Can a BMW 1 Series tow a caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a BMW 1 Series tow a caravan? We will continue with a review of the classical BMW 1 Series and tell you all you need to know about it. 

Can a BMW 1 Series tow a caravan?

Yes, the BMW 1 Series can tow a caravan. The towing limit varies between 745 kgs for an unbraked capacity and 1300 kgs for a braked capacity. To be sure how much your model can tow, check the owner’s manual. 

BMW 1 Series Towing Capacity

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The BMW 1 Series: All you need to know

BMW has renewed its compact, a BMW 1 Series that comes with a new and controversial platform, losing the precious propulsion in exchange for a front-wheel-drive; that comes with much more technology and new design features.

We have already had the opportunity to drive a BMW 1 Series on different occasions, but what is the best thing about this new generation of BMW’s compact car? This is the best argument against the Mercedes A-Class.

The new BMW 1 Series stands out for its great comfort and ride quality.

The new BMW 1 Series with the 118i and 118d engines, blocks of 140 and 150 hp respectively perform very positively in the performance section, especially in the case of diesel, also registering an average consumption close to 4.5 l / 100 km, but where the new BMW 1 Series has surprised us the most is in its chassis section.

And it is that starting from the platform already known in the MINI, BMW has done a great job of development and tuning to make this chassis a more comfortable chassis, better insulated, nobler in its face, very stable in curves and above all by conveying the feeling that we are driving a car from a higher segment and not a compact. Its enormous ride quality is its great virtue.

The BMW 1 Series continues to stand out above the average.

We must see this controversial decision from the perspective that the bulk of the customers of the BMW 1 Series do not value as a decisive factor the fact that their car is front-wheel drive or not and that a compact is the front-wheel-drive is the most logical for costs production and to achieve a better interior ability, the latter point in which the BMW 1 Series has improved a lot.

Dynamically, the BMW 1 Series continues to have the hallmark of BMW despite not being now a propulsion car in the sense that it continues to be one of the compacts with better dynamics, with a front end that goes straight into a curve and with a good feeling. of agile cars.

BMW 1 Series: all about the engines

The Series 1 range has options in both gasoline and diesel. Of course, it has the smallest engines in the BMW range. It is one of the few that has three-cylinder engines. In diesel and gasoline, it is possible to have three and four cylinders, in addition to the 6-cylinder turbo of the M140i.

Petrol engines of the BMW 1 Series:

  • The basic engine is a three-cylinder that has 136 horsepower. We can find it at 116i and 118i. Very suitable engine to move this compact and have certain sensations at the wheel. If we go to the four-cylinder, we have to say that it has double variable control of the camshaft (Double VANOS) and variable valve control: it can develop 177 or 218 horses, being the one carried by the 125i.

Diesel engines in the BMW 1 Series:

  • The three-cylinder diesel is, despite the vibrations, it can emit, a pleasant engine that has enough power (116 horsepower according to official figures). As far as the four-cylinder engine is concerned, it is a 2.0 that has up to three power levels: 150, 190 and 224 horsepower – all the engines in the BMW range are from the TwinPower Turbo family.

The 116i is not, in absolute terms, a fast car, but its power is enough to circulate freely.

BMW 1 Series: behaviour on the road

We are facing a car well made and where the behaviour conforms to the parameters of BMW. It is a good car to drive without having to give up the necessary driving comfort.

We are facing a model that has aluminium components in its suspension that helps the model weigh less and react better to movements of the steering wheel or unevenness on the road with greater ease. There is almost no noise or vibration behind the wheel, especially in the lower gasoline engines.

If we go to the diesel, the sound is much higher, as well as the vibrations, especially in the 120d. In case we need more sportiness, the Series 1 M140i yields 335 horses.

Something that we must not forget is that it is a model that does not have a good rear view, which is solved by installing a rear view camera.

The driving feel is magnificent, especially when you think about the balance between comfort and ride quality. This model is one of the most refined and comfortable, being the only one that has the propulsion in the category.

We can conclude by saying that the behaviour is typical of the brand, standing out for being very neutral and having a perfect weight distribution that helps to make driving the most dynamic.


Finally, the other highlight of the new BMW 1 Series is the sensation of a technological car that it offers, with its multimedia system and its careful interface, with its instrumentation, with voice control!

Yes, the Mercedes A-Class is still visually more spectacular but that BMW has opted for a classic design and continuity with the interior of the BMW 1 Series is not bad news if we take into account the good work they have done with the adjustments and the good quality that transmits the entire area of ​​the dashboard, period in which it surpasses the compact Mercedes.

Therefore the BMW 1 Series remains a compact car with great dynamics, at the top of the segment and despite losing the mysticism of propulsion, the BMW 1 Series now enjoys a great rolling, mature, well insulated, very comfortable and enormous improvement that has taken place in its ride quality must be the great claim for those who are thinking of making the leap to this new generation of the BMW 1 Series.

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FAQ on Can a BMW 1 Series tow a caravan?

Can a BMW tow a caravan?

A BMW has a strong towing capacity between 745 and 3500 kg, depending on the car model. To be sure how much your model can tow, check the owner’s manual. 

Can a BMW X1 tow a caravan?

A BMW X1 has a towing capacity of 1600 kgs or 3,700 pounds. Luckily, this means that you will be able to tow the average caravan, as long as you respect the weight limits. 

Can a BMW X1 tow a boat?

Of course, a BMW X1 can tow a boat. In fact, at the launch of the new BMW X1, it was demonstrated that it can tow a boat as heavy as 2000 kilograms! 

IS X1 a good car?

If you need a Premium car for a person with a driving function, versatile, comfortable and useful, the X1 is a very good car, especially with the 150 hp engine variant, with automatic transmission.


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