distance by a slightly uncomfortable rigidity at first, but good as long as the limits of the car are not exceeded. 

When towing with a Civic, the steering could provide some more feedback, but it contributes, along with those mentioned above, to a pleasant driving experience, depriving the driver of fatigue even after several hours spent behind the wheel. That is exactly what you need when you decide to go on a trip with your family, on vacation.

Honda Civic: is it worth it?

It is not just one of Honda’s most important cars. It is one of the most outstanding vehicles in automotive history. We are talking about the Honda Civic, considered the second best-selling car in history and that is already on its way to 25 million units since it first appeared on July 12, 1972. 

More than 45 years and ten generations have passed, a global phenomenon, since it is currently manufactured in nine different plants and is present in 170 different countries, representing one in four sales of the Japanese manufacturer in its history.

Since its inception, this model has been at the forefront of sedans, always standing out as one of the best options when it comes to practical cars. But why buy a Honda Civic? Here are some reasons to buy this model, one of the most iconic and representative of the Japanese company.

Reasons to buy a Honda Civic:

  1. The public’s preference for this vehicle over others throughout history shows that it is not a vehicle like any other. This car is considered the second best-selling car in history, with more than 25 million units purchased. 

In addition, since its origin, this car has been awarded and recognized as the car of the year, in the United States, Japan and Europe, thanks to its outstanding characteristics in the market. The above shows that different perspectives, both private and expert, agree that buying a Honda Civic is an excellent decision.

  1. Another reason to buy a Honda Civic is your commitment to the ecosystem. The Japanese company has always been characterized by promoting its business under parameters that contribute to the reduction and solution of a current and latent problem that is climate change. 

Therefore, there are several actions that the company has promoted around this purpose for more than 50 years, including its “Green Factories” program, which seeks to reduce polluting waste, energy, water consumption and CO2 emissions. In this last aspect, the Honda Civic has been characterized, as it was the first car in history with low emissions.

  1. If you are looking for a really safe car, you should consider buying a Honda Civic. Very few cars on the market offer and inspire the safety provided by this vehicle, since the latest models have incorporated the “Honda Sensing” system, a set of assistant technologies, among which the CMBS (Crash Mitigation Braking System ), RDM (Lane Departure Mitigation System), TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition System), among other driving facilitation functions. In addition, it has six airbags, disc brakes with ABS, and heavy-duty bodywork.
  1. The technology and connectivity stand out within their copies, so if you like the novelty and practicality you should buy a Honda Civic. The Honda Connect system allows the driver to have all the entertainment functions on his radio screen, in this way, you can receive and make calls, listen to music, access the internet, regulate the air conditioning among other incredible functions.

Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

  1. Another reason to buy this car is its fabulous interior space. The car is designed to offer comfort for both the driver and passengers, which is why it tries to offer more legroom than most cars on the market. 

In addition, its trunk has a capacity of between 478 and 519 litres, depending on the design. Not counting that the vehicle has folding seats.


Overall, the Honda Civic Tourer is an extremely competent and easy-to-notice variant (both literally and figuratively) to meet the family needs of customers, no better than other competitors on the market. 

It is one of the cars with the most attractive and innovative design in recent times. But it is that, in addition, it can include an extensive list of extras to customize it to the maximum. 

Front or side skirts, rear diffusers or trims on the mirrors for the exterior, details on the dashboard, sports pedals, protectors for the cargo area and endless alternatives to create an absolutely unique car.

Do you agree with us? Please feel free to get in contact should you have any questions, comments or suggestions on towing with a Honda Civic. 

FAQ on Can a Honda Civic pull a pop-up camper?

How safe is the Honda Civic?

Honda Civic is one of the safest cars. With the NHTSA, the Civic received five-star ratings in frontal and side crash tests, as well as rollover tests. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also thought it performed well on its comprehensive tests.

How good is the 2012 Honda Civic?

The 2012 Civic dropped from a score of 78 points, considered very good, to 61 points, considered mediocre. On the other hand, the positives of the review allowed the 2012 Honda Civic to rank second for fuel economy within its segment, one spot below the Toyota Corolla.

What engine does the 2012 Honda Civic Si bring?

The 2012 Honda Civic Si, for its Coupe and Sedan versions, has a four-cylinder 2.4-litre 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC engine, which generates 202 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and a torque of 172 lb-ft at 4,400 rpm, associated only with a six-speed manual transmission.


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