Can a Freelander tow a horse trailer?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a Freelander tow a horse trailer? We will discuss the main points to focus on when towing a horsebox and share with you essential tips to ensure a smooth ride for both you and your horse!

Can a Freelander tow a horse trailer?

While it has a lower towing capacity than other cars in the range, the Land Rover Freelander 1 and 2 could tow a horse trailer as long as you make sure that the horse trailer is under the towing limit of 2000 kg. 

Beside the towing capacity of the Freelander, you also have to take into consideration:

  • The empty weight of towing vehicle in kg;
  • The GVW of towing vehicle in kg;
  • The towing capacity of towing vehicle;
  • The plated MAM of the trailer  in kg;
  • The unladen/empty weight of the trailer.

Land Rover Freelander 2 Towing Capacity

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Can my Freelander tow a horse trailer?

When towing a horse trailer, different weights must be taken into account – curb weight, payload, trailer load.

The number of kgs a car is allowed to pull is indicated in the car papers. There is one entrance for unbraked trailers and one for braked trailers. Horse trailers always have their own Brake, which is why the value of braked trailers applies, which is also significantly higher than that of unbraked trailers. 

Now the calculation continues. What is the weight of the horse trailer? Unfortunately, a glance at the papers only gives a rough idea. Manufacturers do not weigh each trailer individually but take an average value, which can vary by a hundred kilograms or more depending on the equipment. 

Additional equipment such as a saddle compartment or extra rubber mats add up quickly and add more weight to the scale. It is, therefore, necessary to weigh once the trailer is empty to know if it weighs 700 kg or 800 kg or even more. Well-equipped polyester trailers can easily weigh 900 kg.

Horse trailer – the weight of the horse is also important

If you haven’t already had your own horse on the scale, you should take it with you to weigh it. Because the weight of the horse is often underestimated.  So if I have my horse on the trailer twice that is 2 kg. In addition, there is the self-weight of the trailer, which I now use as the basis of 1400 kg. Thus, the loaded trailer has a total weight of 800 kg. Now is the time to take another look at the papers on the horse trailer. 

Many of them only have a gross vehicle weight of 2200 kg. The trailer would be overloaded! Even though the car is pulling so hard, the suit is no longer in working order.

Do not overload the horse trailer

Overloading a trailer is not a trivial offence. There are fines for the vehicle driver and vehicle owner ranging from 5% overload for trailers up to 2 tonnes gross vehicle weight or 2% overload for trailers over 2 tonnes in weight gross vehicle. From 20% overload or with larger trailers from 5% overload, there are penalties.

The same applies if the trailer load of the towing vehicle is exceeded. In the interests of the horses, too, you should not drive overloaded. If an accident occurs, for example, because the team cannot be braked in time, this often has serious physical and psychological consequences for the horse. 

Even if the horse survives such an accident without injuring itself, it will be difficult to regain confidence in the handling of a trailer.

When towing a horse trailer – note the vertical load

Last but not least, the vertical load comes into play. This is the weight with which the trailer presses on the tow bar of the car. This value also appears on the car and trailer papers. The trailer must exert a certain pressure on the ball joint, i.e. 4% of the total mass, but also must not exceed the vertical load of the car. 

However, the vertical load developed by a loaded horse trailer is difficult to determine. If in doubt about the compatibility of the vertical load of the car and the trailer, you should make the effort and use a personal or household scale to help determine the actual vertical load.

Final tips for towing a horse trailer

To begin, we are going to review what we must always carry with us for what may happen: The veterinary certificate, fresh hay, water, the vehicle in good condition and the safety and comfort accessories for the horse. Remember that you are going to carry a living being in that trailer!

We go point by point with the most concrete explanations. These are our tips:

  • Why bring food? Fresh hay is important for making stops along the way. Depending on the distance you have to carry more or less and always give him a drink so he does not get dehydrated.
  • If the horse is big or tall, it is imperative to put a protector so that it does not hit the head. If possible the trailer is 10 inches taller than your horse.
  • It is crucial always to carry an emergency kit (or a kit as complete as possible).
  • You must bring all travel accessories for the horse.
  • Be careful with sudden manoeuvres! You can scare the animal. Also, think that they are not used to being in such small and dark spaces.
  • You need the horse to have a health certificate where it is reflected that he has all the vaccines and that he is healthy.
  • The animal’s cabin must always be well ventilated.
  • If you can avoid it, don’t travel in the hottest hours of the day.
  • Drive with caution. You may be a great driver but the rest of us don’t know how they will react. Consistently smooth and fluid manoeuvres.

If you have any questions, comments or tips on towing a horse trailer, do let us know!

FAQ on Can a Freelander tow a horse trailer?

What weight can a Freelander tow?

A Freelander can tow an unbraked trailer that weighs 750kg. The braked towing capacity for a Freelander 1 is 1800kg. 

Are Freelanders good for towing?

With a towing capacity of 2000kg, the Freelanders are good for towing. Additionally, the 2.2 TD4  with 295lb/ft of twisting force is a winner.

What weight can a Freelander 2 tow?

A Freelander 2 can tow 750 kg unbraked and 2000 kg braked. 

How heavy is a horsebox?

Depending on the number of horses, a horsebox can weigh 12000 kg on average. You have to take into calculation the unloaded weight of the horse trailer, the weight of each horse, and the weight of feed, water, saddle, etc. 

Can I tow a horsebox?

You can tow a horsebox as long as you have the categories C1+E on your driver’s licence. When towing a horse trailer you can reach 8.25 tonnes (or 8250kg). 


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