Can a Hilux tow a horse float?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a Hilux tow a horse float? We will discuss what it feels like with a Toyota Hilux on the road, performance and engine. 

Can a Hilux tow a horse float?

A Toyota Hilux can tow a horse float with either one or two horses. Considering that on average a horse weighs 900 kg, with a minimum towing capacity of 1500 kg, a Hilux is a great choice for towing a trailer. 

And because this car is practically made to tow, the floor of the new Toyota Hilux has been reinforced to reduce deformation during loading, and the rear shutter has received stronger hinges and is supported in a horizontal position by solid steel eclipses. Did we mention that the new Toyota can tow up to 3.5 tonnes?!

Toyota Hilux Towing Capacity

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Toyota Hilux: the new generation

For five decades, Hilux has been a symbol of reliability and durability over time. Does the new generation, more stylish and refined, manage to carry on this reputation?

After a history of almost 50 years and about 18 million copies produced over the seven generations, Toyota Hilux is a”Motoring Icon”. That is, a model so representative of its segment that in certain markets, its name should become a common noun (a kind of Adidas for sports shoes). 

And the most well-known feature of the Japanese pickup is the reliability and ability to operate in the harshest climatic conditions on earth. Thus was born the reputation of a tough spirit, perceived as a purely masculine car, who always demands a firm hand on orders and does not make it a priority to keep his passengers down.

But with the debut of the new generation, Hilux adopted a more civilized image. To be honest, we are also in the full process of SUV-izing the planet, and all manufacturers are trying to make their utilities more leisure-friendly, borrowing technology and design features from SUVs. 

But from its unpretentious carriage image, Hilux has now come to offer headlights with LED technology, a more beautiful face than many other volume models, electronic driver assistance systems, modernly designed dashboard, which there is a multimedia system with modern graphics. 

Even the assemblies and interior finishes are made with more sense of responsibility. Ah, and the mechanical selector of the transfer case has been replaced with an electronic switch 2H-4H-4L. Hm, has the Toyota Hilux softened?

No way! I am so confident when I say that this is still one of the toughest mass-produced machines in the world. Of course, with all these modern features, Toyota will make you believe that the legendary pickup is more comfortable than ever and in a way, this is the truth but do not expect now the feeling of floating specific to a Land Cruiser. 

You just have to remember that Hilux is, first and foremost, a tool. And it really looks a little more presentable with the new look, it’s no shame to get dirty.

Compared to the previous model, the Hilux increased by 9 cm in length and 2 cm in width. Not that its predecessor was an easy-to-park compact, but the new generation is big. Very big. 

Larger than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a long wheelbase, to give you an idea. And although these dimensions (especially the length of 5,350 mm) impressed me because I like to drive big things, the real reason why Hilux has grown so much is seen in the length of the dump truck, which boasts the best value in class: 1,645 mm. 

Towing with a Toyota Hilux

Another good news: if the load does not fit in the truck, then it can simply be put in a larger trailer because the new Hilux has a towing capacity of 3.5 tons. Good news for those who go on holiday with a mini-yacht hanging from the car!

But if the chosen route for the holiday also includes parts of the wild and some serious off-road, Hilux could really be the wisest choice. Because in rough terrain, the Japanese pickup truck remains one of the most capable means of transport for goods and people. 

First of all, because the Hilux’s all-wheel-drive system offers both a reducer and a lockable rear differential. And as the new 2.4-litre diesel engine offers even more torque than the old 3.0-litre unit, the Japanese have the resources to overcome any obstacle. 

One note: the six-speed automatic makes decisions inspired only on the road, so in heavy off-road, it is better to opt for the manual gear change mode. And because all this propulsion is useless if the wheels do not keep in contact with the ground, Hilux also has one of the longest suspension strokes in the segment, 520 mm.

The bottom line

So, Toyota somehow managed to keep the utility side of the Hilux (it even improved it, if we take into account the larger dump truck and improved towing capacity), but it made it easier to use. Even more pleasant to drive on the road, because the driving noise is lower and the new interior makes you feel more comfortable. Because, although Hilux is a tool, using it doesn’t have to be a burden, does it?

Please let us know what you think, feel free to leave a comment or a question about the new Toyota Hilux’s towing capacity.

FAQ on Can a Hilux tow a horse float?

What weight can a Toyota HiLux tow?

A Toyota Hilux can tow between 1500 and 3500 kgs, depending on the year of manufacture. 

Can a Toyota HiLux tow 3.5 tonnes?

Yes, the new Toyota Hilux can indeed tow 3.5 tonnes! Besides, in rough terrain, the Japanese pickup truck remains one of the most capable means of transport for goods, people or animals. 

Can a RAV4 tow a horse trailer?

With a towing capacity of 1500 kg, a RAV4 could tow a horse trailer, but you will have to take into consideration the empty weight of the horse trailer + the weight of the horse + the weight of the extras (saddle, water, straw, etc.)

How heavy is a horsebox?

Depending on the number of horses, a horsebox can weigh 12000 kg on average. You have to take into calculation the unloaded weight of the horse trailer, the weight of each horse, and the weight of feed, water, saddle, etc. 

Can I tow a horsebox?

You can tow a horsebox as long as you have the categories C1+E on your driver’s licence. When towing a horse trailer you can reach 8.25 tonnes (or 8250kg).


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