Can a Forester tow a caravan?

In this article, we will discuss whether a Forester tow a caravan and what makes this spacious SUV unique. We will also discuss the  Subaru Forester EcoHybrid and what it brings to the table.  

Can a Forester tow a caravan?

A Subaru Forester has a maximum towing capacity of 1800 kg, thus it would be capable of towing a small, lightweight caravan. This compact and spacious SUV is a great choice especially for families who want to go on an adventure. 

If we were to choose a Forester, we would choose the version equipped with the boxer engine of 2.o litres and 125 hp. It is efficient enough and offers the best fuel economy.

Subaru Forester Towing Capacity

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Can the new Subaru Forester EcoHybrid tow a caravan?

The new Subaru Forester EcoHybrid has a towing capacity between 1400 and 1800 kg, which makes it a great option for towing a small caravan or trailerboat. Below we talk more about the new hybrid version of  Forester. 

For more than 20 years, the Forester has brought together all the traditional Subaru qualities in an SUV format. Its concept is almost immovable, especially its boxer engine, and yet Subaru had to resign themselves to creating a hybrid Forester. 

The Forester is an icon of the Japanese brand. The bases of its design have not changed, it is almost indifferent to fashions. No-frills styling, classic proportions, a high straight roof and a nearly vertical tailgate. Of course, it equips boxer-type engines – with opposite cylinders – and a permanent symmetrical all-wheel drive.

This fifth-generation Subaru Forester, which debuts a hybrid engine called e-boxer, is no exception to the rule. And although we are facing a completely new car, aesthetically speaking, it has continuity features with the previous generation.

The design of the new Subaru Forester does not offer radical changes. It just evolves. It has very marked features of Subaru Ascent, the Japanese manufacturer’s eight-seater SUV, and a front very similar to that of the previous Forester. It is on the sides and behind where the changes are more marked. The Forester’s sidewalls are now much more sculpted, with sharp wheel arches, for example.

On the other hand, despite an evolving aesthetic, with the passing of the generations, the Forester has more and more an off-road aspect, of an SUV we would say now, and has left behind the times when it looked like an SUV. Its dimensions (4.63 m long by 1.73 m high) also place it in a higher segment. 

The main change that affects this new generation model is the one that is not seen. In addition to a new platform (the Subaru Global Platform) that it shares with the new Subaru Impreza, the Forester debuts a hybrid e-boxer version.

Subaru Forester engines and other specs

While some of its rivals choose to equip powerful electric motors to help the heat engine, Subaru has chosen to assist its 2.0-liter 150 HP Atkinson cycle (with 80% new parts compared to the previous one) associate it with a small electric motor. of 17 CV and located in the automatic gearbox CVT.

A 0.6 kWh mini lithium-ion battery (in a Toyota RAV4 it is 1.5 kWh) and housed under the boot floor complete this system. Hybridization of the Forester has meant adding 110 kg of weight and reducing the fuel tank from 60 to 48 litres. It should be noted that the Forester does not lack EV mode (100% electric) and that only sometimes below 40 km / h it moves electrically over a few meters.

There are sections that Subaru masters very well. And this Forester is further proof of that. The chassis is ultra-rigid and has a low centre of gravity (thanks to its boxer engine, whose cylinders are horizontal) and it is something that becomes evident when cornering. The front end is precise and reactive, the steering fast enough for the Forester to be alive when cornering.

There is practically no rocking, but there is a slight bounce. As a general rule, the suspensions provide high comfort combined with excellent guidance and poise. Come on, that although the driver and his passengers will sink into the seats -which do not hold anything, by the way-, the car will take the curves almost flat. 

Not only is it lively and accurate, but it is also very comfortable. The suspensions filter almost everything perfectly, always maintaining the car’s poise. This, coupled with excellent soundproofing, make this new Forester a very refined model. In this regard, it is at the level of the best in the segment, such as Lexus and other premium manufacturers.

Without being an extreme off-roader, such as a Toyota Land Cruiser could be, the Subaru SUV has a permanent all-wheel drive with two modes of operation in off-road (snow/dirt/sand and mud / deep snow) and descent control that allows you to negotiate obstacles very honourably while displaying excellent traction (225/60 R17 Bridgestone Dueler tires).


The new Subaru Forester is packed with qualities that make it one of the best SUVs on the market. It offers excellent habitability, with a large boot and some versatility. It is dynamic as well as comfortable on the road and superb on the dirt tracks. 

Its all-wheel drive also provides safety in all circumstances, even when towing a caravan. And although its equipment does not have all the gadgets that are currently in fashion, it makes up for it with a standard supply of active and passive safety elements that in many other SUVs on the market are only expensive options.

Everything good until we get to the hybrid system. It can be forgiven for being the slowest of its rivals, although being fast is also a safety asset in overtaking. No, the real problem with this hybrid system is that it is too weak to actually help the gasoline engine and thus reduce consumption. 

Yes, it benefits from the ECO label, but in the end, an average of 11 l/100 km for a very quiet family SUV, can be a difficult pill for many to swallow. And its only audience will be the one that makes a lot of roads, where consumption is more reasonable and few cities. It’s a shame, because the rest, Subaru has impressed us.

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FAQ on Can a Forester tow a caravan?

What kind of trailer can a Subaru Forester pull?

With an average towing capacity of 1600 -1800 kilograms, a Subaru Forester can pull a small or medium-sized caravan, horse trailer with one horse, a small boat or sports equipment.

What weight can a Subaru XV tow?

The weight that a Subaru XV can tow is between 1250 and 1400 kg braked capacity. 

What weight can the Subaru Crosstrek tow?

Subaru Crosstrek has a towing capacity of 680 kg or 1500 pounds, making it great for towing small campers, a flatbed or a bicycle trailer. 

Is the Subaru XV a good car?

Overall, Subaru XV is a very good car, quite comfortable on high-speed and the torque has a good value, of 350 Nm, being reached very low, from 1,600 rpm.


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