Can a 3/4 ton truck carry a camper? (best 5) 

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Can a 3/4 ton truck carry a camper? We will review the towing capacity and features of five ¾ ton trucks that are more than able to carry a camper. 

Can a 3/4 ton truck carry a camper?

Yes, a ¾ ton truck can carry a camper, as long as the truck camper weighs between 3000 and 4000 lbs. The average weight of a truck camper is 2,684 lbs unloaded, but of course, this varies depending on the camper type, whether it is a slide-out or a non-slide out model. 

Here are some of the most important 3/4 Ton Pickup features:

  • Up to 4000 lb payload
  • Seating for 3-6 People – Extended and Double Cabins
  • Two or four wheel drive
  • Short and long platforms (6′-8 ‘)
  • Gas or diesel
  • Towable Capability – Hitch Receiver Makes Towing Easy 
  • Ideal for recreation, local movements and projects. 

How much can pick-up trucks tow?

While the most popular pick-up trucks for towing are 1-ton vehicles, the ½ ton and ¾ ton pick-ups are also able to carry a camper. See more details in the table below. 

Features1/2 ton pickup truck 3/4 ton pickup truck1-ton pickup truck
Passenger seats Up to 6Up to 6Up to 6
Truck Bed Length6.5 ‘- 8’6.5 ‘- 8’6.5 ‘- 8’
Two and four-wheel driveYesYesYes
Available in diesel engines YesYesYes
Ability to tow a camperNot recommendedYesYes
Available with double rear wheelNoNoYes
PayloadUp to 2,000 lbsUp to 4,000 lbsUp to 6,000 lbs
Extended and double cabinsYesYesYes

Note: When calculating the maximum weight that a truck can carry, you must take into account the gross weight of the vehicle. The maximum weight the vehicle can carry is on a label located on the door jamb of the glove box. Subtract the weight of the vehicle from the maximum allowable weight to find out how much load the truck can carry. 

For example, if the gross vehicle weight is 3,000 pounds (1,350 kg) and the vehicle weighs 1,500 pounds (675 kg), the maximum load is 1,500 pounds (675 kg).

What are 3/4 ton trucks like?

The 3/4 ton trucks are small trucks that can carry an approximate load of 4000 lbs. They use diesel or gasoline engines and simple tires or rubbers. These trucks are considered lightweight and can currently carry up to 1.5 tons.

Here are some recommendations to take into account when carrying a camper with a ¾ ton truck:

  • Do not carry more than the maximum weight allowed for your three-quarter-ton truck. Excessive load can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and can also damage the frame and suspension of the vehicle. Truck drivers must use defensive driving, always trying to avoid accidents as they are often spectacular and tragic.
  • Always respect the traffic rules
  • Drive at a moderate speed and wearing a seat belt
  • Do not ingest liquor or drugs that alter your ability to respond.
  • Access to communication with your operations centre
  • Do not carry fuel or chemicals in the cabin
  • Do not exceed the passenger capacity according to the seats
  • Stop periodically to check the status of the load and the truck
  • Yield to loaded vehicles.

How do I know how much weight my ¾ ton truck can carry?

The size of a truck is described per ton. This is to indicate the approximate weight a truck can carry. A three-quarter-ton pickup could once carry about 1,500 pounds. But today’s three-quarter-ton pickups typically carry 1.5 tons. Other truck specifications must also be taken into account when calculating the maximum weight a truck can carry. Gross vehicle weight

When calculating the maximum weight a truck can carry, you need to take the gross vehicle weight into consideration. The maximum weight the vehicle can carry is indicated on a label on the door jamb or in the glove compartment. 

Subtract the weight of the vehicle, the maximum weight allowed for the calculation of the amount that the truck can carry. For example, if the gross vehicle weight is 3,000 pounds. and the vehicle weighs 1,500 pounds. The maximum payload is 1,500 pounds.

The type of tires and wheels on a vehicle can change the weight of the transport capacity. The width and size of the tires and the number of wheel bolts must be considered when calculating the maximum payload.

Do not carry more than the maximum weight allowed for your three-quarter-ton pickup. Excessive load can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and also damage the frame and suspension of the vehicle.

The Best 3/4-Ton Pickup Trucks for carrying a camper

The following ¾ ton trucks are among our favourites and among the best-rated pick-ups for carrying a camper. We shortly describe them below and tell you about the most important features they provide while towing. 

  • Ford F-250 Super Duty  – The Ford F-250 is a good choice for truck lovers who want more than just a standard truck but aren’t quite ready for a gas-filled haulier. The F-250 is fully capable of towing and its towing capacity has increased over the years, new models have been introduced. An F-250 most certainly can carry a camper. The maximum towing capacity of an F-250 is up to 19000 lbs (8618 kg) with a payload of 7050 lbs (3197 kg) and a GVWR of 14000 lbs (6350kg). 

The base engine is therefore a 6.2-litre V8 producing 385 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque, coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission. An engine built for hard work, without the latest technology that can add to your maintenance and repair bill. You can even opt for conversion to compressed natural gas or propane. 

Indeed, the F-250, F-350 and F-450 offer unparalleled strength, muscle and capabilities, whether working on a job site or towing heavy loads. These workaholics can also show a more docile side with luxurious variations, proving that one truck can be enough for work during the week and family and social life on the weekends.

  • RAM 2500: A RAM 2500 truck can tow up to 20,000 lbs (depending on the model and technical specifications). RAM 2500 trucks are ideal for small to medium-sized campers. 

Most people ask if they can pull a fifth wheel with a RAM 2500 because they have a large family with extra cargo and it is difficult to put everything in a truck. With this model, you can place a sleeping cabin inside the rear area of ​​the truck. This will reduce the area occupied by the truck (other than that you won’t have to worry as much about the gooseneck when using the automatic slip clutch), but it will increase the number of seats you can have.

You can also buy a six-door RAM truck. Six-door trucks are more expensive, but they are usable in the market, so no adjustments are necessary. They are also bigger, so you need more freedom of action.

If your family is very large, you can consider two cars, the RAM 2500 (only four seats) can pull the load and another car (most likely a wagon or SUV) can go with the remaining family and the extra load.

  • GMC Sierra 2500:  GMC’s large Sierra pickup trucks are nothing less than Silverado twins except for the trim and finish. They, therefore, display almost identical towing capacity depending on the corresponding models with a maximum of 12,500 pounds with the 6.2-litre V8 and the eight-speed automatic transmission. 

Obviously, just like the Silverado, the GMC Sierra will soon hit the market with a completely redesigned body that’s different from that of the Chevrolet. Of course, it’s only when it hits the showrooms that we will know its maximum towing capacity. 

Note, however, that the Duramax 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbodiesel will be offered with a ten-speed automatic transmission. But you’d expect the 6.2-litre gasoline V8 to be most capable with the ten-speed automatic. And if you want to shoot more, once again you have to look at the HD 2500 and HD 3500.

  • Toyota Tacoma: This model has a maximum towing capacity of 6,800 pounds, and a minimum of 3,500 pounds. In terms of volume, the double cab Tacoma is in the good average of its category without being very generous for the driver. The limited steering column and seat adjustments give us little leeway, and it’s just up to the legs. The storage could also be more prominent; it is a work vehicle, after all.

Despite the relative youth of the current generation, Tacoma exudes a scent of nostalgia. Its conservative technical approach and road handling testify to this, especially if we directly compare it with the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. 

Therefore, we must approach this van with this observation in mind and be open to making certain concessions in refinement. In return, it is a very robust vehicle with a very high resale value, inflated by its good reputation for reliability. 

  • Chevrolet Colorado: You can put a truck camper on a Chevy Colorado, as long as you don’t exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle. Depending on the engine and the trim pack of your Chevy, the car can tow between 7,000 and 8,000 lbs.

The Chevrolet Colorado truck comes in four trim types, the “Work Truck,” the “1LT,” the “2LT,” and the highest trim in the range, the “3LT.” Depending on the vehicle’s trim level, there are different towing capacities ranging from 2,400 to 4,000 lbs.

Towing with a Chevy Colorado is simple and most trucks come with a pre-installed towing package that includes a trailer hitch, tow ball, and a four-way trailer towing harness. 

Final thoughts

Truck campers are a very useful accessory for these utility vehicles, especially when transporting people or a load that needs greater protection against the weather and other agents such as sun, wind, rain, earth, among others.

If you are a truck driver, there are minimum requirements for your vehicle. First, you need to determine what your vehicle is capable of carrying. Many of today’s new pickups are listed either on the door pillar or in the glove box or in the instruction manual.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on Can a 3/4 ton truck carry a camper?

Are truck campers hard on trucks?

Yes, truck campers can be hard to load and unload. You must make sure you respect the towing capacity of your truck and properly load the weight of the camper. 

What is a truck camper?

Increasingly popular, the truck camper is ideal for your hunting and fishing trips or your family camping vacation. As its name suggests, this RV attaches to the platform or chassis of the truck that transports it and does not require torsion bars. 

Can a Ford F-150 carry a truck camper?

Yes, a Ford F-150 can carry a truck camper. Just keep in mind the maximum towing capacity of  2,700 lbs when loading your camper.

How much can a truck tow? 

A half-ton pickup (or midsize AWD SUV) can haul around 5,000 pounds. Uneven trucks have unequal weight classes and unequal tow bars have unequal weight classes. Therefore, check your vehicle’s towing limitations. 


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