What is the best bed for a small room? ( 9 best beds for a small room)

In this brief guide we are going to answer the question “What is the best bed for a small room?”. We will discuss various bed ideas for a small room, their perks and requirements, review them and let you know where you can get them from.

What is the best bed for a small room?

The best bed for a small room are:

  • All in one fold down wall beds: these beds are perfect for small rooms that require more than one purpose of use. 
  • Two in one closet bed 
  • Loft beds: lofts beds are great at saving almost all floor space, bound to make rooms look bigger and open.
  • Underfloor beds: these beds also save an amazing amount of floor space. 
  • Alcove beds: these beds are a unique way of saving space in a room with an alcove  
  • Sofa beds: sofa beds, as by the name, provide a dual purpose of transforming into a bed from a sofa.
  • Ottoman beds.
  • A truckle bed 
  • Twin beds: want more than a single bed? But not enough room? Truckle beds are perfect for a small room. 

What is the best bed for a small room?

These space-saving beds will boost your small space and let you make the most of the tiny bedrooms.

This is because these beds are specifically designed to enhance small bedrooms into looking bigger as well as fitting perfectly into any décor and theme!

However, when it comes to finding the best bed for a small room, it can often be a challenge to find the best bed to provide the illusion of a larger bedroom.

The best bed for a small room will most certainly depend on the shape and area of the bedroom, for a low ceiling small bedroom, horizontal murphy beds will be ideal. Whereas a high ceiling rectangular bedroom can get away with a vertical wall bed, great for a dual-purpose bedroom.

Here is everything you’ll need to know to find the perfect bed for your small bedroom. 

How do I figure out what bed works with my room?

The first thing you need to know is- what space do you want to save?

When it comes to small rooms you are saving either:

1. Closet space

2. Furniture space

Here are the best beds that provide comfort and modern living styles for each of these:

1.   All-in-one Fold-down Wall bed

This is one of the best beds for a small room as they can fit inside your apartment easily, they not only provide comfort, but provide more than one function. These beds can transform into lounge sofas seamlessly. 

A fold-down wall bed perfectly saves floor space for any single room apartments, separating the living room from the bedroom, without separating it!

Most wall beds last 15 years on average. This depends on how it’s used and how often it’s in use. A Wall bed is only as good as it’s hardware and perfect for small spaces.

Perks of Murphy beds

Murphy beds are extremely comfortable, laying on one won’t feel any different than a normal bed. Once it is installed and pulled down most Murphy beds can be fitted with any mattress to comfort.

Murphy beds are one of the most practical and space-saving pieces of furniture that you can put into any room or apartment, which is why they are known to be the best beds for a small room.

This horizontal murphy bed saves up desk and storage space while being easily hidden at day.

Check out all the types of murphy beds here

2.   Two-in-one Closet bed

2-in-1 closet beds are ideal for single individuals who want to save time and space daily.

This two-in-one closet bed is the best bed for a small room that needs the extra storage space and minimal closet area.

Closet beds are perfect for keeping the mess of closets organised and well hidden, with the practicality and ease of any other storage bed available.

Perks of Storage beds

With a storage bed, any mattress can be used. What makes the bed so special is its storage frame. These bed frames are specially designed to store many items, ideally for small space homes with limited storage capacity.

Instead of having things cluttering your bedroom, you can have them safely and securely tucked away inside your bed making these the best beds for a small room.

And one of the coolest things about these beds is the variety of options available, giving you the chance to pick the one best suited for you and your needs.

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3.   Loft beds

Loft beds are excellent at space saving, which is why they are number three in our list of best beds for a small room. Nothing can compete in making a small bedroom more spacious, functional, and comfortable. Loft beds create additional space by raising up the bed and allowing the reuse of the room beneath it.

loft beds are an ideal solution for small rooms, it allows you to open-up more floor space. With its ability to keep a room looking spacious, you can have more functional space.

To sum up, a loft bed is a fantastic solution to a small room. Though being slightly more expensive than traditional beds they provide maximum storage options and free up more floor space.

Loft beds allow space for:

·        Seating arrangements or sofa

·        A display shelf, decorations, or plants 

·        a workstation 

·        Extra shelves or cupboards

Loft beds do have their requirements, many things need to be kept in mind while purchasing one. Such as weight, height, safety and accessibility.

4.   Underfloor bed

We have seen the benefits of storing things under your bed, why not try the opposite? A bed that slides under the floor?  

The real idea is to have an elevated area or flooring into which a rolling bed is adjusted!

This is perfect for small apartments or bedrooms and even work from home offices. You can easily hide away your bed and get on with the day saving almost all floor space.

Underfloor beds are one of the most long lasting and beneficial beds to date. Not to mention the clean effortless look it gives completely transforming any room into a spacious open area.

5.   Alcove beds

An Alcove is just a small area with three walls which can be enclosed to become a simple sleeping or resting place.

Alcove beds are perfect for saving up space in a small room, if you have an alcove then this may be the best way you could free up space.

It may not seem very spacious or open, but an alcove bed provides optimal storage underneath it, shelf space and bed all in one!

The best thing about an alcove bed is that it can always provide seating and storage space without the hassle of moving things about.


6.   Sofa beds

Sofa beds are multifunctional, as the name suggests, these beds are great at saving space and providing the dual purpose of seating, and bedding. 

Sofa beds provide an ideal amount of comfort and can elevate the appearance of your room, not only saving floor space, but being easy to move and set up. They look as good as any sofa and don’t feel different than any comfortable bed. 

Sofa beds are really good for guests, family or friends staying over, a short nap or a good night’s sleep. Their comfort and ease is what makes these beds highly popular and best for small rooms.

Sofa beds also come in a variety, quality, and frames. Most good, durable sofa beds are those made of kiln-dried hardwood or plywood and are supported by an open-and-close mechanism.

 7. Ottoman beds (fold-out design)

Ottoman beds are also one of the best beds for a small room, they hold a multifunctional property of converting into a sofa, seating area when needed, and a bed too. Some ottoman beds are able to have storage underneath, which is another perk if you find yourself needing more storage room. 

The ottoman fold-out design is made to fit best in small rooms, whether it is guests, family or friends staying over, this bed works perfectly for any night. 

8. A truckle bed

A truckle bed is basically a simple, regular bed on wheels, this can be stored under a regular bed and pulled out when needed, like an extension. These are great beds for small rooms as they are easy to use and pretty comfortable too. 

This bed will basically turn any room into a multifunctional space which can serve as a regular bedroom or as a guest room whenever needed. They come in both single beds, double beds and king size beds. You can fit your truckle bed with any mattress you like, which just adds to the comfortability of it, and makes it another one of the best beds for a small room you could buy. 

9. Twin beds 

Twin beds are another great way of having a reasonable size bed in a small room, better than a single bed, a twin bed will buy you a lot more space than a full bed if you’re just one person sleeping in it. They provide both comfort and floor space, thus are also one of the best beds for a small room. 

A  twin bed is designed to be space-saving, this bed offers plenty of clearance for valuable underbed storage.

And the Best Bed Is?

..always going to be subjective to your requirements and comfortability!

Every bed fits to a different style, taste and purpose.

The most effective way to look for the perfect bed would be keeping in mind the area, space, and size you require.

Always make sure to balance your comfort with aesthetics!

With that good luck!

FAQs: what is the best bed for a small room

Can you get shorter beds?

All shorter beds are available in many length and width options including short single, short double & short king size beds in traditional and contemporary designs, guaranteed to fit any room or space.

What type of bed is best for a small room?

The best beds for small rooms tend to have more storage space and purpose than a normal bed

Where should I put my bed in a small bedroom?

The best place to put a bed in a small room is in the center of the most visible wall. (It’s usually the wall facing the doorway.) Putting your bed in the center will give your small bedroom symmetry so you can make the most of your space. This gives you enough space to jump under the covers from both sides.

In this brief guide we answered the question “What is the best bed for a small room?”. We discussed various bed ideas for a small room, their perks and requirements, reviewed them and let you know where you can get them from.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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