Can a BMW X1 tow a caravan?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can a BMW X1 tow a caravan? We will discuss a BMW X1 pluses and minuses, behaviour on the road, maintenance and service. 

Can a BMW X1 tow a caravan?

A BMW X1 has a towing capacity of 1600 kgs or 3,700 pounds. Luckily, this means that you will be able to tow the average caravan, as long as you respect the weight limits. Like any self-respecting BMW, the X1 has a good road holding. Pushed to the limit, it subverts, but the ESP does its job well, but without exaggerating by brutally cutting the torque transmitted to the wheels.

Technical sheet: BMW X1 – 1.8d xDrive:

  • Dimensions : LxWxH (m) 4.44 × 1.82 × 1.59
  • Wheelbase (m): 2.67
  • Front/rear track (m): 1.56 x 1.56
  • Number of doors: 5
  • Nr. Places: 5
  • Own / maximum mass (kg): 1643/2135
  • Towable load: (kg) 600
  • Luggage carrier volume min / max (m3): 505/1550
  • Tank (liters): 51
  • Cylinder (cmc): 1995
  • P. Max / rpm (CP): 150/4000
  • Max / rpm torque (Nm): 330/1750
  • Gearbox (type, rap. No.): Auto, 8
  • Starting 0 – 100 km / h (s): 9.3
  • Top speed (km / h): 204
  • Declared urban / extra urban / mixed consumption (l / 100 km): 5.5 / 4.3 / 4.7
  • CO2 emissions (g / km): 124.

BMW X1: A different design

After a first generation in which many challenged the interior, BMW responded with a new platform, based on a front-wheel-drive vehicle, which led to a change in body proportions. As a result, the X1 has more of a hatchback look than an SUV, which is its advantage.

On long or short roads, long suspension travel is welcome to alleviate bumps. Large wheels, on the other hand, with run-flat tires, take the pits quite hard and, especially the short bumps with sharp edges like tram rails or channel covers, as they are found everywhere.

The two-litre engine with 150 hp is a delight. Thanks to the eight-speed automatic transmission, in no case, was the car caught on the wrong foot in any overtaking or at a departure from the traffic light. The nice part is that everything happened quickly, as if without any effort on the part of the car. And, on the long road, at highway speeds, the engine spins at about 2000 rpm.

In the city: Comfortable and agile. Even if it is not the fastest in the family, it does well in sneaking through traffic and finding parking spaces. The higher steering position allows better visibility at the exit from the side streets into the boulevards.

On the road: Fast and stable. Like any self-respecting BMW, the X1 has a good road holding. Pushed to the limit, it subverts, but the ESP does its job well, but without exaggerating by brutally cutting the torque transmitted to the wheels.

On the highway: Quiet and economical. However, the cylinder speaks for itself and the over 1.7 tons of the car have their tribute. At over 130 km / h the consumption is around 7 l / 100 km. Instead, interior comfort is at a very high level.

BMW X1 on-board technologies

As we expected, BMW is well equipped with all kinds of devices and accessories to make life onboard easier or safer. Surprisingly, the navigation is quite precise, although I was on roads where I could hardly call the national road as anything other than a dusty country road, as wide as a car and driven by carts.

We especially appreciated the three settings of the powertrain (Eco Pro, Normal and Sport) that radically change the behavior of the car. A nice feature of the brand is that even when in Eco Pro mode, when you firmly press the accelerator, it suddenly switches to sport, offering the maximum power and torque it could offer. 

After all, if you go on a long road and you have to overtake you don’t want to have to press the buttons before pressing the accelerator.

BMW X1 maintenance and service

Since 2007, the entire BMW range has benefited from the standard free service package (BMW Service Inclusive) for 5 years or 100,000 km. The package can be supplemented with BMW Service Inclusive Plus which includes the replacement of brake discs, pads and clutch disc (for versions with manual transmissions) and can be extended up to 10 years or 200,000 km. 

In addition, customers can opt for the BMW Repair Inclusive system, which extends the car’s warranty by 3 years, up to a limit of 200,000 km. If you want to extend the maintenance packages up to 200,000 km or 10 years, the cost of the packages will be $1090 plus VAT for the maintenance or $3850 without VAT for the one in which you will change the discs plus the brake pads, wiper blades and the clutch disc.

BMW X1: pluses

It is one of the best options for a premium car, ready for any kind of road, in any weather conditions and to ensure both comfort and image to which is added the utility of a very generous trunk, up to 500 liters. 

Whether it’s for business travel for related presentations across the country, with luggage for four people and promotional materials for a week, or for personal use on family holidays, the BMW X1 1.8 xDrive is all you need. And the starting price, of $29,150 without VAT, is reasonable for its class.

BMW X1: minuses

Although it has a pretty good starting price for a 150 hp turbo diesel crossover, the BMW X1 will be quite expensive if options are added. Only the automatic transmission is 1697 Euro plus VAT, and the LED headlights 1069 dollars plus VAT. 

Therefore, if you start to put more equipment, such as the test vehicle (panoramic glass sunroof, adaptive suspensions, leather upholstery, etc.) you will be able to pay over $53,000 including VAT on the car. In addition, during the test, we found that an average actual consumption would be about 6.6 l / 100 km which would raise operating costs quite a bit.

The bottom line

If you need a Premium car for a person with a driving function, versatile, comfortable and useful, the X1 is a very good option, especially with the 150 hp engine variant, with automatic transmission. 

If you have any questions on the content, or if you are a BMW X1 owner, we’d like to hear more from you!

FAQ on Can a BMW x1 tow a caravan?

Can a BMW 1 Series tow a caravan?

Yes, the BMW 1 Series can tow a caravan. The towing limit varies between 745 kgs for an unbraked capacity and 1500 kgs for a braked capacity. To be sure how much your model can tow, check the owner’s manual. 

Can a BMW tow a caravan?

A BMW has a strong towing capacity between 745 and 3500 kg, depending on the car model. To be sure how much your model can tow, check the owner’s manual. 

Can a BMW 3 Series tow a caravan?

 A BMW 3 Series can tow a caravan effortlessly. As long as the caravan’s weight doesn’t exceed 85% of the weight of the car, you can trust your BMW 3 Series to tow it. 

Can a BMW 328i tow?

A BMW 328i can tow any trailer weighing up to 900 kg or 2000 lbs, as long as you have a trailer hitch installed. 


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