Can a Ford Focus tow a caravan? (7 key factors)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a Ford Focus tow a caravan? We will discuss seven key factors: the total mass of a caravan, the towable mass of the car, trailer width limits, and the tow ratio. 

Can a Ford Focus tow a caravan?

Following the 85% rule, a Ford Focus can tow a 1208kg caravan without any difficulties. A Ford Focus’s towing capacity starts at 800 kg with a maximum of 1400kg for the newer models. Check the table below for more information. 

Ford Focus Towing Capacity

YearTowing capacity fromTowing capacity to

Below are the factors you have to consider when deciding to tow a caravan with your car. We will explain each concept and it will hopefully help you make a decision. 

  1. The total mass of a caravan

To understand what the total mass of the trailer is, just read the entry F2 in the vehicle registration document, in fact, indicates the total mass and is expressed in kilograms.

The F2 on the trailer registration document indicates that the trailer must not exceed this weight when fully loaded.

  1. The total mass of the car

As with the trailer, the car also has a total weight when fully loaded and this is also indicated on the car registration certificate under item F2.

This value-added to the total mass of the trailer mentioned in the paragraph above gives us the total weight of our train: the vehicle and trailer pair.

  1. Towable mass of the car

The towable mass of the car, always expressed in kg, shows us how much our car can tow to the maximum, but be careful this does not mean that we can tow a trailer of the indicated weight because everything must comply with our B license.

The towable mass of the car can be read in item O1 of the vehicle registration document.

An example: If the value of O1 is 1000, our car can tow a trailer with a maximum total mass of 1000 kg, i.e. the F2 value of the trailer must be less than or equal to 1000.

  1. Trailer width limits

There are also width limits, as the trailer must not be wider than the towing car. This always applies except for caravans and transport of tourist sports equipment.

Note: In the case of caravans, the trailer can protrude 70 cm (rounded to 5 cm higher). This means that if our car is 190 cm wide, the caravan can protrude up to a maximum of 260 cm (190 car width + 70 caravan and sports equipment).

The towing car must be equipped with 2 additional external rear-view mirrors that do not protrude more than 20 cm from the trailer’s outline.

  1. The vertical load of the tow hook

Check that the real vertical load on the drawbar of the trailer does not exceed the maximum value of the vertical load allowed for the tow hook of your tractor, this value is usually shown on the tow hook plate.

  1. The tow ratio

The towing ratio is a value given by the ratio between the mass of the trailer and that of the tractor, we wrote a detailed article days ago and if you want to learn more we leave you the link here.

Ok, we made you a general summary of the actors in the game to evaluate when towing a trailer and now let’s start talking about the limits of the B license.

  1. Driving licence for towing a caravan/trailer

In essence, the main limits imposed by the B license when we talk about towing a trailer are:

  • the sum of the overall masses of the car and vehicle must not exceed 3500 kg
  • the trailer cannot have a total mass greater than the O1 value of the vehicle
  • Trailer width cannot exceed the vehicle silhouette plus 70 cm
  • the maximum vertical load of the tow hook must be observed

So if your MAM(F2 car + F2 trailer) exceeds 3500 kg, you need a license extension such as the B96 or the BE.

The Ford Focus: a review

The Ford Focus is a compact five-door, although it can also be purchased with a Sportbreak family body. It is a true world best-seller. We could highlight its balance between quality and price, aspects that have improved significantly with the current generation of 2018 in which its aesthetics and, above all, its technological endowment have also been revised. 

Like almost all of its rivals, the Ford Focus is not available with a three-door body, but it can be found with a family body, and with a four-door sedan in some markets.

The new Focus gains a lot in habitability by launching the Ford C2 platform, which among other improvements makes this Focus enjoy a wheelbase that has grown 53 millimetres compared to its predecessor to maximize space onboard, shorten the overhangs, and enjoy a more robust silhouette. 

Its trunk remains at about 375 litres, limited by the independent suspension of the rear axle that is incorporated in engines from 150 hp, but similar to its main rivals. The station wagon reaches an outstanding 608 litres.

The range of engines is wide and well staggering. The supply of gasoline engines is made up of a 1.0 EcoBoost in versions of 100 and 125 hp, as well as a 1.5 EcoBoost of 150 and 182 hp; being in both cases three-cylinder engines with turbocharging. The diesel mechanics have a 1.5 EcoBlue four-cylinder block with powers of 95 and 120 hp, and a 2.0 EcoBlue for the 150 hp variant.

Regarding the available gearboxes, all versions are offered as standard with a 6-speed manual transmission. Optionally, some of them can be configured with an 8 preset speed automatic transmission. Of course, the traction is always to the front end, because at the moment there is no variant of four-wheel drive.

After finalizing the production of the fantastic Focus RS, the family’s most performance units are signed by the initials ST, both in compact bodywork and in family format. They have a block 2.3 EcoBoost four-cylinder turbocharged. It develops a specific power of 280 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque. Management is derived from a six-speed manual gearbox.

As is customary in the model, from inside doors the Ford Focus is very balanced. It offers a well-presented cabin, equipped and with materials of pleasant touch combined with other areas finished in hard plastic. The sensation of perceived quality is correct, although the degree of interior noise is somewhat high, thus reducing the feeling of comfort on the part of the occupants.

The range of equipment is distributed on different levels or steps. We find Trend, Trend +, Titanium, ST-Line, ST-Line X, Active, Active X, Vignale and ST from lowest to highest price and endowment. The latter is reserved exclusively for the most powerful mechanics, and as we have already mentioned, the Active finish has a more rustic look with particular design elements. All bodies can be accommodated at all levels.

As for equipment, the Focus begins to attribute an age problem, losing technological competitiveness with respect to more modern models. Highlights include: LED headlights, keyless entry and start, parking camera, sunroof, SYNC3 multimedia system with 8-inch touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, climate control and much more. Also included is an extensive team of safety elements and driving assistants.

FAQ on Can a Ford Focus tow a caravan?

Will my car tow my caravan?

You can tow a caravan if the latter weights 85 per cent or less of the car’s kerbweight. A caravan’s weight cannot be greater than the towable mass indicated in the car documents. 

How much does a caravan weigh?

You will find precisely how much a caravan weighs and its capacity in the manufacturer’s manual. If the caravan has brakes and weighs over 750 kg, it is driven with the B + E category or the driving school certificate.

Which cars are best for towing small loads?

If you only have a small trailer or caravan to the cables, they really don’t need a huge 4×4. Even medium hatchbacks – such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf – can do the job. 


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