Can a Chrysler Town and Country tow a pop up camper?

In this article, we will discuss: Can a Chrysler Town and Country tow a pop up camper? We will explain how to hitch a camper or trailer to this Chrysler model, and also review Chrysler Town and Country engine and performance. 

Can a Chrysler Town and Country tow a pop up camper?

Yes, a Chrysler Town and Country can tow a pop-up camper. With the additional Towing Prep Package, this Chrysler can tow up to 3600 lbs!

When towing with a Chrysler Town and Country, keep in mind the following:

  • The maximum towing capacity of your vehicle varies largely depending on the number of occupants in the vehicle and whether or not it is equipped with a towing package. 
  • A standard-equipped Town & Country can tow 1,800 pounds if there are two passengers, 1,350 pounds if there are three to five passengers, and 1,000 pounds if there are six or seven passengers. A tow package increases towing capacity to 2,000 pounds in each scenario.
  • Chrysler suggests you load 60-65 percent of the weight toward the front of the trailer. This will put the required 10-15 percent of the weight on the Town & Country hitch.

How to tow a camper with my Chrysler Town & Country

The ability to tow a camper with your Chrysler Town & Country adds significantly to your vehicle’s versatility. Whether you are towing a small utility trailer, boat, or caravan, you will need to take extra care if the trailer is connected properly. 

You also need to make sure that the trailer is loaded evenly, as a trailer that is heavy on one side can cause instability when towing and can cause the trailer to tilt or weave in traffic.

  1. Pay attention to the engine temperature gauge, especially when driving in hot weather or up steep slopes. Chrysler says the engine temperature gauge may indicate a higher temperature than usual. 

This is because the engine and transmission are working harder due to the increased weight the vehicle is pulling. If the needle exceeds the upper range of normal operating temperature and enters the hot zone, stop and turn your vehicle. Driving with an overheated engine or transmission can cause serious damage.

  1. Increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. The extra weight behind you from the trailer means it will take longer for you to stop. Avoid hitting the brakes, as this can cause your Town & Country and trailer to fold and cause an accident. 

Allowing an increase in distance will also allow you to gradually slow down and reduce the likelihood of your brakes overheating and failing.

  1. Firmly hold the steering wheel and the car in a steady line and avoid swerving in and out of traffic. Sudden changes in direction can cause excessive leverage on the trailer and can cause you to lose control of your Town & Country.

Take your time to get where you want to go. Increasing speed will not only significantly reduce your trailer’s fuel efficiency but can also increase trailer sway.

How easy is it to tow with a Chrysler Town and Country?

The versatility of the Town & Country (twin of the Dodge Caravan in the United States) is not new. It was the creator of the segment to which she belongs and, since then, in 30 years it has never stopped moving forward. 

It is true that not all times were good and that competitors, especially Japanese, have at times surpassed it although this model, typically North American, maintains its validity unchanged and is faithful to its origin.

The current version is modern, although not everything that it should be (surely we will be seeing an update soon) like the Toyota Sienna or the Nissan Quest. But you can never stop pondering the fidelity to the original model, as it has always been updated with improvements but without losing the essence of the first day.

But, as is known, its maximum potential is the interior space, not only because of the comfort of a large number of slides but also because of the fact that seven people can enter (six very comfortable) without it being a great effort to reach the third seating line thanks to its sliding doors on both sides and the comfortable central aisle.

However, its greatest achievement is modularity, that is to say, the possibility of being able to change the internal appearance or to transform the configuration according to the needs; Proof this is the central sliding module between the driver’s and passenger’s seats and those in the second row, as well as being a multipurpose stool with a lot of storage space of different sizes and sizes that unfolds as well.

This aspect, central to the model, does not interfere with load capacity or comfort. On the one hand, its rear occupants can enter comfortably through any of the sliding doors and occupy an armchair in the second row or also sit in the third, entering through a corridor that can be passed by people of a certain age without inconvenience. 

This comfort is also noticeable in the trunk since they have solved the reduction of space by having a third row of seats without lengthening the vehicle by running all those elements that are usually found under the floor. What they achieved is a deep trunk capable of easily incorporating luggage for all occupants, a real achievement.

What the folks at Chrysler have also worked on is giving their interior a business jet look. Thanks to its beige leather seats (tested version), the central aisle, the screens and, above all, the bluish central lighting -typical of a plane- that emerges from the sides of the central console attached to the ceiling.

It allows you to feel in a modern atmosphere ready for long trips.

Chrysler Town and Country on the road

Although it is not sporty, it is still true that any family can more than contain their needs in this Chrysler model, whether for comfort, safety or general performance.

In the case of the vehicle we drove, it was a top-of-the-range version with extra equipment and, actually, it had almost everything, from electrically adjustable leather seats, automatic opening and closing tailgate, DVD player, rearview camera, power button, ignition of the engine from the key, DVD in the second and third row of seats with headphones via Bluetooth, air vents in all rows of seats, among others.

Likewise, this version incorporates a reversing camera and a light warning when one lane moves and another vehicle approaches, a 3/40 GB hard drive and countless options. However, one of the strongest points of the model is the peace of mind that the buyer receives from the knowledge that it has a 5-year warranty, which speaks of the brand’s confidence in its flagship product.

In order to highlight some aspects of the Town & Country, we observe quite good material qualities and finishes, which can be weighed within the industry average and have nothing to envy to other similar models on the market.

Chrysler Town and Country engine and performance 

As this minivan not only intends to carry seven passengers comfortably but also that they also have the possibility of making long trips comfortably seated, its engine has really performed with the maximum smoothness, providing low noise in the cabin. Also, the suspensions do their job properly, not being too hard or too soft.

The power of the vehicle is not only appropriate but it exceeds the expectations of what is necessary for a family car, although, it is recurrent that this type of models that are heavy have high power impellers. In this case, it is a 3.6-litre V six-cylinder engine that delivers 280/7 horsepower, and that responds to the pedal’s impulse, that yes with greater noise when it is demanded insistently.

The six-speed automatic transmission has a lot to do with the comfort that we announced, since the steps of the changes are agile and not very noticeable but, above all, they allow the van to always develop relaxed gears. This also contributes strongly to fuel economy, although this is clearly still the model’s weakest point.

The bottom line

We can confirm that the Chrysler Town & Country remains a great option for towing a camper, with unbeatable equipment, quality, modularity, interior and ride comfort and space, which allows it to remain an undisputed benchmark among minivans.

Time will surely tell that it will have to achieve a more modern exterior aesthetic and improve fuel consumption, which will allow it to remain a leading model.

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