Are Zinger trailers good?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Zinger trailers good? We will review the pros and cons of Zinger trailers and discuss whether these travel trailers are worth the price.

Are Zinger trailers good?

Yes, Zinger travel trailers are of good quality for the price, a comfortable and convenient RV. The CrossRoads Zinger is an interesting travel trailer. It is a wood frame aluminum sided unit and there is a lot to like about the interior of this trailer, especially if you are a couple. 

Most Zinger trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,700 lbs and a cargo capacity of 3,060 lbs – an incredible cargo capacity. If you take the cargo capacity off of the trailer it’s only about a 6,000 lbs unit, so relatively light when empty that can be towed by the majority of vehicles! 

Let’s now see the available Zinger Travel Trailers Floorplans and their main features:

Zinger ZR280BHU-Dinette(2) 50″ x 74″ BunksOutside KitchenLarge Pantry
Zinger ZR280RBFireplaceFull Rear BathroomFront Private BedroomU-Shaped DinetteExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR280RKFireplaceRV Queen BedPressed CountertopFull BathroomOutside KitchenOutside Speakers
Zinger ZR290KBOutside KitchenFront Private BedroomRear Private BunkhouseJackknife SofaExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR292REHutchFireplaceDual-Entry BathroomTwo ReclinersExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR298BHFireplaceDual Entry DoorsBath and a HalfFront Private BedroomOutside KitchenExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR298FBFireplaceDual Entry DoorsU-Shaped DinetteFull Front BathroomCentral Control PanelExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR299REFireplaceWine CoolerFront Private BedroomU-Shaped DinetteOutside KitchenExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR320FBFireplaceTwo BedroomsDual Entry DoorsU-Shaped DinetteOutside Kitchen Exterior Speakers
Zinger ZR328SBFireplaceDual Entry DoorsU-Shaped DinetteRear Private BunkhouseOutside KitchenExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR330BHFireplaceBath and a HalfDual Entry DoorsRear Private BunkhouseU-Shaped DinetteExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR331BHFireplaceDual Entry DoorsRear Private BunkhouseWalk-Through BathroomOutdoor KitchenExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR333DBFireplaceBath and a HalfRear Private BunkhouseFront Private BedroomOutside KitchenExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR340BHFireplaceRear Private BunkhouseFront Private BedroomU-Shaped DinetteOutdoor Kitchen
Zinger ZR340MBFireplaceMiddle BunkhouseKitchen IslandDual-Entry BathroomMaster SuiteExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR340REFireplace Wine CoolerRear Living AreaFront Private BedroomTwo ReclinersExterior Speakers
Zinger ZR341RKFireplaceDual Entry DoorsRear KitchenFront Private BedroomOutdoor KitchenExterior Speakers

Are Zinger trailers worth the money?

Zinger trailers are good value for money. After thorough research, we have to admit we were quite impressed with the number of features these trailers have as standard options. 

  • First of all, Zinger trailers have a lot of storage space: there is a big storage space of easily three and a half feet on the bottom of the trailer and almost four feet up and a foot and a half tall at the top of the trailer.  
  • All Zinger trailers have an impressive amount of amenities and technology: the slide of the trailer rides on an 8-inch eye beam frame; the trailer has front electric stabilizers and it also has electric stabilizers in the back. You also have a 30 amp connection, LED lighting in the back, and an outside shower. 

All Zinger trailers are wired for a wireless backup camera, have a spare tire hanging off of the back, a refrigerator, water heater, power connections cable if you’re going to set a TV, plus you have some marine style speakers and a 12-foot awning up top. The trailer has a single air conditioning system, a Coleman-Mach system and a huge booth style dinette. 

  • Zinger trailers floorplans are simple and intuitive: It is extremely easy to access the kitchen or the bathroom. These trailers have a  very traditional floorplan as you can see in a lot of different brands,  but the execution in a Zinger trailer. is really nice
  • All Zinger trailers have a bathroom: This being a relatively affordable trailer impresses us with the bathroom design and capacity. The bathroom in a Zinger trailer has a double sink, a toilet, a shower, vanity mirror, dual medicine cabinet and lots of storage and cabinets. 

There is also plenty of ceiling height in the bathroom – you could be 6 foot 2 and still fit comfortably in the shower stall. Zinger trailers have a very well designed bathroom indeed. 

  • Everything is the right size in a Zinger trailer: With the risk of repeating ourselves, we are going to go ahead and emphasize the amount of space you have in a Zinger trailer. There is a fireplace, a good size refrigerator, a good size countertop space in the kitchen and a large dinette. And if you look at the MSRP of  $24,900 – a Zinger trailer is a good deal. 
  • Zinger trailers have a good design: The wood tones in a Zinger trailer are very light and airy. It doesn’t have that dark feel, it actually feels very modern, very contemporary. You don’t have any of those strange patterns that you see on a lot of RVs.

CrossRoad Zinger Travel Trailers Recalls

Over the years there have been some recalls of Zinger trailers in the US and Canada. Although CrossRoad makes good quality trailers, some products shouldn’t have passed the quality check! See the results of our research below:

Model: CrossRoads Zinger 2017-2018

Problem: Some campers equipped with a Flame King outdoor cooktop have a corrugated fibre protective panel for the propane regulator. When the hob is ignited, the burner flame could become uncontrollable which could ignite the protective panel and cause a fire resulting in personal injury and property damage.

Solution: Dealers will inspect the cover panel and cooktop to determine if there has been any damage. If there is none, the protective fibreboard will be replaced with a metal cover and if there is, the hob will be replaced.


Model: CrossRoads Zinger 2018

Problem: On certain fifth-wheel trailers, the propane collector under the pull-out kitchen extension could come in contact with the propane line and damage it. When opening or closing the retractable extension, the propane manifold could also be damaged which could create a fire resulting in personal injury and property damage.

Solution: Dealers will relocate the propane manifold so that it is safely clear of any obstructions.


Model: CrossRoads Zinger 2017

Problem: On certain trailers, the rear upper bunk support parts may have been improperly installed at the time of manufacture. The bunk could collapse during use and cause the occupant to fall. Doing so could result in personal injury or property damage (or both).

Solution: Dealers will need to add fasteners to the wall studs to support the bunk.


Buying a good travel trailer will depend on much more than the manufacturer’s reputation. Of course, CrossRoads RVs are well-known and a good value for money. Zinger Travel Trailers are very appreciated by solo or couple travellers and have plenty of amenities to make you feel at home in your travels.

Nonetheless, there are many other factors to consider when buying a travel trailer. For instance: what is your budget? How many people are going to travel? Are you planning on going off-season and off-road with your trailer? Do you wish to buy a new or second-hand trailer?

These are just some questions to ask yourself, but in the long run, it is best to think well before acquiring any type of vehicle! 

If you want to know more about Zinger trailers, visit their official website. And if you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in contact. 

FAQ on Are Zinger trailers good?

What are the worst travel trailers to buy?

The following are considered the worst travel trailers to buy:

  • Hurricane.
  • Coachmen.
  • Jayco.
  • Coleman.
  • Keystone.
  • Winnebago.
  • Fleetwood.

What is the most reliable travel trailer brand?

The most reliable travel trailer brands are:

  • Airstream.
  • Winnebago.
  • Forest River.
  • Jayco.
  • Keystone.
  • Oliver.
  • Happier Camper.

Do travel trailers hold their value?

Travel trailers do hold their value longer than RVs or caravans. A travel trailer can hold its value between five and 15 years, more or less regularly. 

Are trailers a good investment?

Yes, trailers are indeed a good investment and a great asset. If you are buying a trailer rather than renting one, you have a capital investment. In other words, your money goes into a hard asset. You have acquired a tangible product that is yours and you have a precious product that you call your own. A purchased trailer is part of your overall portfolio, whether you made it a business investment or viewed it as personal property.


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