Can a Golf tow a caravan?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a Golf tow a caravan? We will review the new VW Golf 8 and explain what is the right hitch for a Golf. 

Can a Golf tow a caravan?

Most Golfs have a towing capacity of at least 800 kgs, which means that they can tow a caravan, small trailer, pop-up camper or boat. While the Volkswagen company is certain that Golfs were not made to tow any vehicle, some of the models (as you will see in the table below) have a decent towing capacity and engine power to do the job properly. 

Golf Towing Capacity

YearUnbraked Towing CapacityBraked Towing Capacity

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Can the new Volkswagen Golf 8 tow a caravan?

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf 8 has a maximum towing capacity of 1500 kg, which is pretty decent for towing a lightweight caravan if you ask me. 

The range of engines is complemented by four petrol units (TSI), two types of diesel (TDI) and one compressed natural gas (TGI). TSIs are a 1.0-litre unit (with 90 or 110 hp) and a 1.5-litre unit (with 130 hp or 150 hp). The GTI and R versions will have a 2.0-litre TSI engine. The most powerful TSI will have 300 horsepower. 

Before we talk more about the new Golf, let’s review the dimensions of the car: it is now 4.284 mm long (increased by 26 mm) and 1.789 mm wide (narrower by 10 mm). The wheelbase has a value of 2,636 mm. Golf’s design gives it an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.275, a better value than the seventh generation.

If until now the new generations seemed more daring facelifts than the previous ones, Golf VIII presents itself with a new face. It remains just as easily recognizable, but the front is now characterized by smaller headlights, the upper edge of which forms an unbroken line with the restyled grille. 

The width of the car is also underlined by the central intake, which has decorative elements in the colour of the body – and which, in the case of R or GTE equipment, is flanked by a black outline. The hood has in turn been restyled and stands out with more pronounced edges and ribs.

From the side, the new Volkswagen Golf boasts better defined ‘hips’. The midline that crosses the door handles is even more obvious here, giving the hatchback an extra dynamic character. 

One of Golf’s famous signatures – the C-pillar – is preserved in the new generation in the established formula; all you need is a detailed image with it to know which model you are looking at. At the rear, the new Golf boasts evolutionarily designed optical blocks and a set of chrome-trimmed false exhausts.

The release of the centre console resulted in the creation of generous storage space at the end of the middle tunnel. In the case of the automatic transmission, the classic lever on the middle tunnel has been replaced with a gearbox that reminds us of the new Porsche 911. At first glance, the finishes inside the new Golf successfully complete the elegance of the design lines.

The technical information has not yet been made public, but we promise to share it with you as soon as it is available. Until then, don’t forget to take a look at the photo gallery above.

The new VW Golf: 11 engine versions, of which 5 are hybrid

The new Golf creatively exploits the combination of heat engine and electric motor, and the results are as varied as possible. The Golf 8 thus debuts with five versions of the hybrid engine. 

Three of them are mild hybrids (named eTSI) and work with a 48V capacitor; the power figures offered are 110 hp, 130 hp and 150 hp. The tangible benefit of the mild hybrid system is the reduction of fuel consumption by up to 10% (calculated in the WLTP cycle).

The other two versions that use electricity are plug-in hybrids (known as eHybrid). They use batteries with a capacity of 13 kWh and allow electricity to run for 60 kilometres, and the drive gear uses 1.4-liter TSI units and, of course, an electric motor. In the eHybrid version, the Golf 8 has 204 hp and 245 hp respectively (for the Golf GTE).

TDIs are based on 2.0-litre units with 110 hp and 150 hp, respectively. The German manufacturer has announced that the new nitrogen oxide reduction system (via AdBlue) is up to 80% more efficient than the previous generation, with Volkswagen now boasting ‘some of the cleanest combustion engines in the world’. 

The range of diesel engines will be later completed by the GTD version, which promises us even more power than its predecessors.

The right hitch for a Volkswagen car

For the installation of a caravan or a trailer, the installation of a hitch is necessary. Professionals working in garages are used to fitting a hook, ball or other coupling components. There are several characteristics to consider when installing a towing ball on a Volkswagen.

First, it is necessary to check whether the coupling is allowed on the car. Almost all vehicles registered in the US have the right to tow a trailer or a caravan. 

Generally, a driver holding a B license can tow a trailer or caravan weighing at most 750 kg, including loads. However, the car and the coupling must not exceed 3500kg. The difference lies in the authorized weight. For example, for a Volkswagen Up, the manufacturer does not allow the installation of a tow ball.

Moreover, long before choosing a particular hitch, it is good to consult the assembly plans visible on the product datasheets.

The couplings for Volkswagen cars are diverse depending on the model. In particular, there are trailer hitches as well as caravan hitches. In reality, any trailer or caravan can be fitted to the hook, it is just their name that differs.

The bottom line

A small caravan can weigh between 350 and 750 kgs. Thus, most VW Golfs would manage with towing a caravan. As long as you respect the maximum allowed weight and the capacities of your car, the Gold will do a great job in keeping you safe on the road.

Please feel free to ask us any questions or leave some tips on how to make this content better. 

FAQ on Can a Golf tow a caravan?

Can a VW Golf tow a horse trailer?

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack would be our first choice to tow a horse trailer. If you have to pull a horse trailer, make sure you know the horse’s weight, the trailer’s dry weight, and the MAM of the car. 

Can a VW Polo tow a caravan?

Legally, a VW Polo could tow a 1012 kg caravan (luggage included). As long as you are towing within the legal limits, the VW Polo is a safe and good choice. 

Can a Golf Estate tow a caravan?

A Golf Estate can easily tow small or medium caravans. The towing capacity of a Golf Estate is of maximum 2000 kg for the 2018 version. You can check the table below for more data.

Can a Golf GTI tow a caravan?

A Golf GTI can tow a lightweight caravan, as it reaches 1800kg towing capacity on certain models (2013 onwards).


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