Can a Ford Ranger pull a horse trailer?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a Ford Ranger pull a horse trailer? We will discuss what is like towing with a Ford Ranger and the pros and cons of the new Ranger.

Can a Ford Ranger pull a horse trailer?

Yes, a Ford Ranger is more than capable of pulling a horse trailer with one a maximum of three horses.  Although many aspects of the Ranger look and feel quite old, the Ranger’s four-cylinder turbo engine is the engine of towing excellence, which is standard on all models.

Not only is the engine more efficient than rivals’ four-cylinder offerings, it also delivers a ton of power.

Ford Ranger offers segment’ best torque, towing and cargo Capacity

A few months after the production of the new Ranger began, Ford released the performance and capabilities figures, which today place it as the best in the segment.

In the case of the version with the EcoBoost engine, the 2.3-litre turbo engine coupled with 10-speed transmission delivers an output of 270 hp and, more importantly in a pickup, 310 pound-feet of torque. This last figure is higher than any medium truck, including versions with a V6 engine.

But in addition to the great force exerted by the 2019 Ranger, the cargo and towing capacity is also striking. Thanks to a high-strength steel frame and a rigid rear axle with Hotchkis suspension, this pickup can conventionally tow more than any gasoline-powered truck in its class: 7,500 pounds (3,400 kilograms) when equipped with the towing package and a trailer brake controller. For its part, the load capacity is 1,860 pounds (843 kilograms).

Ford has dominant models when it comes to pick-ups and in the midsize segment, it is no exception, with a large volume of sales in the American market. The reason for this popularity is very simple, medium pick-ups are excellent options to move in cities thanks to their size, so they can move without problems, in addition to having a good load capacity to meet the work needs of consumers.

Under this premise, in recent years Ford has made a special effort to improve its stellar median in terms of equipment, safety and fuel efficiency to make it the most complete option for those looking for a midsize pick-up.

What we like most about the Ford Ranger

The improvements began from the aesthetic point of view with some subtle changes in the front part where the grill, the headlights and the fenders give a more robust image, which adds to the new design of the wheels and running boards, as well as the chrome on the handles that make it more attractive to the eye.

When entering the cabin it seems that you are inside one of the brand’s SUVs, thanks to the fact that Ford has decided to leave in history that image that the interiors of the pick-up are totally austere and only have what is necessary to fulfil their mission as work vans. 

At present, the interiors of Ford trucks also stand out for their technological amenities, which in particular for this Ranger XLT Diesel 2020 is a great advantage since it has an 8-inch touch screen from where the entire infotainment system is controlled.

The driving position and ergonomics with which the dashboard was designed also help to make the driving feel similar to that of a Ford SUV.

The rain sensor and the electric side mirrors are also of great help since it is a vehicle that will be surviving changing weather conditions and being able to accommodate the mirrors without having to open the windows to have a better viewing angle at certain times, it is a good facilitator of activities. This model and this particular version have a reverse camera and adaptive cruise control.

What we don’t really like about the Ford Ranger

Specifically for the Ford Ranger XLT, the quality of the seats could be improved, because on long trips they can be uncomfortable. In the case of a car that will invariably be used for work activities that normally involve moving objects over relatively long distances, it is a point against that the seats are not entirely comfortable after a certain time. 

Another point that Ford should also pay attention to is the integration of stability control.

While it is true that the cargo box has a plastic coating, it would have been a better idea to have a spray coating to be efficient at preventing corrosion.

The new Ford Ranger: towing performance

The new Ford Ranger XLT Diesel has a 3.2-liter turbodiesel engine capable of generating up to 197 horsepower and 347 lb-ft of torque with which it can have a range of more than 850 kilometers with a full tank. The six-speed automatic transmission is very efficient in its response which generates a pleasant handling.

Stable and smooth driving are characteristic of this model thanks to the maneuverability offered by its electronic steering (only available in this version).

When hitting the rough roads, its height and tires with a high bed are reinforced with a 4X4 system that allows you to change the driving mode by means of a knob and choose between: rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive on both axles with a speed reduction box known as 4Low and which is ideal when you have to crossroads in which rocks, mud or sand predominate since it increases traction by maximizing torque, so you would not have any problem to overcome each of your obstacles in the best way.

When we talk about loading or towing activities, the Ford Ranger is on par with the most popular large pick-ups in markets such as the United States, since its box as mentioned by the brand can transport 1,100 kilograms, while its towing capacity exceeds three tons. 

To these figures, it must be added that the pan offers fastening hooks with manual locking of the lid by means of the key, so you can be convinced that the load will arrive safely at its destination as long as you fasten it properly.


With everything we have seen, it is very clear that the Ford Ranger XLT 2020 Diesel can be considered one of the best options in the segment of the midsize pick-up since it better has an important balance in terms of design, performance, efficiency , equipment and load capacities.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any comments or questions about towing with a Ford Ranger. 

FAQ Can a Ford Ranger pull a horse trailer?

How much weight can a Ford Ranger tow?

The vehicle has a load capacity of 1 ton and can tow up to 3,500 kg. It has a ground clearance of 237mm and can effortlessly form waterways up to 800mm deep.

What is towing capacity?

The Towing Capacity results from the chassis components: Aluminum and High Strength Steel. Aluminum considerably reduces the weight of the body, while High Strength Steel provides much more rigidity and strength to the structure of the truck, to withstand the most challenging terrain.

Can a Ford Territory tow a horse float?

The Ford Territory has an excellent towing capacity, thus it could tow a horse float with either one or two horses. Just be careful that you don’t exceed the maximum allowed mass of the car and that you keep the horse(s) safe and comfortable for the entire journey. 


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